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    SoCal (formerly Concrete Suburbs of Northern Europe)
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    Yes, Sir-ee.
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    Yes (2006).

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    Raised in a Witness family, but nearly drifted away before ever getting baptized. Emotional issues a big test with developing any kind of relationship with Jehovah. Up and down, up and down, 'tis a rollercoaster.

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    - Wackiness and not conforming to the social rules around me.
    - Can get loud.
    - Like to feel useful in the congregation such as doing public reading or making lists on the notice board.
    - Feel more comfortable expressing my faith by answering when there are not as many people present.
    - Disliking people and socialising yet wanting to have friends (yes, I know it’s a dilemma duhhhh).
    - Used to be greatly involved with learning a foreign language 2008-2017 (a Semitic language spoken in Eritrea/Ethiopia) to further the Kingdom interests with my feeble share. Got burnt out and lost the focal point I had had spiritually for so many years.
    - Pressing "Like" on people's posts rather than writing a reply.

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  1. Today, January 27, GB member Brother Morris released the revised (grey cover) translation of the NWT in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian in Herlufmagle, Denmark. A total of some 51,000 were present either at the Assembly Hall or tied in through JW Stream. The complete NWT was released for the first time in all three Scandinavian languages in early to mid 90's. I had to miss this great event and call in to a KH where the program was streamed (= inferior voice quality) as I am having my third flu this month. But w00t for all Danish-/Swedish-/Norwegian-speaking brothers and sisters!

    1. carlos


      Congratulations! :)

      Julius, you may wish to post this as a topic instead of a status update. That way it will receive more attention. Few brothers will notice it here, and it's great news. :)

    2. tekmantwo


      Sorry to hear you're not well.  I hope you are better soonest. .


      Thanks for the Bible update. ..


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