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  1. The Lowes just left our circuit in central Illinois! The brother has a very subtle sense of humor. You only catch it if you pay attention. We just finished with the first visit of our new CO Mark Hendricks and his wife Jackie. Fun week.
  2. Shortly after the purchase of 97 sands, before the residence was built, there were tenants in the original building that had a exhaust vent full of pigeon nests that had to be cleaned out. Since we were the landlords it was up to building maintenance to fix it. It was about 85F in the morning when we, the paint and scaffold crew, started rigging to clean it. By the time we were ready to start cleaning, dressed in our full ppe, i just happened to look in the direction of the sign and it read 98, which meant it was probably 110 on the roof we were on. Never was a fan of that time and temp clock after that.

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