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  1. our CBO just cancelled all meetings at the hall for the next 3 days.


    the other local CBO's did as well. 


    if only I could get my customers to just stop trying for the next few days.



    1. booboo


      Wind chill here, is -8 right now. Haven't heard of  our meeting tonight being canceled yet.  Hmmmmmm

      Our field service meeting were canceled for today and Wednesday.  We had about 6 inches of snow yesterday.

    2. Leon J

      Leon J

      our CBO is interim as there is 3 congregations merging on Feb 1. 

      I truly believe he's using his newly appointed powers (1 month) to help us all.



  2. temps by meeting time Wednesday night
  3. Too cold for meeting clothes this morning. Service clothes and their warmy goodness this morning. -5F out with windchill. Wednesday just in time for midweek it will be -15F.

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    2. Leon J

      Leon J

      Oh I wrote that wrong. I wore my warm service clothes to meeting this morning. My suit pants and shirts are too thin to go out in weather like this. 



      Sorry everyone. haven't been out since the beginning of the month except for informal witnessing. too cold for my lungs.


    3. RichardPNZ


      That is nope weather in New Zealand as in Nope I am not going anywhere. Those temperatures would shut down the whole country.

    4. Leon J

      Leon J

       current temps not so bad...




      expected temps by meeting time tomorrow




      now I've freely admitted to being a fair weather christian on some mornings. but this is silly.


  4. oh snap! i was just wondering about that during the weekly bible reading a few weeks ago. Our meeting was cancelled due to weather so I never got to hear how anyone else commented on it. one of the great mysteries of the bible. did they die because they were that stubborn?
  5. well i understand that. but I was referring to the words spoken by the demon. "I know Jesus" - indeed the demon did. " I am acquainted with Paul" - was probably one of many hovering over Pauls shoulder as he persecuted the congregation. they have been around a long time. "but who are you" - stop playing with things you don't know about child. ~demon probably.
  6. This is probably the most ominous and horrific thing that happened to "random" people in the bible. They thought they were tooling along doing good, boom proved false.
  7. The Lowes just left our circuit in central Illinois! The brother has a very subtle sense of humor. You only catch it if you pay attention. We just finished with the first visit of our new CO Mark Hendricks and his wife Jackie. Fun week.
  8. Shortly after the purchase of 97 sands, before the residence was built, there were tenants in the original building that had a exhaust vent full of pigeon nests that had to be cleaned out. Since we were the landlords it was up to building maintenance to fix it. It was about 85F in the morning when we, the paint and scaffold crew, started rigging to clean it. By the time we were ready to start cleaning, dressed in our full ppe, i just happened to look in the direction of the sign and it read 98, which meant it was probably 110 on the roof we were on. Never was a fan of that time and temp clock after that.

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