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    I met the first witness(one amazing sister) in one Italian bar(very funny no? Especially often when a brother heard this, he would joke "we should also try to do service in the bars),however we did not talk anything about the truth since it was in the bar(later I realized that there are angles leading us to meet there, because there were so many coincidences we could meet), but we exchanged the phone number, then we start meeting each other, then she start tell me the truth, the first which expressed me so much at beginning were 1Ti 3:1-5.

    Then we met more often but not regularly, those time we talked in English and Chinese, Even I could not understand well enough(for me the bible is really a new Language, and my first teacher she is from English congregation), but the information which I understood attracted me enough. I had no real religion before, and like many other local people here, it's really not easy to believe "creationism".However after more time checking the information from bible(it took sure certain time for me), there are really enough proofs that the bible was not written by somebody, and must be much more intelligent Individual, especially after I joined the meetings, I was really so much touched and surprised by their behaviors-the true love in the spiritual family, I was so happy that I could find an association which is really holy, because there were really no other places like this. I started trying to praising to Jehovah and to thank him for attracting me to his people, and also to reply on him when have some difficulties to overcome, especially not to miss any meeting.

    All over, it was not always smooth, because Satan is always also working hard to make us falling away from great father, and there was really a big challenge among all, luckily that I never gave up. From the day I met the first witness in the bar, till the day(very interesting, it's exactly same day) I got baptized, it's totally right 6 years( is it long time? The day I got baptized, we totally had 4 baptized that day in our congregation, and averagely time is about 5 years!)! Between these 6 years, I had 4 bible teachers(one of them only for about 3 months), all of them helped me a lot from different aspects, and I learned a lot from them.

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    Cooking with friends(especially great enjoyment to invite brothers&sisters to home and cook for them, but only Chinese food), music, sports(bedminton, Pingpang, swimming, i love climbing also, but don't do often), travelling,
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    Before I knew the truth, i did not like reading much, but now my favorite book is the one from Great Father.
  • My favorite music
    Chinese traditional&classic music
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    Haz bien y no mires a quien.

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  1. Wanna go to Melbourne for 2019 International Convention!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gregexplore


      Your location is displayed Shanghai, China

      I recommend contacting Sydney Bethel with your inquiry.

    3. Linda Huang

      Linda Huang

       Thank you Greg for your recommend, I apply to join the international convention in Melbourne, and I wish I can be selected as a representative, and put visiting Sydney Bethel in my inquiry, I have never visited a bethel yet.


      By the way, how far it is from Sydney to melbourne?

    4. Gregexplore


      You need to fly from Mel to Sydney 1h 20min flight.

      We don’t have high speed trains ... unfortunately 

      Going by car is 10 h drive. 

      Ask anything please...


  2. CO visit week!!!

  3. Mandarin online class opening! If you want to learn mandarin well, but don't have enough time to go to the language school, don't worry, you can learn from online class! With flexible time and saving the transportation time. You can learn at home or anywhere available you can connected with wifi! For further details, please contact me.

    1. Keith Tan

      Keith Tan

      Sounds interesting... please contact me for further details. Thx

  4. Linda Huang

    A good joke

    It's really good joke!! Thanks for sharing
  5. 你好! 好久没联络了! 近来好吗?:kisscheek:

    1. Sheep


      That's easy for you  to say...


      Me, since 2012.


      Oh, I'm sorry. You weren't asking me. :chinese:

    2. Linda Huang

      Linda Huang

      Hi Ivy, 我最近很好,2月初参加了很棒的一周的培训,觉得为自己充了很多电。现在这里慢慢天气变暖,更好的工作的季节来了 :)

    3. ivy


      @Linda Huang 很高兴听你那么热心的为父亲工作。我们大家一起加油! :bouncing:

      @Sheep Thought Chinese is an international language? :raspberry:

  6. Linda Huang

    A good joke

    Sorry brother dilip, I wanted to say "I can't", but by mistake i wrote "I can"
  7. Since a became a madarin teacher, I realized that there are so many foreigners here, and many are learning Chinese, even they think it's quite dificult. Some learn because they work here, some learn because they want to know more about China and Chinese culture. What about in your country and your city? I am thinking to start online class in the near future, if you know someone interested, maybe you can tell me?
  8. Linda Huang

    Wordpress Design

    I don't have this experience, but hope you will find the right person for this work soon Sandy.
  9. Linda Huang

    A good joke

    hahaha, even I am Chinese, I can answer all the 5 questions.
  10. Linda Huang

    Looking for success stories......

    Hi sister LaRhonda, I just saw the topic you opened, and then realized it's been many years past. From your posts in this topic, I believe you are a very careful and sensible, that's very good quality especially when look for a life partner. Wish that all is going fine with you.
  11. Linda Huang

    How tall are you?

    I am 1.68m, after caculating, it is 5'6" right? Here we seldom use feet or inch, not very good at it
  12. Linda Huang

    Post a picture... Any picture

    I hope one day I can have a homeyard like in this photo
  13. Thank you Ross, You know this Chinese instrument? Have you heard some music from this instrument?
  14. Don't know why I can't watch the video, should I install some software to support the vidio?
  15. Right now I am not listening music, but recently I love so much the new song 153, the melody is so beautiful! I hope soon I can download numbered musical notes, I want to try to play with my Guzheng.

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