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  1. No worries. The first question is done like the second, and so forth, but the difference it is it's between only one member representing each team, rather than for a full team. This is done to find out which team gets to start, and I do not give them any points for it. What I did last time was I asked the question (I think it was "Name an apostle."), then waited for both to answer, then when one of them was right and the other was wrong (both were right at the same time for the first try, so they had to give a second answer each), the person who was right won first round for their team. Also, I pick a question that has fewer possible answers for the first question, then I try to aim for a little bit more difficult questions for the rest.
  2. ~ Just a heads up, the way I do it is a little different from the tv game. Firstly I survey to get enough answers for a list of questions for the game. I aim for 7 answers for each question, but only 6 need to be guessed. Now, you divide a group of people into two even teams. When ready to start, each team nominates one player from their respective teams to play against each other for the first question (i.e. "Name a son of Jacob."). The winner's team has the first go at answering the questions after that. I ask the second question (i.e. "Name a creature from the Bible.") to the team who's turn it is, and each member of that team takes a turn to answer the question (they can get help from their team to think of an answer). If they get the question right (e.g "Lion"), they have another go. If they get 6 questions right in a row, they score a point for that round. If they answer a name that is not on the surveyed list (e.g. "Goat"), I keep score. If they get 3 questions wrong on their turn, the other team gets to try to answer, and if that team succeeds in getting a single right answer, they get the point for that round instead, but if they don't get that answer right then the first team gets the point for that round. After each round, I rotate which team's turn it is to have a go. Last time both teams actually tied, and everyone loved playing it.
  3. Thank you for your answers. I don't recall a character named Tobias however?
  4. It gives you a weather score too? I didn't see that, lol...Though 50 degrees and cloudy sounds very humid. 😅
  5. You might enjoy these language knowledge tests then... https://www.sporcle.com/games/the_underground/maps_too_small_for_klingon https://www.sporcle.com/games/MathijsP/langeurope The second one is harder. I could only get 32/39 right, and couldn't remember the rest.
  6. That's a good one for Witness memes. 🐵
  7. Simple things can mean a lot to someone. Some of these have already been suggested, but I think they are all good points...Take time to visit them, invite them to have a meal with you, invite them to social gatherings, invite them to Family Worship, or to do the WT preparation, find sincere things to compliment them about, just be a listening ear for them, ask to go in the field service with them, take them with you on return visits or Bible studies, go for a walk in the park with them, etc...
  8. My first Bible Family Feud game was a big success, so I'm preparing a second one. Please help me out by answering these questions... 1. Name a son of Jacob. 2. Name a creature from the Bible. 3. Name a food mentioned in the Bible. 4. Name a plague from the Bible. 5. Name a pair of people from the Bible. 6. Name a weapon used in the Bible. 7. Name a miracle from the Bible. 8. Aside from the wicked one, name a bad character from the Bible. 9. Name a character who was imprisoned. 10. Name an occupation found in the Bible.
  9. In China JW.org isn't blocked, however the Watchtower Online Library and JW tv are both blocked.
  10. Isn't "ye" pronounced as "the"?
  11. We may be still a long way off from reaching the full seven thousand, however I do think you have a very good point that we likely still cover nearly everyone already, counting learnt languages, and perhaps similar dialects as well (try reading JW.org in Liberian English, for instance). There's also the fact that many languages are dying off, with just a handful or only one speaker left, which means that by the time we get even close to reaching the seven thousand mark (assuming we ever get that far in this system), lots of languages will have already vanished completely with no more speakers left. Bear in mind as well that the seven thousand includes constructed languages that are not theocratically important (e.g. Klingon).
  12. Bjern


    Just bought a copy for my family. It has a really good message in it about conscientious objection!

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