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  1. This has been happening in China for quite some time now, however it has been gradually getting more severe.
  2. Bjern

    My off topic thread

    You got me right...I actually have three of those douli conical hats at home (one I gave to my mother), and a similar style hat from Cambodia. And I also have a hat from Czech that looks like a cowboy hat.
  3. Whatever damage humankind does to earth, Jehovah can fix it.
  4. That reminds me: They call the Torah the Tawrat, and Moses is Musa.
  5. Since studying with a Muslim gentleman (which is an ongoing study, and seems to be progressing slowly), so far I have learnt that you have to be very patient with Muslims, as they generally have been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe in the Quran. Rather than focusing on differences between the Bible and the Quran, try to focus on common ground ~ like brother Tom suggested about how we don't believe in the trinity doctrine, but also the subject of idol worship is a good one, as they agree that we should not use idols for worship. Talking about paradise seems to work as well, and the signs of the last days. I also like to use terms that my study may feel more comfortable with, like saying Allah for God. A few things I have learnt that Muslims believe... They have respect for the Bible, however they believe it has been corrupted by humans who have tried to change it. If the Bible contradicts the Quran, they will believe the Quran. They don't believe that Jesus died, but they believe he was taken up to heaven while alive. They are uncomfortable with calling Jesus "God's son" (my study asked me recently if he could be a Christian while not believing that Jesus is the son of God). They believe that human prophets are infallible, and can not sin. This makes it difficult for them to accept things like king David sinning. Muslims believe in hellfire, however they also believe that God is very merciful. They believe that they are obligated to fast, and to pray 5 times a day on specific times.
  6. Don't read the comments section on Youtube.
  7. There have been many cases of abusive nuns as well, usually abusive to children in their care. All part of the rotten fruitage of Babylon the Great.
  8. Bjern

    Witness memes

    Je ne comprends pas?
  9. I really like How to Train Your Dragon, as well as its sequel...Looking forward to the 3rd one! 😎 And The Princess Bride is a must have on the list.
  10. Bjern


    Watched it years ago, including Serenity. It is a cool concept...You don't want to know what they are saying in Chinese though.
  11. That's great, because my Bible study is from Iraq.
  12. I found it odd that she used the example of "red skins" to support her argument. Perhaps she could be right that most Americans don't wish to change that name, however that doesn't change the fact that it's considered very offencive to indigenous Americans.
  13. Hello sister, always nice to meet someone else who is into sign language! For BSL specifically, here's an online dictionary of signs to help you with learning it ( not sure if you already know about this learning resource, but just in case, here it is... ) : http://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/ Accents and dialects are very prevalent in sign languages, and a significant part of deaf cultures. The way I would describe these is that accent difference is how people from different areas and different families sign certain signs in a similar but distinct way from eachother, but you usually can understand what the variation is anyway, as it will usually be similar enough for you to pick up on ~ unless they sign really quickly of course. On the otherhand, dialects will have entirely different signs for the same word, using completely different hand shapes, movements, hand orientations, etc., and you will really have to be paying attention to the context of what the area talking about if you want to try to work out what the unfamiliar signs mean without asking...Thank goodness for finger spelling! Personally I find it's a good idea to learn the different dialects of the sign language you are learning, as sooner or later you are likely to come across signers of different regions.
  14. I don't think I have heard of that principle, so I better look it up... 80/20 sounds about right with languages. Only a small number of languages are spoken by the vast majority of people.

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