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    Yes, on 10/12/2005.

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    My parents were both in the Truth when I was born, and I was raised in the Truth by my mother.

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    Traveling, hiking, music, language, culture, history.
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    The Bible (Especially the NWT and ASV translations).
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    Depends, however I usually prefer (tho not always) music from these genres: Folk, instrumental, ambient, indie, some electronic, as well as some opera.
    I dislike techno, dubstep, rap, metal, and most pop music.

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  1. I'm actually surprised about this, considering how militant they can be.
  2. I love it how this thread changed from talking about the comical differences between men and women, to what's your favourite color! 😅
  3. I know so... Acts 10:34.
  4. Wow, lol! They even have brown there, but no cyan? Jehovah is not partial. 😉
  5. Lol, what can I say...the education system is far from perfect.
  6. I know a sister who thinks cyan is blue...cyan is my favourite color. It's also a subtracted primary color, so it's not like calling red all those other names...
  7. Bjern


    Yummy and healthy! Also highly recommended for vegetarians/vegans.
  8. Our prayers are being answered!
  9. Bjern

    Witness memes

    That sounds like a good idea. Fair enough, lol.
  10. Bjern

    Witness memes

    Starbucks...Where you can pay more for the same drink, but with way more sugar in it.
  11. Well it might create a few jobs too, to maintain it and program it.
  12. Admittedly, this is pretty cool. I expected this would first happen in Japan, but not really that surprised to see it in China...pity we won't be able to trust what it says though, as per usual.

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