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    I was raised in the Truth by my mother.

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    "The Lord's will is as announced in the Scriptures, 'Thou shalt not kill,' and therefore any members of the Association so consecrated unto the Lord who would willingly violate his covenant of consecration would forfeit for himself God's favor, even to his complete destruction. Hence such members could not willingly and conscientiously engage in the taking of the life of human beings." ~ Judge Rutherford and seven others, while in prison during WW1.

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  1. No need to apologize, you haven't derailed the thread. On the contrary, we enjoy your contributing comments. 😉
  2. What is the current total of languages that the revised NWT is in now?
  3. Yeah, I posted a bit about that in the OP... Since posting that, I've discovered that quite a number of languages currently have only one speaker left. Also, those rare languages are fast dying out. Languages that get literature and the Bible translated for them are preserved far better, but this is difficult when the language has no written form, as many languages don't.
  4. That is interesting, as that would mean that there are less languages than they are stating. Plus, I believe that list also includes at least one constructed language, Esperanto. And yes, some languages are indeed spoken by disconnected peoples, such as un-contacted tribes, who likely wouldn't even know what the Internet was.
  5. Yep, just 9 more to go now...Very exciting!
  6. Depends why the young person is doing this. I can't imagine a child doing this to loving parents who were never abusive. Perhaps he would "need a physician" (Mark 2:17). Not sure how that is funny however.
  7. How do you feel about suing for compensation for child abuse?
  8. Both are defined the same: The state of having a serious mental illness...With that in mind, I'm thinking we are focusing on the wrong thing here. Everyone wants to point the finger at the young person who is upset with his parents, but do we ask why he is upset with them in the first place? Perhaps he is merely a product of his environment, yet he is the only one being called the "bad guy" here. Basically what I'm saying is that there's more than likely more than this story than meets the eye. We simply don't have all the information. Still, despite that, many would be quick to call him "mentally ill", like the state of being ill makes him the villain. Sure, suing his parents for bringing him into this world isn't logical, but that is an action, and not a state of being.
  9. What kind of parents must they be to have a child that would do that?
  10. Also... JW tv: 279 Online WT library: 617
  11. Talk about crying over spilt milk..
  12. I like your username. B)

    1. carlos


      But it's not true anymore. :whistling:


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