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    My parents were both in the Truth when I was born, and I was raised in the Truth.

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    Traveling, hiking, music, language, culture, history.
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    The Bible (Especially the NWT and ASV translations).
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    Depends, however I usually prefer music from these genres: Folk, electronic, ambient, indie, alt.

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  1. "Frisco" is what I call San Francisco for short.
  2. We know that when she died our dear sister was serving Jehovah, and we look forward to meeting her in paradise when she is brought back to life again.
  3. Nice to see a positive report, and one that doesn't call us "Fundamentalists".
  4. Didn't look thru all of them, but noticed you put "ant" with "aunt". That is only a problem for specific dialects.
  5. Chichen Itza (Ancient Mayan city in the Yucatan, Mexico)
  6. I noted that it says "prayerfully studying the Bible" is a key way to conscience training. It's more than just reading alone, even regularly (altho regularly reading the Bible is essential too), but we must include prayer in this, such as asking Jehovah to help us to understand His Word, and to allow it to mold us. This is part of persevering in prayer ~ Col 4:2.
  7. Whenever someone makes a precise prediction of what date the end of the world will be, using some kind of reasoning rather than a completely random guess, I tend to think that it can't be that date, as then they could say that they knew they day it would happen ~ and only Jehovah knows the day.