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  1. If I'm counting them properly, that's the 20th dialect of Romany they have added... Lovari (romani) Romany (Albania) Romany (Argentina) Romany (Bulgaria) Romany (Chile) Romany (Crimea) Romany (E. Slovakia) Romany (German Sinti) Romany (Kalderash, Russia) Romany (Macedonia) Romany (Macedonia Cyrillic) Romany (Moldovia) Romany (N. Greece) Romany (N. Russia) Romany (Poland) Romany (Romania) Romany (Serbia) Romany (S. Greece) Romany (Ukraine) Romany (Vlax, Russia) Total: 20
  2. Well it has already gone up again...Now we have 942 languages. Also, JW Broadcasting is now in 224 languages, and Watchtower Online Library is now in 529 languages.
  3. It appears that it's being sorted. No need to worry.
  4. Who needs "Enneagram" when you're single too. But in all seriousness, it is linked to things like the occult and paganism, and is becoming very popular within Christendom. Another example: https://irondukeblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/richard-rohrs-mysticism-the-enneagram/ From the link:
  5. WRN Interview

    The video quoted in the article on Witnesses in Korea...
  6. Reminded me of Jesus' parable of the camel and the eye of the needle (Matthew 19:24).
  7. This is so true! Something I found especially touching is when I saw languages added for ethnic peoples who are often racially discriminated, such as various dialects of Romany for the Romani tribes. People in the world might hate a group of people and mistreat them, but Jehovah really loves them and provides for them.
  8. Watchtower Online Library now in 520 languages. JW Broadcasting channel now in 222 languages.
  9. Makes us grateful how clean we are in Jehovah's organization.
  10. Also like Secondhand Lions.
  11. Witness memes

    哈哈!Lol! I'm quite looking forward to the roaring twenties...
  12. I love this experience!
  13. I found the article very useful with witnessing to Muslims, as it encourages them to read the magazine.

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