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Merchants gather for the biggest religious fair in the world

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Every two years, in the little Italian town of Vicenza, merchants gather for the biggest religious fair in the world. Vestment producers, sculptors and rosary sellers satisfy a growing demand for religious articles, from Pope Francis fridge magnets to devotional candles, a business that generates billions in Italy alone.


...The overall religious goods business in Italy is estimated to be worth something like £3.4bn ($5.2bn) - more than the country earns from exporting wine. And a year-long "extraordinary jubilee" called by Pope Francis, which is due to start in December, provides opportunities for growth.


Interesting article which brought to mind Rev 18:11

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Boy, do I love this subject.


Is there a thread dedicated to this particular aspect in its entirety? There's so much more to talk about.


The Churches in Germany are deeply involved in the refugee business, making millions off of the government funds for taking up what are mostly illegal immigrants... where do these massive sums go?

The Cologne Cathedral is worth a whopping EUR 27.00 (twenty-seven EURos, that's little more than thirty dollars) in the books?

The Vatican bank is struggling to make ethical profit (to ditch the illegal mafia accounts and investments in defence contractors).


It is said that the annual revenue from Meccah pilgrimage tops 30 BILLION US dollars. Saudi Arabian investors are currently in the process of tearing down old islamic heritage sites (like Khadijah's house) because they want to expand the opportunities to commercially exploit the Hajj, by building hotels and shopping malls... corporations like Etihad and Emirates are totally dependant on the Hajj pilgrimage. If it were to cease, it would mean their bankruptcy.

The islamic banking system is said to have a total of two trillion in assets.


Though I'm sure that the above mentioend article is part of the prophecy, I'm certain it is just a minute aspect of the whole.


The world's markets have become extremely volatile but vulnerable. The slightest hiccup causes a huge stir. Can you imagine if Babylon the Great fell and the entire stock markets that are linked to it were pulled down along with it?


Expect a lot of weeping!

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I have looked at it in another way. We see the money part of this.


While they focus on that, we focus on people. I think we have a greater impact on people over the world each day than they do with their money.


Our work is everlasting, theirs will go down to dust when the end does come. Yes, they will weep, we will rejoice!

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