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Boy trips, accidentally puts fist through $2M masterpiece

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Yeah, it's just a clutzy moment.  Hey, we all have them!  When I was in a museum in Naples viewing the frescos originally from Pompeii, I was mucking around and I didn't realise how close I had gotten to the 2000 year old fresco.  My shoulder bag was inches from scraping the artwork. 


Instantly, the guard ran across the room yelling something not very nice in Neapolitan and wildly gesticulating.  I embarrassingly hot-footed it out of there quick smart.


I put it down to museum fatigue - too many good things to view in such a short time.  But I'll take growth spurt as an excuse too ^_^

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Murphy's Law. What is the chance ... ? :depressed:

Ah. probability. I'll have to see if I can formulate the likely-hood of someone (who appears to be well under 6 feet, maybe under 5 feet) falling over and into a painting that was cordoned off by about four feet. 

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Looks like a set up to me..

It's pretty obvious he tripped over nothing. Insurance maybe ?


According to the video and the article, it looks like he bumped the white platform and lost his balance. "Video footage released by the organisers showed the boy trip over a platform in front of the artwork and then brace himself against the painting to break his fall."


I don't know how insurance fraud works but I can't imagine anyone hiring a 12 year old boy to fake a trip just to damage a painting. 

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 No matter what, I wonder why a $2,000,000 painting is easy to get damaged or stolen? Is should be behind a bullet proof glass or a place at a good distance so a person can reach it? This painting should be hang higher, so know one can touch it.


Museums tend to display famous painting in such away that art lovers can get up close. At the Getty Museum you can (or could, haven't been there in years) get up close to Van Gogh's Irises. That was the most expensive painting in the world.  When I was there it was a recent acquisition. You could view it up close and personal. I stood to one side and looked behind it and what every security device protected it was not apparent.

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They decided not to seek damages from the boy's family.

What? You mean to tell me they actually considered it? Are you kidding me or what? It was an accident for cryin' out loud! And as someone here just commented, why wasn't it protected if it was so precious? Makes no sense. I can just hear them now...(assuming there were two talking but of course there were more):

Person one: Let's sue the clutze's family.

Person two: Naww...it was an accident. He just slipped that's all.

Person one: You getting soft on me? The cluze put a fist size hold in the painting.

Person two: Well how many times did I tell you that you should have protected it?

Person one: Oh so now it's my fault!!

Person two: Well it's obvious someone's fault!!

Person one: Well why does it have to my fault?

Person two: Did I say it was your fault?

Person one: Yeah, in a way.

Person two: Yeah?

Person one: Yeah?

Hahaha. If it went something like the above, no wonder they decided not to sue the family. Confusion all around without it having to do with the boy in itself.

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They decided not to seek damages from the boy's family.


On the other hand, they may have never thought about seeking damages from the family but the news reporter was doing a good job getting all of the facts..

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I was at an automotive trade show last month which had a McLaren sports car that just glimmered in the light.

Anyways, a kid was fooling around bumped a sign and it goes crashing into the back of the car, denting the rear bumper. Apparently the car had loads of insurance so no harm but you could hear a pin drop when that sign came down.

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