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How many Forums?

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Since we have quite a nice variety of Brothers and Sister who come here and share - it got me wondering. I know that I also participate on some other Forums and I wondered if other on here also frequent additional Forums.


Now, let me say this ...... by Forum I mean just that - Discussion Forums - Not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of those types of "Social Networks", I am only talking about Discussion Forums - like this one is. We don't have to actually NAME or LINK the forum, but maybe what type of forum it is - and you don't have to include THIS forum - we already know you are here :thumbsup:


I'll start:

  • Truck forum for the make truck I have
  • BBQ forum
  • Pizza forum
  • Tractor forum

and, occasionally:

  • Bread forum
  • Geek forum - mostly only when I need computer help


I am not on any other JW forums

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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As I used to be a heavy equipment repairman in the  I.U.O.E., I have a soft spot for yellow iron and like to read some of the antics that get posted on forums. 

Also, many years as a weldor, ironworker type, I enjoy some red iron talk at times.

My favorite site, before this one, was ShopFloorTalk. They had a wide range of people from all professions and you could get just about any questions answered pretty quickly and accurately. 

I also like reading on the air rifle forums, or just looking at the pictures of expensive  or unusual or rare pellet guns, some quite unique.


I don't participate much in any of them, except for here..:cowboy:

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Currently I am not a member of any other JW forums. Some years ago was an active member of Heinz' JehovahBible which was later recycled as ScripturalDiscussion. Both forums disappeared a long time ago.


As for non-JW forums, I am the moderator of the Spanish-language support group for the Bible-study software e-Sword. E-Sword is a free software that allows to compare many different Bible translations, look up words in reference works, and the like. I answer the technical questions there and try hard to keep the forum clean of any doctrinal discussion.


I also ask or reply some question from time to time in the WordReference forums, dealing with English and Spanish usage and translation. Those forums are a really valuable resource for translators or anyone interested in language.

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Besides this, I only use the Amercian Homebrewer's Association forum. I enjoy forums and would love to be a part of more, but just with this one and the other I get sucked in and lose track of time. I try to keep my priorities in check. Which for me can be difficult at times.

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To help limit the time I spend on any and all forums I keep them "marked as read" and then only list "new posts". I look over the list of threads with new posts and only read those I have some interest in.


More threads make that cut on this forum than any other forum I am on.

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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I am not part of any other forums. I am still part of a teacher's collective that shares self made materials. I may use some of these resources as I am (volunteer) helping some home school families. I may need some help from Carlos group as the youth of my cong (as well as myself) wish to learn more Spanish.

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On 3/11/2016 at 5:13 AM, Gregexplore said:

Just here, no time for other forums

The same goes for me.  I have a facebook account but it is mostly because I heard that my sister was having medical problems and no one in the family reads e-mail anymore.  Had to use facebook to check on the family.  Then I went to cancel my facebook account and it kept failing to work.  Could not open the page for cancellation.

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