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New World Translation 2013 - Bad Condition

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On October 5th 2013 I had the great privilege to receive a gift from Jehovah and his organization. The New World Translation 2013 edition.

But after only 2 years of light use I started noticing the edges of the cover cracking.

Now as you see in my pictures almost all the edges have worn away.

My light use is using it daily to do my daily Bible reading.

I go to a Spanish congregation so I have never taken it to the meetings or field service.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing happening to the Bible you received in 2013?

Will a newer printed and bound Bible hold up better?





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6 hours ago, luisenriquereyes said:


Anyone else experiencing the same thing happening to the Bible you received in 2013?

Will a newer printed and bound Bible hold up better?

Sorry Brother, but I cannot see the photos in question either.  Then too, when I received my new Bible, I placed a durable cover on it to preserve it for this very reason.


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So sorry. I created this post using the Android app called Tapatalk.


Tapatalk allowed me to upload the 4 pictures and displays them. But when I view this post on the web browser of my computer I do not see the pictures. Not sure why :confused:


Well here they are. The first picture is me and a brother from my then congregation in Oceanside California holding up our new bibles on October 5, 2013 at the assembly hall in Escondido California.


The other pictures are the condition of that Bible today.


IMG_20131005_185435.jpg IMG_20170202_184203719.jpg




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We have an old house that we use for storage.  That looks like mouse damage more than people damage.

I have some old record albums stored over there and mice have chewed all around the cardboard album

covers to make insulation for their nests.   Looks just like the damage on that Bible.  Just sayin...

We have deer mice in our current house.  They come in every fall. 

My hubby runs a trap line.

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33 minutes ago, rocket said:

I recon one could call that proof of reading the Bible every day and night.  Do you know of other with the same problem?  I have never seen one with damage like this from use.  Would you happen to be a carpenter or cement mason with really rough hands? 

There is another Bible in our home that my wife uses for our daily Bible reading. It too is experiencing the same sort of damage. 


Not a counterfeit bible as mine was giving to me at the annual meeting 2013. 


No carpenter or cement mason hands for me. They are computer network administrator hands. Soft and supple :D


No mice or deer mice damage as we have cats as pets. They take care of any of them right away :lol:


The problems is that the covers material is just flaking off. If it were mice the inner material of the cover would be chewed and missing.


I brought these bibles with me from California to the Dominican Republic  two and a half years ago.   About 1 year ago is when we first started seeing the cracking.


We suspect the high humidity here but I am not sure. I created this post to see if anyone else has had problems with the Bible they received at the annual meeting 2013. 


We are expecting the Spanish bible soon and sure hope that the same does not happen to them :(

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14 hours ago, AH173 said:

Do you have a link to order those Bible covers? 

The Harvest Inn Motel is a JW-owned and operated modest motel which is located 10-15 minutes from Wallkill Bethel.  When our congregation toured in June 2015, we stopped at this motel's gift shop which has many souvenirs, ministry items and, of course, Bible and book covers.  This is where I purchased mine and they're quite durable.  (When I called them a month ago to see if I could obtain matching covers for the new SJJ songbook, they said those are not available.  Also, orders are accepted via telephone only.)  You can go to their website's giftshop tab and download their catalog at the link below if you are interested.




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4 hours ago, luisenriquereyes said:


Before we go to sleep we place them on top of night stands next to our bed. When not in use they stay there the entire day.


It looks like moisture has settled on them from the high humidity. Try putting them in a drawer at night.

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