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North Korea at war with US?

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Historically North Korea was not at war with the United States. The war was between the UN forces and North Korea. The US and the Peoples Volunteer Army of China were the largest of the antagonists. For those that like to ponder Bible prophecies of Revelation and Daniel, this should open the door to speculation on how a renewed war between NK, Russia, China or KTON, as some surmise, it could be the KOTN against the KOS over a war we thought was over 60 years ago.

Let the speculation begin. :lol:


 I am not sying I am Superman, I am only saying that nobody has ever seen Superman  and me in a room together.

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46 minutes ago, Old said:

Let the speculation begin. 

It never ended....

4 minutes ago, Allabord4Jah said:

All I know is that Jehovah said he would bring down the King of the South himself.  So am not worried about the rest of the nuts out there.  

True, except we don't know how bruised and battered the KOS will get before Jehovah steps in. Who knows how much death and destruction there will be....

CAUTION: The comments above may contain personal opinion, speculation, inaccurate information, sarcasm, wit, satire or humor, let the reader use discernment...:D


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Yes Br. Richard, am re reading my Daniel Book since now were all in it now.   I love the book of Daniel, I found half of the Empires that were foretold from that book in my school history text books.  And before I came into the everlasting truth, the people who printed those texts books never gave credit where due.  They never mentioned all the Empires of then "then" world were mentioned in the Bible.  Another sneaky way that Satan has kept the rest of mankind in darkness.   I never thought about KOS getting bruised and knocked about.   After you mentioned that point,  I had just read about when NK leader had his brother murdered this past year, it was for the entire world to see, that no matter where you are, they can still get to you.  Satan is really busy trying to get those hooks away from his jaw!   But Jehovah will soon lasso him down!    

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2 hours ago, Miss Bea said:

''Tis a word war, between two less then mature individuals.

Who are both megalomaniacs!!!  If I was out there in the world I would be worried ... unless my head was well and truly stuck in the sand like many seem to be. :uhhuh:

Don't give up .. it's just around the corner.

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4 hours ago, John said:



I was interested about the media response in North Korea.  And I found this source.  I was amazed how serious they are to attack USA after President Trump threatened them. 




Trump, a living corpse, got so senile as to dig his own grave. It is high time to avenge the Korean nation upon the mentally deranged dotard by beheading him.

Kim Sun Chol, an official of the Pyongyang City People's Committee, said: Trump, nicknamed "incompetent man", "liar" and others, is a scum and political dreg. No place in human society is available for such beastly dotard. The old rabid dog should be sent to the gallows in time, so that the U.S. and its vassal forces could be keenly aware of that no one can block the advance of the DPRK toward a powerful socialist country and the earth can never exist without the DPRK.

Choe Tong Hyok, an officer of the Korean People's Army, said: It is not too much to say that the U.S. was doomed at the moment when Trump made heinous remarks of "totally destroying" the DPRK. 

The Trump's group of heinous aggressors scheming to violate the sovereignty of Juche Korea and its rights to existence and development and even to totally destroy the Korean nation will surely pay dearly for defaming our country and people. 

We, Hwasong artillerymen, will wipe the U.S. off the map by showering an unprecedented fire of merciless revenge upon American war maniacs. 

The U.S. has courted its total destruction. 

The final victory in the anti-U.S. confrontation is ours.


:blink:  These people really need to check their drinking water.

Somebody MUST be putting something in it.:wacko:


They have obviously never read the account of Pharaoh and his army, either.



Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy.5a5e0e53285e2_Nogrinning.gif.d89ec5b2e7a22c9f5ca954867b135e7b.gif  I'm close enough to WALK. 5a5e0e77dc7a9_YESGrinning.gif.e5056e95328247b6b6b3ba90ddccae77.gif


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15 hours ago, Friends just call me Ross said:



They have obviously never read the account of Pharaoh and his army, either.


I don't think they get many history lessons and reading a Bible is a death sentence.  I agree,  they haven't read this historic account. Sad..

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United StatesEdit

In the United States, Congress, which makes the rules for the military, has the power under the constitution to "declare war". However neither the U.S. Constitution nor any Act of Congress stipulate what format a declaration of war must take. War declarations have the force of law and are intended to be executed by the President as "commander in chief" of the armed forces. The last time Congress passed joint resolutions saying that a "state of war" existed was on June 5, 1942, when the U.S. declared war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.[48] Since then, the U.S. has used the term "authorization to use military force", as in the case against Iraq in 2003.

Sometimes decisions for military engagements were made by US presidents, without formal approval by Congress, based on UN Security Council resolutions that do not expressly declare the UN or its members to be at war. Part of the justification for the United States invasion of Panama was to capture Manuel Noriega (as a prisoner of war)[49]because he was declared a criminal rather than a belligerent.[citation needed]

In response to the September 11 attacks, the United States Congress passed the joint resolution Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists on September 14, 2001, which authorized the US President to fight the War on Terror.[50]





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