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Family Worship Ideas for a Married Couple?

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So many family worship suggestions focus around families with children. Building Forts, acting out scenes, doing the children's activities et cetera. Of course there is nothing stopping those without children from doing these, but a family worship should be matched to the needs of the family. Also, because of the divergence of interests between my wife and I (Social butterfly - nerdy bookworm) coming up with things the both of us enjoy is kinda difficult. What have some married couples here found as good family worship evening activities? 

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Hi Michael,


I can see what you are saying about when a wife and husband have much different interests. So maybe as a suggestion, you could first ask your wife what are some things that she would really enjoy studying for your family worship? You can even give her a list of ideas(like from the lists that Richard posted) and she can then tell you which ones interest her. Then you could schedule out your family worship where on certain weeks you both will be studying something your wife is very interested in.


But then for most weeks, you can schedule things that are designed to help you both draw closer to Jehovah, as this is main purpose for Family Worship.  So by scheduling out weeks in advance Family Worship, your wife will look forward to those weeks that really interest her, as well she will also see how much you care and are a good husband by finding important topics to study that help her and you in drawing closer to Jehovah. :)  



*** w11 5/15 p. 14 par. 14 Christian Families—“Keep Ready” ***
The primary purpose of maintaining a Family Worship evening or a time for personal study is to draw closer to God. (Jas. 4:8) When we spend time studying the Bible on a regular basis and grow in knowledge of the Creator, our relationship with him is strengthened. The closer we draw to Jehovah, the greater our motivation is to love him ‘with our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole mind, and our whole strength.’ (Mark 12:30) 


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Hi Michael, 


My wife and I have been enjoying a few different things. 


1) We have started studying the OD book (organized book) together. 


2) Reading a portion of the Yearbook and current Watchtower/Awake. She does not enjoy reading at all, but has been enjoying it more if we do it together and in small portions. 


3) We "breakup" a portion of our studying from reading (again, she doesn't enjoy siting down and reading much) and watch a morning worship video or some other video we haven't seen on JW Broadcasting. 


4) We take a subject we may come across in the ministry and research it. For example, we researched the trinity and came up with scriptures and explanations we can use if we come across this. We are doing the same with evolution and a few other subjects we may not be entirely comfortable with so we are well prepared to defend our faith. 


5) Lately it seems almost every week during our midweek meeting there is a part with a video. So we will watch the video together and go over the questions and discuss them.


6) We plan on going through all aspects of the fruitage of the spirit soon one by one. 


7) We also are planning on going through the "Marriage" tab on Jw.org and studying those articles together. 


Hopefully you can use some of those ideas in your family worship. 

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Can you take parts in doing something that each of you enjoys and strengthens your faith? This is something me and wifey try to apply regularly so as not to make FWE too long-winded. We regularly pick something I like, such as a life story of a faithful brother or a sister, and then something she likes, such as what to say in service the coming week.


Edit: When we do this we both seem to manage to keep things more interested despite lack of concentration (AD/D) or time zone difference (9 hours).

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