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Anyone Watch Anime?

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I have been looking into some Anime titles and a few stand out to me, but I was wondering if anyone had perhaps watched these series? (I also know there are different versions of Japanese shows - as some are edited and made into more family friendly content to pass the censors in the usa - those are the versions I am looking for.) 


* My Hero Academia (appears to be a super hero teens show)

* Attack on Titan         (futuristic and thriller maybe, not really sure)

* Sword Chronicles Online   (looks to be Roleplay based)

* Bungou Stray Dog        (detectives type show)

* Lavender       (Looks to be about the life of a young violinist)


They all appear to be tv-pg to tv-14 in age rating and I was wanting to know if anyone here watches these or has watched them? I am gonna do my own research but any added info would still be nice. ^_^

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I don't watch attack on titan or any anime mentioned but maybe you would like a family oriented anime. I don't follow anime I'm sorry I didn't help out. I used to watch detective Conan but due to conscience related issues I didn't continue my hobby :) 

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I used to watch I think last year totally spies maybe you would like it I also discontinue because of some reasons also I used to watch daria many years ago but discontinued when daria fell in love. When I grow up there are anime series that are family oriented :) 

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I only ever watched Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z as a kid. And this other one that reminded me of Star Wars, as there was this "lightsaber-like" sword in it, Tenchi Muyo I think it was... but other than that I'm not into the genre.

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I haven't watched any of the mentioned series. I haven't heard of Lavender, are you sure it is the correct title? And I am assuming you mean Sword Art Online; it's set in virtual reality, near future.


I think Attack on Titan could be a bit too gruesome to watch, but there is nothing wrong with the story itself. I don't think it's a tv-14.


I have heard “Your Lie in April” is a good choice, especially if you like a classical music. It's a story of a pianist boy. (I have not watched this either) “Sangatsu no Lion” is also good.

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I like Clannad.  Yes, it's just a teenage high school anime, but I really liked it.  Watched it with my teenager.  Made me want to go to Japan to see all the beauty in this anime.



And the Clannad After story is good too.



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6 hours ago, hatcheckgirl said:

I like Clannad.

I don't think that I've ever related to you more than at this very moment. 😂 That series was my favorite and practically gave me a reason to keep on living despite trauma.

Unfortunately, animation (and anime in particular) has reached the point where it's nearly impossible to find a new series that isn't overtly lewd, violent or spiritistic. I have absolutely no right to comment on this, as time and time again I have watched things that I should not have and come to regret it. I am extremely drawn to stories of drama, tragedy and 'love' which has tempted me down many dark paths. Hopefully, you can learn something from my naivete and inexperience without having to feel such regret yourself. That being said, I have a damaged conscience, so I can find fault with everything if I look for it. It's not my place to judge and that's not what I'm trying to do. Just a warning to keep an eye on how something makes you feel, and that if it's causing you regret or to feel like it's damaging your relationship with Jehovah, to be prepared to take action and let it go. (Psalm 101:2, 3) I will act with discretion and blamelessness. When will you come to me? I will walk with integrity of heart inside my house.  3 I will not set anything worthless before my eyes. I hate the deeds of those who deviate from what is right; I will have nothing to do with them. (John 3:20) For whoever practices vile things hates the light and does not come to the light, so that his works may not be reproved.

Attack on Titan: Please don't watch this. It's extremely gorey and violent.
Sword Art Online: Science fiction/virtual reality MMORPG turned into a game of life and death. RPG-esque violence and spiritism, occasionally lewd.
My Hero Academia: Bullying and superhero violence, occasionally lewd.

I don't know anything about the other two. Is Lavender https://myanimelist.net/anime/33352/Violet_Evergarden? I heard one sister mention she enjoyed it, but I haven't had Netflix for a while so I don't know. If you do choose to watch anime, please do so legally via Vrv (and consider paying to skip the advertisements to avoid the temptation to watch things better unseen) or Funimation or Hulu or Netflix or Amazon, etc if possible, rather than youtube, other websites or torrents. It took me years to stop pirating. (Zec 5:3-4, Ro 2:21)

You can use sites like https://myanimelist.net/anime/10165/Nichijou or https://www.justwatch.com/us/tv-show/my-ordinary-life to see synopsies and where they may be legally hosted, but not always. For example, Nichijou is only on Funimation as far as I know. https://www.funimation.com/shows/nichijou-my-ordinary-life/ As far as I can recall, Nichijou is one of the best 'clean' anime series, it's animation based comedy which always makes me laugh out loud uncontrollably. Also, it has Sakamoto-san, the cat.



The safest types of series to watch in general are sketch comedy, music, sports, or school drama, but that's by no means a guarantee. There are other dangers such as the trap of encouraging young people to date or the idea that they can have a perfect relationship. (Song of Solomon 8:4) I put you under oath, O daughters of Jerusalem: Do not try to awaken or arouse love in me until it feels inclined.” I do recall a few series that I really thoroughly enjoyed and I believe to be overall positive and 'clean', but again, it's been years since I've watched them so I might not remember something objectionable and I must leave it up to your own conscience. I did also enjoy Your Lie in April. Pretty much everything I watch makes me cry.

Place to Place, another sketch comedy with light romance. Also cats, of course. https://myanimelist.net/anime/12291/Acchi_Kocchi_TV  https://www.hulu.com/series/place-to-place-2d173cb4-2d88-4e63-b610-ce635a029948 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4SIB7cShBM

From Me To You: A very well done romance / slice of life / school drama series, possibly my favorite. https://myanimelist.net/anime/6045/Kimi_ni_Todoke https://vrv.co/series/GRDQVVNGY/Kimi-ni-Todoke-From-Me-To-You

Sweetness & Lightning: The story of a single father striving to take care of his young daughter. Absolutely heartwarming and wholesome from what I recall.

https://myanimelist.net/anime/32828/Amaama_to_Inazuma https://vrv.co/series/GY2PW408Y/sweetness-lightning

March comes in like a Lion: A young man with an abusive upbringing learning what family means and how to cope with life. 'Sports' (Shogi/Japanese chess), slice of life.

https://myanimelist.net/anime/31646/3-gatsu_no_Lion https://vrv.co/series/GRVNXWQZY/March-comes-in-like-a-lion 


Chihayafuru: Another 'sports', romance, and slice of life series. https://myanimelist.net/anime/10800/Chihayafuru https://vrv.co/series/GYGG57V3Y/Chihayafuru

Chi's Sweet Home, original 2008 season. Sadly, I can't find the original season anywhere now. It's a children's animation about a cat. I didn't care as much for Chi's New Address and I don't like the new 3d remake Chi's Sweet Adventure. https://myanimelist.net/anime/3841/Chis_Sweet_Home https://vrv.co/series/G6P819456/Chis-Sweet-Home-Chis-New-Address

I'm honestly afraid that something I've written here will come back to bite me. (Romans 1:28-32) Just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them over to a disapproved mental state, to do the things not fitting. 29 And they were filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, and badness, being full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and malice, being whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, schemers of what is harmful, disobedient to parents, 31 without understanding, false to agreements, having no natural affection, and merciless. 32 Although these know full well the righteous decree of God—that those practicing such things are deserving of death—they not only keep on doing them but also approve of those practicing them.

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Thanks everyone 😋 And yes I believe it is violet evergarden.


I dont mind some dating things as long as it’s nothing crazy or explicit. Im really picky when it comes to anime or movies in general lol. 


I used to watch the edited version of Tenchi Muyo. I loved that version. ❤️As far as cartoons or Anime I like the secret world of arriety, Miraculous, Voltron, etc. (And I don’t watch every episode in a series, if something bothers me in it, I skip to the next episode lol.)


Thats the one thing that confused me. I had watched an anime and felt it wasnt suitable but then someone else said they watched it and it was like they were telling me about a completely different show. 😳 Then I learned that there are different variations of anime. Like there is a edited/cleaned version of Tenchi Muyo thats like 10+ and then there is a uncut version thats 16+. So I am looking for the revised versions of various anime that have been released. Some edited versions are dubbed or simulcast. 


And no worries I don’t bite. 😆 Trust me we all have different conscience, even me and my best friend. We agree to disagree on alot of things, especially when it comes to tv. 😋



I will add all the mentioned ones to my summer list to check out. Thanks! 😁

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8 hours ago, Myew said:

I don't think that I've ever related to you more than at this very moment. 😂 That series was my favorite and practically gave me a reason to keep on living despite trauma.

I just know exactly what you mean, Alex.  It touched my heart too, and made me feel very emotional, in a good way.


Also something to keep in mind with anime, is that Japanese/Asian culture is steeped in spiritism because it is naturally part of their culture.  A lot of our brothers and sisters over there would not watch anime, because what seems innocent to us is actually directly involves demonism.  So be careful. As much as I love Studio Ghibli's stuff, including My Neighbour Totoro, some may not exactly  be "Disney".  I've been to Studio Ghibli's Museum just out of Tokyo.  That's a very special, inspiring place, (not spiritistic) and so many happy kids (and me, the oldest adult solo with no accompanied child 🤣).  That was a great day.  But I digress.


Another favourite for me is From Up on Poppy Hill - where the girl protagonist waits for her father to return from the war, and high school kids band together to save their clubhouse from being demolished.  Set in Yokohama in the 60's, it is actually based on historical buildings and streets still visible today.  I went there to Yokohama specifically to see where it was set.  Such a beautiful part of Yokohama and a very beautifully crafted movie.  

It is said that Daikanzaka (Daikanzaka slope) was the model for the Studio Ghibli’s movie "Coquelicot-zaka kara", also known as "From Up On Poppy Hill". 





 IMG_3762.thumb.JPG.ae6174652cecff08589535bafe5ea086.JPG    IMG_3768.thumb.JPG.d95238c3d40f7d41b8fcc2e926a300c6.JPG

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I have always loved Asian culture (mainly Japan's) and have spent a lot of time researching it for the past 20 years or so. ^_^ I used to watch some shows that I wouldn't after making the truth my own (Kiki's delivery service, etc.)


Yes, there are a lot of things you wouldn't think being spiritistic, animals for instance - in part of Naruto there's the nine tailed fox, which I was told is actually a demon-like creature sealed inside one of the characters. It's included in some seasons but not all of them, only certain parts (I avoid those and am picky about which seasons of Naruto I watch lol.)


Anime in Japan I have been told is sort of like Disney here. A lot of people won't watch Disney here in the usa because they feel the shows have too much spiritism. It's interesting how things are viewed differently in various cultures or parts of the world. ❤️ And when they bring some anime here they even switch gender roles to avoid anyone noticing some of the characters are gay in the original version, sadly. 


I've been wanting to check that show about Totoro out, it looks cute. ^_^ It sort of reminds me of the Secret world of a Arietty (which is an anime version of the borrowers.) It's probably one of the cleanest anime I've ever watched lol. Would definitely get like a G rating over here. ❤️ (I love those pictures too, the colors are really cute.)



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Natasha, it really was a perfect day that day we explored Yokohama.  My sister loved it too, but she had never seen the movie.  All I did was relive the movie scene by scene - it was surreal!  Totoro is  (unfortunately) spiritistic, so as much as I love the characters - Catbus is my favourite - it has to be your choice.  The forest in the movie is inhabited by spirit creatures, and Totoro is one of them - he is benevolent and helps the two girls whose mother is in hospital.  To me, personally, it was more of a fantasy like dwarfs in Snow White and the witch etc.  It didn't bother me, but on hearing what others who know and live within Japanese culture say, they say it's not for us.  (Still, I was the only adult to sit in the life-size Catbus at the Ghibli museum.  I just had to.)  No pictures inside the museum, so this one is me with Totoro at the ticket box. 😁  I'm just a big kid, squealing on the inside.


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That's an adorable photo I love it. ^_^ Yeah, I think if I ever saw a catbus anywhere I would probably run straight to it, I'm a cat fanatic. 🤣


When it comes to shows, I think I'm a bit different from most. There are several shows that I don't really care for but the characters I still like (as long as the character isn't something like a demon, etc.) And I have found what are called "crossover" manga or shows, where those characters are on others shows/comics that I do like. But yes, each of us have to listen to our own conscience. I'm that way with certain shows (I like some of the X-Men and sci-fi shows but many I know feel their powers are wrong and some view aliens as being demonic, so I try to take the consciences of others into account & won't watch those shows around them. ^_^


I'm wanting to check out a game called Kingdom hearts as I know many JW who have it and love it. ❤️ I have one of the manga (so far it's been good.) and a pen with one of the characters I like. ^_^ It's basically a game mixed with RPG and Disney characters. 

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11 hours ago, cricket246 said:

I used to watch the edited version of Tenchi Muyo. I loved that version

I watched it was a kid, when it first came to the UK in 1994 (I would have been 1, but.. I remember it, could have been reruns, but I was very, very young, I do recall I liked it because it reminded me of Star Wars I think, lol). I watched it again the other day after I remembered it, and I recall the sword in it, like a lightsaber. But I found out that the original series was only 6 episodes, and that was like an action adventure theme with an interesting story. After that, all the episodes (as I saw the other day) deviated. 20 or so episodes all revolving around the female characters fighting over the young protaganist! And then ends! I thought.. "what on earth? It devolved to this?" 😄



Only other animation I liked, but you could say this was "Western anime" was Avatar the Last Airbender. I really like the lore, setting and such as well as the characters. Though it's based off of Chinese mythology, and so could have some "questionble themes" for some now and again, and the "elemental arts" (Earth, Fire, Water and Air) are based on real life Chinese martial arts movements and a little of their philosophy, mainly when it comes to "inner energy".

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1 hour ago, cricket246 said:

I'm wanting to check out a game called Kingdom hearts as I know many JW who have it and love it.

My son is about your age, Natasha.  He is not in the truth now, but was raised up and knows our standards.  His personal opinion was that it would be fine to play and, as you mentioned, it is a crossover anime/Disney action rpg game.  He said he loved it because for him (at least the first game) brought together the best of his favourite anime and favourite classic Disney.  He's not much of a fan of the later 2 versions because it lost its way a bit.  @ChocoBro may be able to add more to this discussion too (only if he wants to of course :) ).

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I love these pictures. Ive wanted to go to Japan for the longest time I love a lot of the culture and how Japan is. My little town in the US has a japanese factory and we had the pleasure of having a brother and sister from Japan live here for several years. The brother wasn't baptized at the time and I got to sit in on his studies and drink tea 🍵. It was so wonderful. I hope to visit them someday.

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9 hours ago, hatcheckgirl said:

  @ChocoBro may be able to add more to this discussion too (only if he wants to of course :) ).


Not really as I never played it. I think that there's a certain level of fantasy / fairy-tale magic to it. I personally try to steer clear of anything even remotely connected to magic. Sometimes, even the Marvel stuff is too occult for me (Dr. Strange, Suicide Squad "Enchantress")


The violence in such games is usually more hinted at than graphic but I suppose that's a matter of perspective.


When it comes to Anime I also used to watch really really bad stuff and kinda don't want to talk about it.


I really liked Ghost in the Shell (it's not a spiritistic ghost referred to) despite the violence because I liked the idea of exploring what it is about us that makes us human in a transhumanist future where you have cyborg technology... today I feel that all this stuff about augmentation from stories like GITS or Alita:Battle Angel is very dehumanizing satanic propaganda particularly intended to steer us away from the truth about the future, namely that Jehovah will step in to prevent our mad scientist approach at solving our problems.

It's really hard for me because I really feel drawn into these stories and games like BladeRunner and Cyberpunk 2077 but in the end I have to admit that they are not beneficial to me but all they do is tear me down.

I never heard of Clannad but it was interesting to check out the trailer, maybe I'll pick the series up on eBay sometime.

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I just started watching some of the shows on Funimation and I prefer the simulcast over the uncut, it's seem to be more of a children's/teens version rather than the adult version lol. 


One of my friends who moved loved castle in the sky, I think it was one of his favorite childhood movies too. My favorite movie right now is Big Hero 6, because it's a mix between sci-fi and anime style artistry. Plus it's more on the family friendly side which is always a plus.  I used to play Megaman (Rockman I think in Japanese) a lot when I was younger. I still love the game, I just haven't played our PlayStation for quite a few years lol. 


That's an interesting outlook, I always viewed augmented reality as a way of being able to actually view what life would be like if we could see ourselves through someone else's eyes. I've never watched Ghost in the shell, but I have read about it - it was really popular when I was a teenager. Of course, I also am a major computer and robotics geek so that's probably part of the reason why the though of fictional reality appeals to me. 🤣 


I do understand though, if something bothers you, even if it's not wrong, sometimes it's best to just leave it alone. Something what's not so wrong in itself, could lead us to something else if we are in a weakened spiritual state, too. I used to watch a lot of tv shows I wouldn't watch now, mostly because my favorite movie genres are suspense/horror/dystopian/sci-fi.   

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42 minutes ago, cricket246 said:


That's an interesting outlook, I always viewed augmented reality as a way of being able to actually view what life would be like if we could see ourselves through someone else's eyes.  


Oh,  I wasn't referring to "augmented reality" I was referring to "bionic augmentation", as in "cyborgs" with electromechanical implants.


A lot of people, even brothers totally buy into this concept for the future when it is extremely satanic in its core. In the end, a lot of futurology is an extension of Satan's false promise that humans can and will become gods.

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