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Hi everyone, it’s good to have found this forum etc.  I am in the UK, a frustrated regular pioneer right now, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help with my IPad.   I must have had a malfunction of the brain on Wednesday because I found 3 study notes on my iPhone and decided to airdrop them to my IPad so all my notes would be in one place, sounds like a good idea?  No!    After I had done the airdrop I found just those 3 notes on my IPad, all the rest of my 7 years worth of notes had vanished!!    Trying not to panic, I decided to sleep on it so I would be fresh minded when trying to sort it out.   In the morning, my other half as is our habit, did the days text together and read a bible chapter, at which point he says I think I will start a personal study habit on my IPad, how do I do that?    When I was showing him what to do he went to his personal study area on his IPad and all my notes were there. At least they weren’t destroyed. We thought that’s simple, he can airdrop them all back to me, job done.  Well, a lot came back but not all of them and we don’t know why they didn’t all come and where they’ve gone because the rest are not on his IPad either. Any suggestions on where the notes are and how to get them back would be much appreciated, thanks in advance for any helpful information you can supply.  

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You can use the backup feature of JW Library.  I don't trust air drop to use with backups, so I use Google drive.  Basically on the device that has the notes you want, you would backup from that device to google drive.  On the destination device, you would do a restore.  In order to use Google drive, you need a google account and need to install the google drive app on both devices.  If you don't want to use google drive, you may be able to use iCloud, but for this google drive is easier and more straight forward.


I've attached some screenshots of the process.  Please note you will replace everything (your notes, tags, highlights, favorites, and bookmarks) on the device you restore to.





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I do not use an ipad or airdrop. My experience is with Android and Windows 10.
There is a whole thread on gem 'notes' in this forum site somewhere.
The personal notes made on jw library app are a great feature, but the sharing of them between devices has not been perfected.
It does not 'merge' notes, it 'overwrites' them.
There is a 'backup' feature that allows you to park a copy of your current notes somewhere (cloud, email etc), but as you have experienced - it has limits.
When you share from one device to another, it does not not 'add' the notes to the new device, it 'overwrites' the existing notes with the new ones l. What we would like to is to 'merge' them - that is keep the latest notes on both devices, and look for and 'blend' the 2 together., keeping the latest copy. This does not happen without outside help.
You need to have a computer running JWL Merge. You 'backup' from all your devices to the pc. I have a phone, tablet and pc running JW library. I send to my pc my 'gems/notes' files by email. Then I load all 3 versions onto the JWL program, and it will "combine" all if them. Then I send this new 'combined' file back to all 3 devices. I now use the 'restore' feature on each device, and 'viola', we are all in sync.
I hope at some stage in the last 7 years you have backed up your gems! That will be your saviour. Otherwise, I fear the worst.
How your notes got to your husbands ipad is a mystery to me. Unless you have him this device, and it had your notes on it...?
All the best...

Old (Downunder) Tone

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Hi Jarred and Ma’her-shal’al-hash-baz, thanks very much for your replies.   I have managed to retrieve most of my notes but strangely, I had a lot of illustrations and sadly, I think they are gone so I will have to start that collection again.  I really appreciate your input.   

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