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Guess we are all effected by what we hear on TV.


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DISCLAIMER: This is from an email I received. I do not know what congregation this happened in or even whether it is true or not. It sounds plausible, but I am just posting it because I think it's funny!

A Brother was conducting the Watchtower study and he asked the children "What is the Resurrection?"

Now, asking questions in front of a congregation, when directed at children can be a dicey thing.

A young brother about 6 years old raised his hand, without any "ear-whispering" from his parents.

The brother called on him and the little boy said, "I know that if you have a resurrection that lasts more than four hours you are supposed to call the doctor."

It took over five minutes for the congregation to settle down enough from their laughter for the Watchtower Study to be continued.

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That really is funny "out of the mouth of babes!

It happen one time in our hall yrs ago but was with words being pronounced wrong.

One Brother once gave a talk and when he quoted a scripture about the congregated "Throngs" it came out as the congregated "Thongs" instead! :D

Moments like that just cannot be planned!

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Years ago when we had intermissions between the wt and public talk the poor brother on the platform said we were going to have brief intercourse. His wife turned beet red. This brother is quite old now but still laughs at his word slip. His wife who is also quite old still as not found the humor in it.

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my son had a talk when he was only 7 ..he was suppose to say Balams ass in it but he just couldnt say it he repeated the

sentence 3 times then he said Balams donkey... poor little thing .. i thought i had taught him properly but he must

have found it hard at the time.. or forgot.. well he is now 18 so we dont remind him anymore

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Way back before I was baptized I heard this one in the congregation I was in. I don't recall the subject of the Watchtower study, but one paragraph quoted perhaps Micah 3 verses 2 & 3, which twice uses the word "organism"...

Okay, you know what's coming, eh?

You're right. The brother doing the reading of the paragraphs misread the word as... (must I say it?)

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We have lots of words that are mispronounced by speakers

In a prayer Thank-you Jehovah for our falling shorts

This brother always gave a talk on the marvels of Jehovah's Creation He said you must admire the dexterity and agility of a pianist only he didn't say pianist

When the audience had recovered from that he went on to say about the marvels of modern technology he said man can be so clever they have even sent a probe to your anus instead of Uranus

what is even more hilarious is now when he gives the talk he says:ecstatic: man can be so clever they have these tiny flying machines that go into outer space next to the planet Neptune

At a circuit assembly a brother was interviewed on the stage he said I found it really hard to go in fact I could only go once a month

For the life of me I don't know why he didn't say I couldn't go out in field service I think the brother interviewing said What spiritually problems are you facing.

Then he said I found it really hard and I really had to push and push myself but when I got to be regular I found it much easier to go and now I really quite enjoy it.

It can be so painful trying to contain laughter in the middle of a kingdom hall or circuit assembly

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