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Jw Store In France

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Can you imagine? Dear friends, when the end does come, there will be no excuses. None. Worked with the CO's wife this morning. Starting bible studies with illustrations. First two doors, they are now a study. For the CO's wife. Then came my turn, no one at home. Rest of morning. Went one a couple of calls, then the afternoon work. I stayed. I do not think I will ever read the Bible the same anymore. That book, my friends, is way more personal then i had any idea. Our CO, well, a substitute one, a wonderful sense of humor. Young, but wise way beyond his years. More to share, in another forum.

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Some update I received about this event.

Jehovah's blessings are tremendous !


This was for the Armada Festival in Rouen (Rouen is quite close to the Bethel in Louviers).

(here is a tourism website in the area which explains the event www.normandie-tourisme.fr/articles/rouen-armada-major-event-2013-1482-2.html )


So, two week ago, we opened a "jw store" dedicated to Jehovah with computers with internet connexion to the jw.org website, there is a place for Bible studies and an TV screen to watch JW dvds.


In the back, there are magazines in all the languages spoken in Rouen and a printer to print the tract "Truth" in any languages needed (thank you Internet :) )


This event was organised really quickly !

A month ago, we asked the prefecture for an autorisation and all the documents (normaly, it takes months...), we had a positive answer in 15 days (!).


So 2 weeks ago, monday, this was a poor hairdressing salon and the same week, on Thrusday, this was a brilliant JW store (thanks to all the bros and sis of the LBC who did some tremendous work).


More over, during the festival, there were stands, you know, the exact same type of the ones of the Manhattan Project. There a quite tall and with a lot of magazines so the people are not afraid to take magazines :)


Funny story, some people had not understood that it was free so they tried to steal some magazines (welcome in France, hahaha !). The sisters called them and told them it would be better for them to take magazine in french... not in chinese, hahaha !


This JW store will be open for 6 months, so if you go in France, in Rouen, you can go and have a look.

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How exciting to be around at this point in time.


It feels like - ok - now Jehovah is going to show us what speeding things up is really like!

I had a vision of a complete blitz of all public witnessing all at once in all possible places on the planet.

There will certainly be a distinction of those serving him and those not serving him.......

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Our District Convention was held on the campus of the University of Florida - in the basketball arena. They mentioned that there is a "Free Speech Zone" of the campus where the local brothers set up tables. This has been a long standing provision that has grown in the past few years. They now have setups similar to the Manhattan Project and offer literature and discussions in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and ASL.


It was announced that this area of the UF campus, where they are setup, gets more foot traffic everyday then the front gate of Disney World!


I would love to see a store like this here.

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