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  1. Preaching to All Sorts of People We really want to imitate our God, To be impartial, as we know he is. To save all sorts of people is his will; He welcomes all to come and to be his. (CHORUS) It’s the person, not the place; It’s the heart and not the face. God’s message to all people we extend. So because we really care, We keep preaching ev’rywhere: “All sorts of people can become God’s friend.” Jehovah is your name Jehovah, Jehovah, There is no God like you. There’s no other in the heavens Or on the earth below. You alone are God Almighty, And this all men must know. Jehovah, Jehovah, We have no other God but you Jehovah My God and Friend. Life in this world can be hard. Life in this world can bring tears and pain. Still ev’ry day I will say, “My life is not in vain.” (CHORUS) For God is not unrighteous, And he remembers the love I’ve shown. So he is ever near me; With Jehovah, I’m not alone. Yes, God is my provider and my protector down to the end. Yes, Jehovah is my Father, My God and Friend
  2. My guess is that if that ever happened, the brothers would make sure that the entourage could sit together. But in our congregation, those who have assignments sit in the front row. At least they (the fake news writers) did not have him give a speech. During pre-election days, politicians would visit churches to give their statements. In a congregation that I was in, a politician called the Kingdom Hall to do so. The brothers very tactfully declined that offer, no doubt giving scriptures.
  3. The name of the one who posted this is Wilfried Peezenkamp . The comments on his youtube page are in Dutch, and a commenter called him Mr. (thanks to Google Translate). But the WTS videos are in his playlist, in Dutch. He is probably a brother.
  4. Hee, hee - I am not sure that Charlton Heston would enjoy that mailing. Oh, he wouldn't care, he died 9 years ago... Good reminder.
  5. What a beautiful song, quite fitting for our beloved Russian brothers and sisters.
  6. So we now have to wait until the 20th. Well, Jehovah's name is being broadcast all over through the press and through the internet. Jehovah strengthen our brothers, in Jesus' name. Strengthen Brother Sanderson. Protect them all.
  7. This article referred to one of the few major magazines' articles on the subject. Here is the New York Times' article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/04/world/europe/russia-moves-to-ban-jehovahs-witnesses-as-extremist.html?_r=0
  8. I was quoting the figures from the Holocaust Museum, but a book quoted in the literature gave these figures: *** w84 10/1 p. 8 Impressed by the Integrity of Jehovah’s Witnesses *** What are these figures? “Some 10,000 were imprisoned, and together they received sentences totalling 20,000 years. One out of every two German Witnesses was imprisoned, one in four lost their lives. The book: IN 1978 Christine E. King visited the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in London, England. In connection with a thesis she was preparing for her doctorate, she was seeking information about the experiences of the Witnesses in Germany during the second world war The title of Dr. King’s book is The Nazi State and the New Religions: Five Case Studies in Non-Conformity. Most outstanding among Dr. King’s findings are the figures of deaths and imprisonment of Jehovah’s Witnesses. These indicate that the figures previously published by the Witnesses were greatly underestimated. Dr. King’s source for these statistics was a volume published in Munich, Germany, by Michael Kater. “My own perusal of Court and Gestapo records,” she declared, “would certainly support these higher figures.” Dr Kater's book was entitled “Die Ernsten Bibelforscher Im Dritten Reich” in Vierteljahrs Hefte Für Zeitgeschichte, Volume 17, Munich, 1969. (Several of his books on Nazi history are available online, and he is still living) Dr King, also an extensive author on this subject, was Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive at Stratfordshire University in England until 2011.
  9. It is undoubtedly because we are concerned about our brothers and sisters. I feel like our brothers during WWII. We know that the Jews all over the world, especially in Europe, knew about the Holocaust while it was taking place. Only about 1300 or so of our brothers were imprisoned then, and about 250 died, but the brothers of that time knew about it. We, all over the world, are now, through the internet, essentially experiencing vicariously the trials that our brothers have to go through - they may lose their ability to associate freely. Some may be imprisoned, or have to leave their home. Or not. Whatever Jehovah allows, they can handle it with his help. Any trial they have, or will have, will not be more than they can bear.
  10. I did not know that this was posted before. If you want to delete it, or add it to an older thread, great.
  11. We can thank Jehovah that we can attend our Memorial celebration publicly. But apparently this was taken from our brothers in Moscow. -- http://www.forum18.org/archive.php?article_id=2271 Although the Justice Ministry press service claimed to Forum 18 that the Suspension Order does not apply to meetings for worship, at least two instances of police halting religious services have since been reported, Jehovah's Witnesses told Forum 18 on 6 April (see below). Effects of Suspension Order The Justice Ministry's 15 March Suspension Order forbids the Administrative Centre and its subdivisions from "using state and municipal news media, organising and conducting assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, processions, picketing, and other mass actions or public events, and using bank deposits, with the exception of use for making payments connected with their economic activity, compensating for losses (damages) caused by their actions, and paying taxes, fees, or fines, and making payments based on labour contracts". This Order appears to have led in some places to even harsher law enforcement measures against individual Jehovah's Witnesses and their communities, which allegedly go far beyond what the order itself requires. Police in Bryansk have gone to believers' homes and "demanded explanations of who they were, what they did, which of their friends and relatives were Jehovah's Witnesses", Jehovah's Witnesses told Forum 18 on 6 April. In Kotovo in Oryol Region, police detained several people in the street and confiscated their Bibles and tablet computers. Despite the fact that religious services do not fall into the category of "public events" mentioned in the order, police and FSB officers have disrupted worship in at least two locations. In the Sverdlovsk Region town of Tavda, five law enforcement agents interrupted a service, Jehovah's Witnesses told Forum 18. One of them "went onto the stage and read out the Justice Ministry's order regarding the suspension of activities, and announced that the service was over". Before halting a meeting for worship in Uchaly in Bashkortostan, officers covertly filmed those attending. Several worshippers were later summoned to the Prosecutor's Office, where officials demanded information about everyone in the video. The main Jehovah's Witness annual commemoration – the Memorial of Christ's Death – will be marked this year on 11 April. On 3 April, however, the owner of premises rented for this event in Moscow cancelled the rental contract after a visit from the FSB security service, Jehovah's Witnesses told Forum 18 on 5 April. Administrative Centre bank accounts blocked Between 27 and 29 March, the Administrative Centre was added to the Rosfinmonitoring list of "organisations, against which there is evidence of involvement in extremist activity or terrorism", where it appears alongside banned terrorist organisations such as al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State. As stipulated in the Justice Ministry's 15 March order, banks have blocked the Centre's financial transactions – despite the exceptions mentioned above, the Administrative Centre complains in its official objection to the liquidation lawsuit that it cannot carry out "normal economic activity", including any payments to state bodies (gosudarstvennaya poshlina). The Centre's bank informed the Administrative Centre on 31 March that its accounts had been frozen, after a transaction was refused on 29 March. Jehovah's Witnesses report that local communities' and individuals' financial transactions have not been blocked.
  12. Some news https://www.modernghana.com/news/765502/russian-government-urged-to-drop-ban-against-jehovahs-witne.html This one is in Spanish == http://www.eldiario24.com/nota/mundo/396436/comision-norteamericana-derechos-humanos-condena-acciones-legales-contra-testigos-jehova-rusia.html (I have no idea how this posting showed up in my posting box...)
  13. http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/health/Hartford-Hospital-Saves-Man_s-Life-With-Bloodless-Transplant_New-York-418690263.html We have experienced decades of successful operations without blood. Even the military is using the methods used with our brothers and sisters. So, Russia is saying in their court hearing that we are extremists because we don't accept blood transfusions?
  14. Is GOLD edible??!!!