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  1. How can I like both when I only like the thistle? I'm having a slug-fest out in the garden. Have 4 pans out there with cheap beer in them to catch slugs, have so many in each one! Even after it's been raining so bad they're going in. Didn't know they'd go for it diluted. I want to plant my peas but it's been raining so much I'm afraid the plethora of slugs will eat my babies down in one night. Need more beer.
  2. Absolutely, they charge a huge price for something so simple. My laminator is about 5 years old, I use it a LOT, so it's paid for itself many times over. Next I was eyeballing a spiral binder machine. There are some really simple one that you hand thread, still thinking if it would pay for itself. Would I guess if I did binding for some of the friends. But I don't have a cutter for the binding on soft books so still thinking. (I'm more of a do it myself person)
  3. I laminated the cover sheets and had them bound on top so the binding doesn't get in my way during note taking. Staples did 4 of them for under 20.00. It was seriously too much money when I had them laminate then bind, I think it was almost triple the cost. I had sticker shock- being a wee bit of a tight wad. The extra 3 are for my gal friends.
  4. Ready for my May 26-28 RC. So ready.