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  1. Thanks for the tip! I wasn't referring to any one site..but I will check this one out!!
  2. I use olive leaf liquid extract (also good for lowering blood pressure) at the first sign of any kidney/bladder inflamation. Also, there are other herbal extracts that can work such as Oregano Juice diluted in tomato based veg. juice. There are alternarives to perscription meds out there..I find them by googling "alternative treatments" specific to my problem, and also read people's reviews on the products. One thing someone taking perscription antibiotics should know is that alternative antibiotics can nullify perscription antibiotics...that is also why I stick to natural remedies only. Some of our friends seek out doctors who recommend alternative treatments and who know how to help their patients make the transition.
  3. We use Silver Biotics sprayed in nasal ..let run down back of throat..even spray on tonsils! Before meetings, shopping, etc. and when we get home! If there is a germ the silver stings..that's how we know it is working!
  4. I like your songs..I have used 2 in my videos on Instagram..a horse video (Just around the corner) and a Day Text video..(Your Word..).. my page is..uhoohello.
  5. Don't you tried via It's very simple I decided to have an app on my phone..actually I finally realized I can share the link directly with the need to send to gmail first..I looked at your online downloader and it is very nice too...anyway, thank you! If it is ok with you, I would like to add snippets to my Day Text videos on tag there is "uhoohello" if you want to see them..
  6. OK..I searched the Play Store and found this app, went to your youtube page and sent the url to my gmail account, then shared it with this app, and after completing the video download, moved it to a video folder. Then I used my mp3 converter app to change to mp3 so it would go to my music player! Phewww. worked..probably the long way around...
  7. Thanks..but will this work on a Samsung phone? I don't have a computer.
  8. Thank you! Is there any way I can download it?
  9. At first without my glasses, it looked like smoking a cigar! haha!