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  1. It is interesting to see a true life example of real "terrorist extremism" as opposed to the false claim by the Russian government against the most peaceful people on earth..referring to us as "extremists"! ...Something for honest hearted people to think about!
  2. Thank you soooo much! At the end, Brother Sanderson sending message to Russian witnesses in Russian!!!
  3. I would really appreciate a list of possible points to include, or perhaps a sample letter or outline..I know the instructions bring out important thoughts, but my problem (age related) is mentally I have trouble organizing such a letter..Perhaps a simple outline? Of course, I don't want to copy word for word someone's letter..
  4. Love this!
  5. Actually, some good could come from this published news..some could rally to our defence; some could hear about us for the first time...perhaps visit our website..others might side with our opposers. This is now not a Russian concern only..we need to pray for the worldwide brotherhood, and keep focused on the important Issue of Jehovah's soverignty.
  6. The information on our website about Russia is in USA Today as a world news topic!
  7. Mandi, what about all the whales beached on the south island..? It was so sad to see that on CNN news.
  8. I just saw this!
  9. Thank you brother John for your faith strengthening experience! Jehovah is so patient with us and so loving to hold our hand! What a joy it will be to greet Miss Brown in the resurrection!:)

    1. Precision


      And just when John was helping and getting to know Misses Brown personally, the Pentecostal Pastor spread disparaging lies. I too enjoyed John's experience, the encouraging brother's comments and proper biblical view on divorce and abortion. Thanks for sharing  >:D<

  10. If you take a screenshot with your phone and zoom in on the picture, you can see that they are restrained and tethered! I forgot to look to see if they are wearing diapers!! Haha!! So very funny! Thanks for sharing! I think all of us really need a good laugh these days!
  11. That is really funny!!
  12. Also, a deep quake nearby!
  13. Carlos..I searched "Broadcast"..Here is a blog link for all the mp3s of the Original songs and lyrics separately.. I took a screenshot of the post too.
  14. The are for download in 721 languages in the app..including Portuguese.
  15. They are all in the JW Library app under Audio..hope that helps