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  1. Carlos...I would also like this discussion to be on a private forum....if possible...
  2. Today's Text (Hebrews 11:6) brings out that if we don't have enough faith, we should ask Jehovah for more faith. We have been preaching the good news for decades! That takes faith! However, under persecution, we all need more faith! Our very motives for serving Jehovah are tested! I need to periodically ask myself...."What if I am found in a secret a basement? Will I imitate the ones in our video who keep calm and bow there heads in prayer?" This is serious..not only for us personally, but most important, because of our stand for Jehovah's Soverignty..that is the main issue here..serious business and a great honor to be used by Jehovah. 1 Peter 1:7
  3. We can ask our elders if it is OK to watch our videos on youtube...The FDS will supply the spiritual food we need...if it is by youtube the elders will know...or another channel...they will know...or by memory card...they will know...or some other way! We are directed to stay close to the congregation where we get clear direction...much love to you Victoria..
  4. Good reminder! We have an unlimited opportunity to send our prayers through Jehovah and his Son..
  5. Wouldn't it be something if there was a concise tract printed at a nearby branch to answer the false charges and a swift campaign to distribute across the country!? Wow! It could not be on the banned literature list yet!!!
  6. Thank you so much for this Blog link! I like the brother's viewpoint! It helps me picture the positive outcome persecution can have, even ones of the orthodox church taking our side! I also like the part about how the response could be concerning arrests and imprisonment of our dear friends .. protests by worldly people at such injustices!.. such a great blog!
  7. Great coverage by NY Times!
  8. Our friends in Russia are real Pioneers...courageously leading the way for the rest of us in maintaining faith, inrtegrity, and love for Jehovah, his ransomed Son and each other!
  9. Do the authorities have to hold back the liquidation of the Branch and KHs until the appeals are over?
  10. Maybe new light will be revealed that we are closer to the final end than we now understand!
  11. My prayers are with all my courageous integrity keepers in Russia and everywhere...we must hold Jehovah's hand tightly!
  12. Wow! How encouraging for the Brothers to see their dear brother ffom our GB be by their side until the end! Jehovah is so good!!!