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  1. Bible says we will be persecuted, so perhaps Jehovah indirectly says there that He will not mind manipulate all politicians or court decisions all the time, and that His will does not always happen in every situation or court case. It's also possible there are not always some bigger plan or trick behind, other then Armagedon to end all badness. Maybe we just have to go trough certain tribulations before paradise in this system, and banning JWs permanently or temporally in some parts of the world is just one of them. Good news are we can still stay loyal to Jehovah, and get everlasting life
  2. Really sad to see this happen, not only for Russian brothers and sisters, but sad for all those other countries too who are under ban. But if we are soon entering into GT, my sadness changes into excitement and joy, because we know what is after that!
  3. I can't find it, I saw it yesterday or was it 2 days ago but not anymore, was it deleted?
  4. Yeah, did not meant to mean anything else then that there has been earthquakes before 1914 and before humans could have much effect on them. So it makes me also ask question, why we have earthquakes that kill people. What did change after paradise, or was it always like this? Or maybe humans effect them more easily then we think? Cut a tree somewhere, and earth shakes other side of earth..
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_historical_earthquakes Here is list of some historical earthquakes, seems there's been quite many long time before last days started.
  6. I can't find this information so it's probably joke, or perhaps I just don't find it .
  7. Why is it that many homosexuals by choice or difference in brain are drawn into being priests?
  8. And sympathies for those babies that get adopted by gay or lesbian couple. Or perhaps soon by third gender
  9. So much death in the news everyday.
  10. Not very wise play from Assad, these attacks are invitation for other foreign countries to attack Assad
  11. So there will be no convention in russia this year? Can they see it from internet maybe?
  12. Will also be interesting to see how earth will get shaped in paradise after million of years. Aren't they now suggesting that all continents are moving, and at some point they become one?
  13. I've heard physical violence is acceptable reason to divorce. Correct me if I'm mistaken.
  14. Nuclear weapons has already been used in wars. But I doubt there will be any full scale nuclear war. If that would be the case no flesh would be saved.