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  1. Can anyone remember which year the series of articles, 'How the Bible Came To Us Down the Centuries' was brought out in the WT

  2. This is how I saw it too, Lucy. And we won't be surprised when there is another attack in revenge for the'infidels' interference.
  3. Another terrible tragedy to add to the growing number that are occurring daily. Death by fire would be one of the worst ways to die. Just terrifying.
  4. Who's surprised? Of course we expect this to continually happen but it doesn't stop the hurt in my heart that over and over again innocent people are being hurt and killed because of satan's blinding hatred and anger. Don't you feel sorry for the ones innocelntly going about their daily, albeit misguided, lives, just to be terrorised in some form or another? Do you think Jehovah and Jesus are surprised? I doubt it. Don't you think they expect it? I think they do .. but I also think it touches their hearts and pains them that the day for the destruction of this system hasn't yet arrived and they have to continue letting this happen until it does.
  5. Languishing in jail Dennis Christensen and his co-religionists have gained appreciation from the local authorities June 14, 2017 Photo collage: cleaning of the territory in the city of Eagle and Dennis Christensen The City of Eagle was awarded the local Jehovah's Witnesses for their active participation in cleaning the city from garbage. Believers have been nice to get appreciation from the city and a gift from the administration's signature: "In gratitude for a good deed - garbage collection for the benefit of people and nature." Signature on a gift from the city administration Jehovah's Witnesses, wherever they live, tend to benefit neighbors not only the spread of Bible knowledge, but also participation in various forms of socially useful activity. The same is citizenship and Dennis Christensen - one of the Oryol Jehovah's Witnesses, who were actively involved in cleaning. Standing foot in cold water Orlik River, it pulled out of a net river trash. All work was carried out free of charge. In view of this particularly ironic look that Christensen had almost three weeks languishing in the city jailon false charges of organizing an extremist community. Believers are in disbelief, because, according to city officials, this is the community benefit the city. Garbage collection was the last good thing Dennis that he had to do, while at liberty. It is noteworthy that the representative of the administration of the Eagle was sympathetic to Jehovah's Witnesses because of religious persecution in the country and wished them not to lose the power of the spirit.
  6. London can't take a break at the moment. I have been watching this on periscope. It is terrifying. The block is huge and so many are stuck with no way out. Praying that everyone gets out safe and no lives are lost.
  7. June 7 at the Orel Regional Court was scheduled for consideration by the appeal of Jehovah's Witnesses, Danish citizen Dennis Christensen to decide on 2-month detention. This preventive measure has chosen for him the Soviet District Court of Eagle May 26, 2017. The regional court postponed the hearing due to the fact that the defendant was unable to find a translator from Danish. Date of the new meeting has not been announced. June 10, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" reported that the Oryol Regional Court reportedly upheld a lower court decision of the court on the content of Christensen's custody. This information does not correspond to reality, since the hearing did not take place. Dennis Christensen was arrested May 25, 2017 during a joint study of the Bible with their co-religionists. The meek, peaceful man faces up to 10 years in prison on charges of "organizing an extremist organization."
  8. Anton Chivchalov has just posted that Dennis Christensen's hearing has been postponed because they couldn't find an interpreter for him. New hearing date is unknown.
  9. I was just watching a video of the chaotic aftermath. So much destruction and some of those old building just seemed to disintergrate. I am surprised that only one person died and only 10 were injured.
  10. We know something that will soon be available that will not only slow down the aging process but actually reverse it. No scientist is capable of that.
  11. I listened to the whole of Jeremiah on the app in the 2013 edition. Now when I go to Jeremiah the play button is no longer there. It seems strange that it has disappeared. PS Today it is back in Jeremiah. And it's also there in Lamentations. Must have been having a day off for the Sabbath!!
  12. Ooops. yes, I forgot to mention Android ... or maybe I just forgot there is an alternative to Android.
  13. Has anyone else lost the play icon for listening to the bible reading on JW Library app? I thought it might just be for Lamentations so I checked Jeremiah and it's not there either and I know it was there before.
  14. This world is demented. Another hateful act perpetrated against an innocent victim for no apparent reason. How must Jehovah feel as he looks down on this earth and see this happen to one of his obedient and peaceful children. I have family, non-witnesses, living near Honiton and have been to the area and as Stoffer says ^^ it's a beautiful and peaceful part of the country and not somewhere you would expect something like this to happen. It just shows that the madness and evil is everywhere.