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  1. The pre-coffee post I removed the other day was about that because that's when I thought it was. I removed my comment because apparently that was a spurious date. I am confused .... I mean more than usual.
  2. Excuse me for wading into this conversation with a bit of a side issue but the appeal date has been set, apparently, but I can't find what it is. Maybe someone else?? https://jw-russia.org/news/17052212-166.html
  3. Aaaahhhhh!! That was a big sigh. Thank you. I didn't realise I could actually make a tag at that point. Saying no tag found in a box made me think I had missed a step. Thank you so much, Carlos, you have saved me from my own stupidity once again. xo
  4. This is where I am having the problem. I click on 'add a tag' I just get a little box saying 'no results found'. I thought I must be doing something wrong and that I need to set tags up in advance somehow, somewhere.
  5. Thank you, Carlos. I did look at this when the brother put it up but got sidelined by the fact it had the letter 'i' in front of everything and said nothing about android. However, I guess the app is the same whichever platform is used so I will go and have a look now. xo
  6. So sorry if this question has already been covered. I have had a look through the last few pages but only found a reference from our tort on the usage, no actual info about the how to. I am having problems with the tag feature of update. Basically, I have no idea how to add one though I do want to use them as I think they will be useful. Please can someone clever help me out here. Thank you xo
  7. Seeing your username prompted me to post this:


    if you're not a Geordie then accept my apologies :D

    1. GeordieGirl


      Thank you.  Definitely will have a look at that. My father was a Geordie and I inherited lots of genes from that side of my family.  I actually spent the first 2 years of my life living with his parents in Northumberland, so I consider myself to be at least half a Geordie. :uhhuh:

  8. Other hearings against our brothers are being heard across Russia. https://jw-russia.org/news/17051813-165.html
  9. Tut tut. jwt Tut tut!! jwtalk running ahead. Or did the slave see this topic and think 'thats a good idea'
  10. Looking forward to our CA on Sunday.  I was very unwell through much of March and April and was only able to listen in to the meetings on the phone. Although you get the same information, it isn't the same as being there so I feel like I'm floundering a bit at the moment and need a big spiritual boost which I know the CA will deliver. :heart:

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    2. GeordieGirl


      I have been thinking about a coffee catch up.  After your CA would be a good time and then we can have a lovely spiritual conversation.


      Plus I am going to the one inbetween as well, on the 27th, so I'll be a spiritual giant by coffee time. :lol2:It's my old circuit and my daughter says she wants to go as long as I go with her.  Anything to get some spiritual food into her. B)


    3. hatcheckgirl


      Great! It's a date! :backflip:

    4. Linda Huang

      Linda Huang

      Enjoy the great spiritual meal!

  11. I saw this last week and researched it. It was the only place I found it so assumed it was fake. It appears it has now been duplicated on a number of sites. This is starting to get very frustrating. If you can't confirm it's real for yourself, please don't bother sharing it or asking for confirmation. This not just directed at you, Deeana. Too many brothers are putting up links to fake news and asking others to check it out. If we find something, surely it is our responsibility to research it, not expect others to do it for us. Sorry for the rant. I love you all. XO
  12. This one is slightly different to opening an email from the lovely lady in Nigeria who promises to send you money. Unlike most other attacks, this malware is spreading primarily by direct infection from machine to machine on local networks, rather than purely by email,” Lance Cottrell, chief scientist at the US technology group Ntrepid.
  13. I don't know if anyone here heard about Leanna Lefler, an 18 year old pioneer sister who went missing after leaving work at Walmart in Prescott Arizona on April 29th. Her body was found on Friday. So terribly sad. https://www.dcourier.com/news/2017/may/12/body-teen-missing-work-walmart-found/
  14. Thank you for that info, Brigitte, mine is android so I will see if that brand is available over here. It is always good to get recommendations.