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    Just a humble slave girl
  • Birthday 07/01/1961

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    married a long time!!
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    Pacific Coast USA
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    March 1987

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    My childrens babysitter, I was a tough sell but she was tougher! Thank-you Jehovah!

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    Garden, cooking, canning, love embroidery but can't hold the needle anymore, it'll wait for the new system, mowing/hedge trimming/brush burning, my garden is truly the love of my life - my place of peace and rest, teaching my grand daughter something new every day she's here.
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    Of course the theocratic is top but I love Clive Cussler.
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    Light Jazz- Rippingtons, Nora Jones or blues
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    Theocratic- Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
    Non- Theocratic- We're burn' daylight, get a move on!

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  1. bagwell1987

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    It's fishing season, let "The Stupid's Out" My goodness, put a boat behind a truck and stupid reigns.
  2. Could have heard a pin drop as the brother led the part on Navigating JW.ORG. Silence with a lot of tense whispering and groaning.

    1. hatcheckgirl


      There really is a lot to learn, isn't there?

    2. Sheep


      There are apparently more than just me afraid to use our tablets in the ministry. I'm not used to mine (that I've already had six months), and I'm afraid of running into technical or other problems trying to show the website. And the brother handling the part mentioned just that!—fear of technical problems, not being able to find what you're looking for, etc, might be holding us back from using electronic devices in service. I felt like he was singling me out, but he apparently wasn't. But he said it's so easy to learn that none of us should be afraid of running into problems. No one should be afraid of modern technology.


      And then it came time to show the video... and... um... well... there was no video! It didn't show! He mentioned they had tested it out before the meeting, so what's wrong? Well, as it turned out, we never got to see the video! And I never did find out what the problem was (I was afraid to ask and embarrass anyone).


      So much for "easy" and "modern technology."


      (I felt like laughing out loud during the part but I restrained myself.) :whistling:

    3. bagwell1987


      I think that even though we may encounter a glitch in the ministry the householder may be more savvy than us and enjoy making the program run for us, they'll feel good 'helping' us as we stumble and in the end they'll get to see what we were looking for. It's happened.

  3. bagwell1987

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    I haven't either, the package looks like all yellow. I'm loving the variety.
  4. bagwell1987

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    For a small backyard garden it produces well. I got 6 quarts of green beans, lots of giant German radishes, salad plate lettuces, will have about a gallon and half giant carrots for the freezer, probably 2- 5 gallon buckets of potatoes, I'll pressure can the red ones, have made a gallon of refrigerator pickles with more coming on, some peas- I think I don't like growing them, walla walla sweet onion, about a gallon bag of tomitillo's for a friend, and the piece d resistance - the spaghetti squash, I think there's over 20. Might look messy but it's actually all the clippings of harvested veg. I don't micromanage the garden either, I have dill that comes up wherever it wants as well as small weeds and such among the veg. Weeds help the soil keep hydrated and doesn't interfere with my veg. Oh and the rhubarb! I just picked about 22 pounds yesterday. Running out of friends! I can get 2 big pickings and one small one, I usually keep the small one. This is salad plate lettuce, just found this 2 years ago, my favorite. And the sunflowers, they're probably 7 feet tall! Supposed to be a small variety, hate to see what large would look like! Ok, done now. Promise.
  5. bagwell1987

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    Thanks Sandra, I have to exercise restraint to not post more pic's. 😊 Here's one of a begonia that decided to come back this year.
  6. bagwell1987

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    I don't venture away much, I like it that way. So here's an adventure I did at home today. Tired now, ready for some gin or vodka I think. Big tub of beets. Some pretty big Saved some out for a neighbor, she likes the greens too Made 6 quarts of pickled beets.
  7. bagwell1987

    Post a picture... Any picture

    How cool is that!!
  8. I'm so glad I watched this movie. It was so cute.

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