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    I was contacted at my parents house in Montgomery County, Maryland when I was 18 by a 17 year old pioneer sister..I had been praying to God since age 6 to know who he is! On the 2n'd contact I decided one day I too would pioneer..this I did for 4 years..then met my future husband and married at age 24..we served where the need was great for 8 years in Virginia..we moved to Fl. in 1996..

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    Kingdom interests, camping, cooking
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    Bible and other Watchtower publications.
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    Kingdom music..especially the new songs and songs from jw.broadcasts.
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    Is. 41:10, 13

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  1. I saw that there are numerous free Bible lessons on line and even with slide videos. Of course, our organization is the most accurate and truthful. 😌
  2. Richard, I was thinking about the Contact cards..The wording does fit the online study option! Interesting the slideshow on the site is gone for now...☺️
  3. I love this! Some people I thought of who could benefit...homeless who have a smart phone; child whose parents are opposed, unbelieving mate, remote village with at least one computer, contacts from Port witnessing, contacts by informal witnessing, school mates, immigrants. How about people of a language group where there is no one nearby who speaks their language, and no meetings? 😍
  4. You will enjoy the convention from JW Stream. Our secretary gave the Branch our email address. The next day we received a picture of the invitation in our email account. We just tap the blue box that says "watch now" and the list comes up of each of 6 sessions. We elected to download to my smart phone and then transfer to our tablets. We knew 2 of the brothers from Wallkill!!πŸ˜‹They used to give us a password, but not anymore..This is much easier, especially downloading for watching at a quiet time!
  5. Hi brother! Is it possible to offer this song as a download like you did with the collaborative singing? I am unable to download any youtube videos to my phone! Thanks!😊
  6. I would have to say Jesus..our exempler and savior, my husband (my only "family" member) in the truth, my spiritual family here on JW Talk, Meekspace, IG who post such spiritually encouraging pictures and thoughts, JW ORG, our purple app and all it's content..and....HORSES!!!😍

    California Fires

    So sorry for you and our California brotherhood! Please keep safe!☺️
  8. You are an excellent example for us, Timothy! We here in the USA should not feel complacent, as if all our present freedoms will remain in place! Thank you and all our faithful young people and older ones too who are integrity keepers under difficult circumstances!πŸ˜€

    Banning of religion

    Yes..my husband read this to me this morning..very interesting!πŸ˜€
  10. Exactly..It is enjoyable to compare readers..also, my husband and I are reading Genesis for our Bible reading.. only way to listen previously to the Reference Bible was to go to WOL..so nice to stream from the App on my phone! Looking forward to Acts reading in the Study Bible!! πŸ™‚
  11. I found that if I tap Gems in a chapter of any book with the introduction video and then tap an illustrated picture in the Gems, there is a play feature! Also, the other illustrations are at the bottom of the page! Tap and play, Tap and play! Oh..this is fun!!😍
  12. I was able to tap on many illustrations in the Gospel books of the Study Edition and they all have the play button! Also, all of the books that have the introduction video will play the reading...Also, all of the Bible books in the Reference Bible will play the reading! Interesting to compare the readers of both translations!
  13. I just discovered on my phone the entire Reference Bible has the Play feature..also that all of the Study Bible books that have the Introduction Video now also have Play option!!! I played the Study Bible for Psalms and then changed to rhe Reference Bible. different readers..yup! πŸ˜‚
  14. SUNRAY

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    How frightening... Hawaii's Kilauea volcano claimed its latest victim, the picturesque Kapoho Bay as it filled the bay with molten lava flows. Overnight, hundreds of homes were destroyed as rivers of lava poured into oceanfront communities.

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