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    I was contacted at my parents house in Montgomery County, Maryland when I was 18 by a 17 year old pioneer sister..I had been praying to God since age 6 to know who he is! On the 2n'd contact I decided one day I too would pioneer..this I did for 4 years..then met my future husband and married at age 24..we served where the need was great for 8 years in Virginia..we moved to Fl. in 1996..

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    Kingdom interests, camping, cooking
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    Bible and other Watchtower publications.
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    Kingdom music..especially the new songs and songs from jw.broadcasts.
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    Is. 41:10, 13

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    California Fires

    Thank you Richard for the link..Hopefully, your home is out of danger? Is there any news yet if the KH in Paradise escaped major damage? I saw an interview of the mayor who said there were some structures left..
  2. A sister posted this picture on Instagram..Not wanting to show her, I cropped it and the post..but you get the idea..

    California Fires

    I have many pocket letters on hand in baggies in a bowl near our go bags that I can toss in my bag at the last minute! Then we are prepared to offer comfort through recommendi g our website as well as through the tracts inside rhe envelopes whereever we would be around people after a disaster.😉

    California Fires

    Thank you for this link, Richard. Very good and scary coverage. Of course we are prayerfully waiting to hear about our brotherhood and homes and Kingdom halls affected. The account about the woman who left her purse behind and important papers drives home the importance of having copies of documents in our go bags! I keep my purse near the front door..hard to imagine leaving it behind! Thanks again for keeping us updated and please keep safe!💓
  5. I was there with my parents before I found the truth...in 1964. I remember then that they said the city was sinking! I have pictures of that bridge! We got back to the States in June. In August a pioneer sister, 17, one year younger than me called at my parents house! Don and I had the privilege of attending the Jersey City facility dedication and the first assembly there. That replica of the Rialto Bridge brought back memories of the real thing about 20 years earlier!😃
  6. heaven pk_E_033_r360P(cropped).mp3 Angelic Hosts cheering Caleb and Sophia!
  7. We are so relieved you are alright, Vernalee..Did you evacuate? Is your house damaged? Thank you for being here to report first hand about the friends and the Kingdom Halls.💓

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    I can't, but maybe Ross or someone on Facebook can reach him on his Facebook account. He needs to know that Jehovah does not appoint men to governmental positions!😮

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    I just watched this Dutchsinse video earthquake update. He explains how he grew up an atheistic rebellious person but has converted to Christianity. He now believes he has to submit to governmental authority. Maybe he would be receptive to receiving a link for a couple of tracts! Dutch https://youtu.be/0TGqF_oWQDM
  10. Has anyone noticed that the videos in the app..(my devices are Android) no longer have a cloud if not downloaded? I just noticed it when updating my meeting media.🙂
  11. Thanks..that makes sense! What is included in deep cleaning? Does the assigned group do it every weekend of their assigned month..or just once in their assigned month?
  12. SUNRAY

    Category 4 Hurricane Florence Heading for the US

    We live in Daytona Beach, Florida. It used to be that if a hurricane was coming, you would have an idea where it was going, and if you evacuated, you would go in the opposite direction. However, it doesn't always work out...look at Irma..suposed to go up the west coast..then changed to the middle of the state..we decided to get a room with a kitchen at a newer hotel next to our assembly hall. We were on the 4th floor in the back..felt safe..not far to go home after to our manufactured doublewide in a senior park..Never lost electric there...everything was intact, except the roof from an older home up the street was in our driveway! Each storm is unique and requires a thoughtful, prayerful plan!😎
  13. Update! Cleaning is "primarily" after each meeting for a month..Our limitations were taken into consideration, which is encouraging!😀
  14. Thank you..yes..I remember years ago in NC we had the assignment for a month..it was hard.😌

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