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    I was contacted at my parents house in Montgomery County, Maryland when I was 18 by a 17 year old pioneer sister..I had been praying to God since age 6 to know who he is! On the 2n'd contact I decided one day I too would pioneer..this I did for 4 years..then met my future husband and married at age 24..we served where the need was great for 8 years in Virginia..we moved to Fl. in 1996..

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    Kingdom interests, camping, cooking
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    Bible and other Watchtower publications.
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    Kingdom music..especially the new songs and songs from jw.broadcasts.
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    Is. 41:10, 13

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  1. That was the first solution I thought of. No doubt, the administration has to know where the students are, but on the way to study hall, why not ask permission...easy to use up 17 minutes..especially for a female...(make-up...fix hair...)
  2. Hi Colleen ~ This is a nice schedule! Did you find it in one of our publications?
  3. Brother Schafer's talk.... "So here we are, right on the 'cusp' of the outbreak of the great tribulation." Putin said "turning point"! I'm glad he is in agreement..haha!
  4. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Saw a small quake at Yellowstone
  5. My Jewish Background

    That is very interesting!
  6. Guitars

    Hi! You might PM "Intercore" (Irmantas Vilimas from Lithuania)..He is very knowlegable about music!
  7. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    What about this one?
  8. I am sure the friends will want to have the carts fully stocked!! I love having this picture from the Revelation book handy on my phone!
  9. No complaints about our basicly moderate weather here in Florida..even 50s during the day is ok..although 70ish today..however just saw this flood advisory for Tuxedo, N.Y...
  10. I love music and singing, but I have a bronchial issue and after recording my singing, realized I won't be able to join in.
  11. I won't join your group, but I sure look forward to hearing y'all sing!!
  12. Wow! This should be wonderful..doesn't seem too low or too high!
  13. Have you tried to google: JW Library Google Play Store? It took me to our apps..Also, you can try tapping the google play app at the bottom of the JW.org page..Just a thought..
  14. I wonder if it has something to do with the Play Store update for the library app..After the last update to fix bugs of the one before, videos would not play offline! The brothers just now fixed that! Maybe check and make sure the jw library is updated, then try deleting your language app and re-installing it...or...look for an update to the language app! Might help..hope so!

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