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    Working on it!
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    Western United States
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    My best friends Mom was studying. It made sense. My best friend and I started going to the meetings, and out in then door to door work. We were baptized the next year. Had no personal bible study. Have you any idea just how wonderful things are today, vs. what happened in the early 60's?
    But I do consider my self so blessed. So blessed....

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    My life in the truth, and all it entails. My husband, though not in the truth yet is a big part of my life. Plus, I love the outdoors, good hard work, and our dogs and cats. Outside, I am a dog person, inside, a cat person. We have 4 dogs, and 3 cats. One of those cats is mine. Batgirl. She is asleep right by me on the couch. I am hers, too.
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    Of course, our theocratic literature. Beyond that, fiction, Clive Cussler. Not in depth literature. e. e. Cummings is one of my favorite poets. Not much time for that though.
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    Eclectic. Late 40's and 50's country music. Mandy Patinkin is one of my most favorite singers. I pretty well enjoy music. In the new system, I will have a great singing voice, learn to play the violin, and go from there. Oh, Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy.
  • My favorite movies
    Older musicals, Finding Nemo, Star Trek, Documentaries.
    Television. Doc Martin, Antique Roadshow, A movie, if I can find a decent one. Not much television.

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  1. Isn’t that something? Those innocent little inconspicuous fishes are pretty special. What we don’t know...yes, we will be learning, literally forever. Good for the gold Fishes!
  2. This world has gone mad. Computer driven? What could go wrong?
  3. Plastic has become not my friend. I’m trying to avoid single use stuff, and we recycle. Please don’t get me started on plastic straws. If it comes from the ocean, and you are eating it, plastic is in your food chain. And, of course you don’t have to worry about the sea life killed by, yes, plastic. This poor earth. Jehovah’s beautiful creation has no respect by the majority of humans. Soon to be remedied.
  4. A friend told me about a, “Fire Stick”. I know not what it is, but, I did understand it was because of a problem getting to our site.
  5. Fake News Study Makes Real News

    It’s not only long, but it requires a few more brain cells then I have present at this moment. My husband and I talked it over, (sans article,sorry) Our not so brilliant conclusion. It has to do with common sense, gullibility, and source. And, what you believe, or give support to. In our day and age, too much propaganda is out there that disguises itself as, “news”.
  6. App Games

    Word games. Scrabble. I used to play by myself many years ago, with the wood tiles. Can you imagine how happy I am to have it as an app?
  7. Please let me add how appreciative I am of glancing into all your lives. We are sort of insulated from such on the level we are privileged here. It means so very much to me.
  8. I sort of feel like the way things are going, just for the appearance of this mess being, “fixed”, will be somewhat of a miracle, and yes, those unprepared will fall for Satan’s slight of hand!
  9. JW Library error?

    I think I need to do the same. For this weeks meeting, wrong video popping up. I just think I’ve done something wrong. And move on. Thanks.
  10. The world goes on, with you know who, cheering away! For now. Can you imagine his rage, knowing he’s about to be put, “in jail”?
  11. Depends on the speaker. I enjoy all our talks, but, some have a gift. Those are the ones I remember. And will even use. One of our elders said they learned we have an attention span of seven minutes. At that time, you need to, “round up the audience “‘ and get their attention back. When this is practiced, you can really tell. We just have some of the finest speakers...yes, a gift in men.
  12. Good Documentaries

    There was a series on American presidents. One was featured for each episode. We watched them all. Up to Mr. Obama. My husband, not yet in the truth, said after the last episode. “We don’t have a chance”. But, both of us like history, and the docudramas. Right now, we are watching, Victoria, and enjoying it.
  13. They should be grateful. It’s a breakthrough!

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