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    Working on it!
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    Western United States
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    My best friends Mom was studying. It made sense. My best friend and I started going to the meetings, and out in then door to door work. We were baptized the next year. Had no personal bible study. Have you any idea just how wonderful things are today, vs. what happened in the early 60's?
    But I do consider my self so blessed. So blessed....

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    My life in the truth, and all it entails. My husband, though not in the truth yet is a big part of my life. Plus, I love the outdoors, good hard work, and our dogs and cats. Outside, I am a dog person, inside, a cat person. We have 4 dogs, and 3 cats. One of those cats is mine. Batgirl. She is asleep right by me on the couch. I am hers, too.
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    Of course, our theocratic literature. Beyond that, fiction, Clive Cussler. Not in depth literature. e. e. Cummings is one of my favorite poets. Not much time for that though.
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    Eclectic. Late 40's and 50's country music. Mandy Patinkin is one of my most favorite singers. I pretty well enjoy music. In the new system, I will have a great singing voice, learn to play the violin, and go from there. Oh, Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy.
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    Older musicals, Finding Nemo, Star Trek, Documentaries.
    Television. Doc Martin, Antique Roadshow, A movie, if I can find a decent one. Not much television.

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  1. Miss Bea

    Newsweek Cover

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Some apostate hoax. I’m laying low until it becomes public.
  2. Miss Bea

    Newsweek Cover

    I grabbed one. But we have several here. They are not fair enough for the likes of us! I went back to where I saw it initially posted, from Instagram. By our Anniebea. Poof. Gone. Very interesting. Very.
  3. Miss Bea

    Newsweek Cover

    Quote from Mandi “Remember the letter campaign hasn't been highlighted internationally yet ... will be interesting what comes out. (You will find there will be sympathizers once they realize they could be next)” I thought about those letters, plus them comparing us to Isis. Terriosts. Nevermind the family that got that award. Russia may not come out of this smelling like a rose! .
  4. Miss Bea

    Newsweek Cover

    Things are heading one way. I saw that cover earlier, and it hurt. Yes, international attention is being drawn to our situation in Russia. And that situation in Russia is happening to our dear friends. To see our bible with that bears claw... When things start tumbling, get out of the way, and be on the right side. It’s going to happen fast. Now, what were the three principles brother Luccioni listed? You’d better! Run and duck! Yes, quickly!
  5. I usually start out my day with prayers for our friends in Venezuela to have enough to eat today, our friends in Russia to be steadfast and loyal. The list goes on. But, I was thinking about this video. Yes, I watched it. Now, what were those three point? Some glimpses of memory, but, not what I would like when persecution does hit. I think I should listen good to this talk, and take notes. And then, listen again. And again.
  6. Miss Bea

    Poisonous Plants Article

    Ha. Poison oak, a pest. And for me, a nice briny bath stops it in its tracks. Our plant foe is hemlock. Yep, hemlock. Deadly hemlock. The groups that come and green machine for us will not touch the stuff. And, this year, it spread. I’ve read how to handle it. Carefully cut it down without touching it. Put it in black garbage bags, and then, leave em in the sun. Then, off to the dump. In the bags. This is how my husband handled it. The green machine.
  7. Miss Bea

    The Royal Wedding

    As I knew I would, I caught up with it in the general news. Yes, it was beautiful. But, in a way, they live in a fairytale existence. They want ones to give to charities, no gifts. Basically, good people. But, it’s like, if you live in a self created paradise, do you want Jehovah’s paradise? That’s the bottom line. I think I’m closing down. On this system. Having a serious spell of depression. Maybe that’s why. Oh well. Yes, it was beautiful.
  8. Well, having not been able to see the video...Makes me think of the, “super volcano”, In Yellowstone. All kinds of possibilities. Alas, the earth shall go on. Perhaps with a bruise or two, but it’s foundations are secure!
  9. Our internet is too weak to watch this entirely. Looks dire. I wonder if there is any place on this earth that doesn’t look, “dire”. We need not invite the consequences. I’d get out while the getting was good. As beautiful as these island are, how did they come into being? Albeit, no research here, but I’d venture to guess volcanoes had to do with it. Heres my dream. That it was still inhabited by native Hawaiians who somewhat understood the comings and goings of their home. And, a rural, native people. Not densely inhabited. Instead real estate is so expensive that they are almost put aside by not being able to afford to live in their homeland. I went there for the clinic some years ago. Multiple generations of natives live in single homes. And, on the beach. It’s just messed up. No real answers, but for Jehovah’s Kingdom! In the meantime...pay attention to that earth under your feet. Flee.
  10. Interesting, most interesting. But, Ha! I’ve escaped it all. I hate competition.. someone has to loose. Also, I’ve escaped giving thought to sports games. It’s like those oak trees out there. It exists. Rubin, I do appreciate the stand you’ve taken. I see how some do enjoy such, and, good for you!
  11. Miss Bea

    The Royal Wedding

    Don’t know yet. But, I am sure I will find out!
  12. You know, Jehovah will put it in their hearts to destroy BTG, but, they are inviting it!
  13. Ad nauseam. Maybe they are in another spectrum, but, have they got a surprise coming. All that wealth, glitter, and power. It’s sort of like they treat media stars in this country. For what? Wealth, glitter, and power. I did enjoy Downton Abby, and other historical docu-dramas, but, I could turn them off, and go my way. To be honest, give me a good glimpse of the wedding dress, and I’m done.
  14. Media vultures that fell-swoop in on tragedies, and ask insanely personal questions of ones who just need to heal, and be left alone!

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