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    Working on it!
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    Western United States
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    My best friends Mom was studying. It made sense. My best friend and I started going to the meetings, and out in then door to door work. We were baptized the next year. Had no personal bible study. Have you any idea just how wonderful things are today, vs. what happened in the early 60's?
    But I do consider my self so blessed. So blessed....

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    My life in the truth, and all it entails. My husband, though not in the truth yet is a big part of my life. Plus, I love the outdoors, good hard work, and our dogs and cats. Outside, I am a dog person, inside, a cat person. We have 4 dogs, and 3 cats. One of those cats is mine. Batgirl. She is asleep right by me on the couch. I am hers, too.
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    Of course, our theocratic literature. Beyond that, fiction, Clive Cussler. Not in depth literature. e. e. Cummings is one of my favorite poets. Not much time for that though.
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    Eclectic. Late 40's and 50's country music. Mandy Patinkin is one of my most favorite singers. I pretty well enjoy music. In the new system, I will have a great singing voice, learn to play the violin, and go from there. Oh, Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy.
  • My favorite movies
    Older musicals, Finding Nemo, Star Trek, Documentaries.
    Television. Doc Martin, Antique Roadshow, A movie, if I can find a decent one. Not much television.

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  1. I surrendered. When I was going to get a 64 gig iPad, a sister tod me I could get a 128 for an extra $100. I bit the bullet and did it. I just checked. Used 46 gigs, so far. My poor little phone, another story.
  2. The coolest hairstyle ever

    You know there is a lady locally who has dreadlocks. Long, and piled on her head. She’s just beautiful. When I see her, I am tempted to tell her so. I think I will. (Curious thing to show up. I just got my hair cut, really short. simplified my life, I did. Shape it with gel, and out the door. I had two ladies work on me for an hour. I feel like I got a makeover!)
  3. That, “bucket list”, has an endless bottom. We don’t kick it, we carry it, on to infinity!
  4. Music Room

    My dear brother, you are persistent. I can’t figure out how to load, “Dance me to the end”. By Leonard Cohn. On utube. There are a couple of beautiful music videos of this. As long as there is music like this, and the kingdom songs, I’m happy. Listening to beautiful music! It can bring me to tears. So, right now I’m just happy with what others share with me. Yes, one day, I will share! What is your speciality? What do you love to share? I suspect it’s spectacular!
  5. But friends, we have eternity. Besides the wonderful Work Jehovah will provide for us, what’s your personal dream? I love rocks, and want to find rocks, and, learn to cut them! Some don’t need cutting, but those that do...and, of course meeting all you dear ones out there!
  6. Music Room

    I know. Right now, my music experience will be listening to it. And that, I so enjoy. That makes me happy today. In the new system, I want to have a beautiful singing voice, and, as I said, I will start with a violin. It’s music is so beautiful. Right now, I’m happy with what Jehovah has given me.
  7. Music Room

    New system plans. Today, it’s get out of bed, get dressed, and move foreward!
  8. Music Room

    I love music. The first instrument I want to learn to play is a violin. Took piano lessons as a kid. I’ve thought about getting one of those little portable keyboards, just for fun. But, times being times, I’m waiting. I barely get done what I have to, today. i have a long list of, “I’m waiting”.
  9. That’s what I am saying. When the end comes...those with hatred in their hearts for Jehovah’s people, this happens at the end of this system. My thought, as the system rapidly ends....just a flight of fantasy for mr. That’s all.
  10. Somewhere, I remember the suggestion that we memorize songs and scriptures. I got the songbook out. Fizzled. Then, as I was listening to the oldies station, and singing along, it dawned on me. Listen to those songs. A few are my absolute favorites. There are mine because I have listened to them over and over. I choose,”Loght in a darkened world” to learn. Did this because I thought of it as a dirge. Beautiful poetry. I want to memorize a babtismal song. (Well on my way) and a Memorial song! Some of our songs are just too beautiful for words! 

    I really enjoy Clive Cussler audio books. For the first time, I haven’t popped it in the CD player! I feel squimish shutting down a Kingdom song for that book! 

    Scriptures. Another thing...

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I know. I love it when I’m alone with my thoughts, and up pops a Kingdom song. What I’m doing is listening to the ones I want to learn, over and over. My travel time to and from the hall is an hour and a half. So, now, I need to go through the song book and figure out the ones I do know, and go from there. Some of them are so beautiful I’ve already listened to them over and over and over. It dawned on me, I know these!

    3. MizPeg


      Last week, our electronics wereamiss, everyone waiting for the song to come up on the screen. After a silent pause, a brother began singing, a capella, and most of the congregation chimed right in to finish on key.

      Made the hair on my arms rise up, but beautifully done!

    4. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      We’ve had to do the a cappella, too. Pretty special. 

  11. As I listened to the public talk This morning, the account of the hand writing on the wall, and what happened that night. I think it would be, well, pretty awesome, for some in public office who have shown hatred for Jehovah’s people to see that hand, and a pertinent message, right before their demise!
  12. I’ve heard tell that these Ramon noodles have something in them that makes them a health risk if you eat them regularly. Some wax, if I remember right. Takes three days for the stuff to clear out of ones system. That’s my vague memory, mind you.. One of the saddest thing I remember seeing was a college student, sitting there, on the sidewalk, eating them uncooked.
  13. Thanks, brother, now, it’s in my library. The one I carry around!
  14. You know I’ve decided I like the fantasy on Star Trek more then  I like the fantasy today, called, “news”.


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