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    A sojourn while I wait for Paradise

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    The short version is: I asked God to send me someone to show me the way out of the religious fog I had been living in all my life. After not seeing a witness for 7 months, 2 sisters turned up on my doorstep 4 days later. After reading the 2nd chapter of the PE book that night, I knew it was the truth.

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    Animals; Gardening; Quilting/sewing and other crafts; growing my family tree; reading;
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    The Bible; English crime whodunnits; historical faction;
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    A bit of lots .. very eclectic including country rock, C&W, modern opera, folk ballads.
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    British crime drama; rom coms; historical drama.

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  1. GeordieGirl

    Total Eclipse of the Super Moon Tonight

    How awesome for you. We had the last one so we can't be greedy. We must let others share in the spectacle.
  2. Is this a particularly English thing? I drive myself mad sometimes so I feel very sorry for those who have to put up with me.
  3. GeordieGirl

    Post a picture... Any picture

    I am so sorry. That is a beautiful photo to remember your time together.
  4. I seem to have quoted this in my last comment .. but then didn't actually comment on it. Duh!! LOL That looks like what we call wasps in England. I got stung by one once when I was a child. It swelled up massively and was scarlet for about 3 weeks. They are certainly evil. We don't have that particular sort here though we do have some other yellow and black nasties.
  5. Yeah nah to the tarantula. We have things like bird eating spiders here though not in suburbia unlike pretty large Huntsman that seem quite drawn towards people and they are truly horrifying to me. I have lived up in the tropics and among other things there are flying cockroaches up there big enough to put saddles on ... but we won't take this discussion any further .. it's giving me the eebie jeebies just thinking about these things. Snakes though I do not have a problem with. If I see a travelling snake show I always go for a hold and if I had the time and money I wouldn't mind having a pet snake. Not that I would confront a King Brown or a Tiger snake if I came across it in the wild.
  6. Thank you for the warning. I scrolled past that very quickly with my eyes shut. I don't know what possessed me to move to a country that has the quantity, sort and size of arachnids we have here because I am definitely phobic. I can't kill them all though, just the really big scary ones and the poisonous ones and I get my neighbour to come and collect the others. We have one here called the Orb and they are really quite beautiful, each one is quite different from other ones .. though I still give them a wide berth.
  7. https://themoscowtimes.com/news/russia-named-list-50-countries-in-which-christians-face-persecution-64171 Russia has been ranked among the world’s 50 countries in which Christians face the most prosecution for the first time in seven years. Persecution is escalating. This year's number is up from last year's 215 million--30 million more lives at risk. https://twitter.com/OpenDoors/status/1085632801033080832?ref_src=twsrc^tfw While churches of the Russian Orthodox denomination are sponsored by the state, Open Doors said unregistered evangelical churches “may face obstructions in the form of surveillance and interrogation.” Jehovah’s Witnesses faced nationwide raids and arrests after the Russian Supreme Court declared the organization extremist in 2017. A package of anti-terrorist laws introduced in July 2016 have also made the missionary work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as the Mormons, next to impossible in Russia. Open Doors said Russia’s increasingly strained ties with the West “will particularly affect those Christians who belong to denominations regarded as Western.”
  8. GeordieGirl

    Facebook a "Cult"?

    I understand your reference to attitude and how it influences thinking but I don't think you can compare apostasy to unhappiness in the workplace, where you need to go along with company policy and often have to put up with bullying and harrassment just to keep your job. How do you know these people thought it was a wonderful place to work before they left? The article doesn't say that and if they were so happy and it was so wonderful, why did they leave? A massive company like FB will always 'own' its employees and dictate how they will act and think. What do you think would have been the result of them speaking out while still employees?
  9. Normally shown in a similar way to Gilead .... 2 or 3 parts over the month. You got there a nanosecond before me. 🙂
  10. When I click on the link that you posted and sign in, it gives me a redirect to the Amazon country I am registered with, which is not the US. There is only one Daily Text that is available and it has 97 reviews. I suspect the problem is because my account is not in the US.
  11. GeordieGirl

    Orthodox Church Splits

    Sorry .. you really shouldn't quote Basil in a serious conversation. It turns everything into a comedy for me.
  12. That was the Alexa App on my phone .. where both my echo and my dot were set up from. I already have the Daily text on my phone but it doesn't come up in flash briefing. Hence the above pic.
  13. Yes, thank you for that. I do know how to do it. However, this is what I get when I follow your instructions to the letter, although, before you kindly wrote it all out for me I had already done it at least 4 times with the same result everytime. When I click on the link that says: or search in all categories, it takes me back to the results of JW which doesn't include anything from JW.org.

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