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    A sojourn while I wait for Paradise

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    The short version is: I asked God to send me someone to show me the way out of the religious fog I had been living in all my life. After not seeing a witness for 7 months, 2 sisters turned up on my doorstep 4 days later. After reading the 2nd chapter of the PE book that night, I knew it was the truth.

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    Animals; Gardening; Quilting/sewing and other crafts; growing my family tree; reading;
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    The Bible; English crime whodunnits; historical faction;
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    A bit of lots .. very eclectic including country rock, C&W, modern opera, folk ballads.
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    British crime drama; rom coms; historical drama.

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  1. GeordieGirl

    Fur Babies

    I can get some for you with a 20% discount ... and then we could meet up for coffee ... like we need an excuse ;). I can ask my personal pet food oracle, DD, which are the best ones.
  2. A one hour and 54 minute sermon on the eclipse and Friday 13th??? Did anyone actually sit there for almost 2 hours listening to that drivel .. or was he talking to himself as mad people apparently do!!
  3. GeordieGirl

    Fur Babies

    And vice versa.
  4. GeordieGirl

    Fur Babies

    Hahaha!!! You think mine aren't fussy? I have one that will only eat one particular food ..... and she won't even eat that unless I feed her in a cupboard!! I kid you not. At least you only have one to deal with.
  5. GeordieGirl

    Fur Babies

    It would probably save you money in the long run and possibly vet bills in the future.
  6. GeordieGirl

    Fur Babies

    If she only want to eat biscuits then you would be better off spending your hard earned $$$$ on buying really high quality urinary biscuits from City farmers/Pet barn .. though you are possibly already doing this as well as buying unwanted wet food.
  7. GeordieGirl

    Fur Babies

    Yep. I have a Russian Blue. They are in a class by themselves. But I love him. Just found your next post. Guess what? Mine is named Bob ... and sometimes called Bobcat. And Bobnoxious when he exerting his alpha maleness in the family. And he loves cat grass and catnip and mint and lemon balm and ... most herbs actually. But he'll go the extra mile for his cat grass.
  8. Has anyone used this? Am I behind the times as usual? Last night in our local needs the brother who gave it told us about using this format in Google to access information and images on on our website. For example, if you want information about Saul, you type site:jw.org Saul and a whole list of different information comes up about Saul in all the many different scenarios in our publications so you can click on the information you want and it will take you to that precise info on JW.org or WOL. It includes links to the other Saul, who we know better as Paul, and also images. I personally think it could be quite useful and I know I will use it.
  9. A great article. Thank you for sharing.
  10. I was reading about this about half an hour ago. I know I shouldn't be surprised at anything the world does but it continues to stun me with its idiocy.
  11. GeordieGirl

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Some of my family are in Rusper, about 15 minutes from Gatwick. I will phone my step-father and ask him if he felt it. The amount of fracking that is going on in the area, it shouldn't be a surprise really, but I am shocked.
  12. See if this one helps, Stoffer. https://www.theolympian.com/news/local/article214258634.html
  13. Congratulations Brother Chigozie. May your wedding day be a wonderful one and your marriage be blessed by our loving God, Jehovah. Ecclesiastes 4:11,12.
  14. She's a tough old lady and still in reasonable health. Her mother was 101 when she died. If she lives as long as her mum, maybe she'll still be there when everything starts and none of that will matter. Alternatively, maybe she'll hand the throne to Charles before then, (possible though not probable) and perhaps the wheels of commerce would keep grinding on, albeit slower for a period of time. She will certainly get a surprise if she dies before Armageddon and subsequently gets a resurrection. It will certainly be a shock for her to become a mere mortal like the rest of us, and shock! horror! have to be taught by one of us about what the Bible really says.
  15. I'm used to high heat here in the high 30's and low to mid 40's but when I was back home in England in June a couple of years ago it was stifling and it was only in the low to mid 30's. I had either forgotten or never realised that England could be that sultry. It was awful.

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