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    The short version is: I asked God to send me someone to show me the way out of the religious fog and after not seeing a witness for 7 months, 2 sisters turned up on my doorstep 4 days later. After reading the 2nd chapter of the PE book that night, I knew it was the truth.

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    Animals; Gardening; Quilting/sewing and other crafts; growing my family tree; reading;
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    The Bible; English crime whodunnits; historical faction;
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    A bit of lots .. very eclectic including country rock, C&W, modern opera, folk ballads.
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    British crime drama; rom coms; historical drama.

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  1. Terri Sis, have a WONDERFUL convention this weekend! :)

  2. Archaeologists excavating in Jerusalem have found burned artifacts dating from 2,600 years ago – which prove that a passage in the Bible is true. Researchers uncovered charred wood, grape seeds, fish scales, bones and pottery while digging in the City of David in Jerusalem. The find provides evidence that the Babylonians "burned all the houses of Jerusalem", described in the book of Jeremiah. The fire damage can be dated to 2,600 years ago – which ties with events described in the Bible. The book of Jeremiah says, "Now on the seventh day of the fifth month, which was the nineteenth year of King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard, a servant of the king of Babylon, came to Jerusalem. "He burned the house of the Lord, the king’s house, and all the houses of Jerusalem; even every great house he burned with fire."
  3. After 4 weeks and 6 days of much stress, angst, and being imprisoned in my own home, I finally get my car back today. :ecstatic:

    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Sister Terri I am so glad you were released from prison! Now please go and enjoy you freedom.


  4. I think it has affected both Turkey and Greece: The epicentre of the quake was approximately 10.3km south of the major Turkish resort of Bodrum, a magnet for holidaymakers in the summer, and 16.2km east of the island of Kos in Greece, the US Geological Survey said. BEACHFRONT hotels have been flooded in Greek and Turkish holiday resorts after a magnitude 6.7 earthquake ripped through the Aegean, killing at least two. No details of the fatalities on the Greek island of Kos are yet available, but reports of widespread damage are beginning to flood in after the severe earthquake struck the region shortly after 1.30am local time. A half-meter tsunami was triggered by the quake, washing over parts of the island and inundating the foreshore of the Turkish resort city of Bodrum.
  5. Thank you for this, Mandi. I will download it on to my Kindle .... currently 99p on Amazon UK. I haven't heard of him before. It will give me something to relax with when I'm away next month.
  6. I read this some time ago, the kindle edition. It was okay but rather short. For me it didn't have enough body but I don't regret buying it; there were interesting concepts .... just not enough. I definitely enjoyed Erik Jonathan's books more.
  7. When I clicked on the link it asked me if I wanted to leave Facebook. When I clicked yes, it said the page could not be found. Could you check the link for me please Ruben. Thank you.
  8. People leaving babies and animals in hot cars is a regular occurence here. Sickening.
  9. Although her role is largely ceremonial and it has been stated that Elizabeth is just a figurehead, she actually has a lot of power, it is just that she chooses not to use it. She has to remain neutral as per which governemnt is in power, because the government is elected by the people but she can have input into that government and can agree or veto decisions. She has to pass any proposed bill into an actual law, so any proposed law that has passed through both the upper and lower Houses of Parliament is then forwarded to the Palace to be approved and signed by the Queen. She has vetoed bills on a number of occasions. She could also fire the whole Australian government if it took her fancy to do so, so don't be misled about her power. She is much admired by a large percentage of the British public and still has many supporters within the Commonwealth so I think that if she dies before Armageddon, it will make a difference to both England and the Commonwealth. And for the record, although she doesn't have to, she has volutarily paid income tax and CGT since 1992. They are pretty heavy subjects to be discussing while you're shopping.
  10. Isn't Trademe an online shopping site?
  11. I'm English and I've never heard of eating clotted cream on either ice cream or bread?? If you put it on hot bread it would just liquify. You can use clotted cream to make ice cream .. best ice cream ever. Awesome with strawberries or on freshly baked scones with strawberry jam. That's how they eat it in Devon and Cornwall. Making my mouth water now. LOL
  12. I can't recommend a brand for you as I don't live in the same country. However, I can tell you that double cream isn't the same as clotted cream though it is thick enough to go on to scones if that is what you want to use it for. I can't believe you get cream in jars imported from England. At least you know this is good stuff and comes from the right part of the country.
  13. Another new low. How much further can the world sink. Searyl Atli becomes first baby with a gender marker on health card as 'unknown' Baby's parent, Kori Doty, is fighting for child to have genderless birth certificate Kori Doty, who doesn't identify as either male or female and prefers to use the pronoun they, wants to keep baby Searyl Atli's gender off all official records, according to the CBC. Doty said that they are 'raising Searyl in such a way that until they have the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are'. Doty, who is a non-binary trans parent, .... ???? What does this even mean? Poor child will be so confused.
  14. Jehovah's Witness blogger sets record straight MYTHS AND FACTS. WHAT IS THE SITUATION FOR JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES IN RUSSIA NOW? by Anton Chivchalo Translated from here:
  15. I agree with what you say. The trouble is that everything is starting to get very blurred around the edges and even the word terror has taken on a new meaning in these violent days. It would have been terrifying for the visitors to the Mosque and those in surrounding areas to have been caught up in it and the long term mental and emotional after effects on these ones will be the same. Very sad.