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  1. The Reforms Trump Will Push at the UN

    You're right.The UN is the scarlet colored one. Translating this difficult material back into English while it is not my main language, confuse me more then I've expected. But giving it power for one hour still stands. The Revelation Book talks about the teeths in par 21 to destroy Babylon the Great. From par 11 it talks about giving the beast more power 'for ons Hour' and it looks like that's happening more likely nog then giving it teeth.
  2. The Reforms Trump Will Push at the UN

    This image has already happened. This was when the UN was formed. The beast was the League of Nations and the UN is the image. I was more thinking about the power that is given to the beast for a short time 'one hour'. That's what seems like to happen if they finally will react.
  3. When I watch the weather movement and watch hurricanes for the next few days, then I see a hurricane that will hit Japan on Saturday and go all the way over Tokyo. Beside of that a hurricane will hit New York on Tuesday. And a never seen enormous hurricane will form and probably hit London on 23th of September. Isn't there anything on it on the news yet over there? We only hear about Irma that hit Cuba etc. But the rest is not mentioned a lot. I'm very curious. Ventusky.com shows it.
  4. Satan makes people believe that only intelligent people swear. So in the End Days people will swear loyalty to Governments and put their trust in them, instead of Jehovah. And the big horde will follow because everybody wants to look smart in each others eyes. We will look like stupid people. And people will mock us. And the WT tell is not to expect that in these days many people will get to the truth in the Great Tribulation. Perhaps it is me... but lately I see all kind of things change in this world that will certainly support Satan in has last action.
  5. No words can be found. But I'm curious if this Yuri is a Witness and not an infiltrant. Cause why should he else widely spread this information? I can't believe that a witness would put so much on risk if these tactics are used. I think it is not wise to talk about this on the internet if you know anything at all. Cause Russia is a master at spreading fake news on the internet. And what if the intention of this article is to make other witnesses talk about methods they know of. Russia also got specialized hackers. We never know if anyone already got access to forums like these or if they have penetrated elsewere. Zero Days 'documentary' talked about Israël and the UN who has penetrated in the whole system of Iran without being discovered. So who tells us that they don't got Access to these simple sites?
  6. You certainly oversee something over here.... Jehovah sees what's in peoples hearts, but he also got the book of life. And the name of the ones who are accepted are written in there. When will this book close? This book will be closed before Armageddon in the Great Tribulation. Somewhere before we go out with the judgement message it will be closed. When this book is closed, no one can turn to Jehovah anymore. Even for us it could be too late if we haven't changed ourselves to Jehovah's living standards. What did the uncle do at the moment that the angels blew the trumpets? Well he wanted to blow up a lot of people in course of his God 'Allah'... could this man really be saved? Well, he didn't accept Jehovah before the Judgement message. And after this message the book is certainly closed. Besides of that... he didn't loved his enemy. He showed a lot of things Jehovah hates... So what could be found in this man's heart besides of his hate against his Neighbours that will move Jehovah to save him? Jehovah certainly will look in a mans heart. But this mans already showed his heart by his deeds. So, no... this chapter is not possible. I'm sorry... This doesn't mean that there wouldn't be any non Jehovah witnesses in paradise after Armageddon. Because I know that there are also some Christians that try to live by Gods standards. And I always try to imagine what I should do if I found a religion and really think that this religion is the truth. (Satan is putting a veil over this world). If a Jehovah witness would come to my door, then I don't think I would discuss with those people either. Because I really think I found the truth already. Also the ones that hasn't been reached by us are the ones their heart will be searched by Jehovah. But we must not forget that it is Jehovah who will draws the person to him. John 6:44 No man can come to me unless the Father, who sent me, draws him, and I will resurrect him on the last day. So... if someone is sincere and really looking for God, and we will get to this persons door. Then it is Jehovah who will draws him... The heart of a person can only be opened from the inside (the WT explained this in an article)... Jehovah will search his heart only if this person opens this door from his heart. (even if it is opened a little bit). If a door from the heart is closed, then it will not be searched by Jehovah. Well, with all this information it is hard for me to believe that a person, after the Judgement message at Armageddon will be saved if: this persons heart hasn't been reached the persons shows his heart through his deeds (which are not good) the book of life has already been closed
  7. Wow... the threatening of the US get it's domino effect on other countries. Iran now pops up again with the message that they will restart their nuclear program again if the US keeps threatening. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/08/15/middleeast/rouhani-iran-nuclear-deal/index.html The world is completely out of control. It gets closer to the image that the bible described as the last days. Riots, anargy, people will be afraid and can't rely on their governments. Natural disasters... I have grown up in the truth and already preach about these days for decades... and every year I could say that it got worse than the years before. But what happens now could be seen as those words in Matthew 24. I try to imagine the days of Noah, cause these days would be like that one. In these days people who live by norms and values of the bible, are seen as abnormal. The new standard to accept is the 'LHBTQ' and several other terms which they also going to introduce on schools now. Kids of 5 years old will be teached now that there's something wrong with you if you learn that a man will mary a woman. And that you can be born in a wrong body. Even birth cards got their message now as: 'seen as a boy' instead of 'A boy'. Gay and Lesbians activities are widely accepted now. Riots and anarchy everywhere cause people don't accept their government or their decisions. Terrorist attacks that afraids people. People that think they can judge themselves and kill people. And so on... Now this nuclear program issue that frighten people worldwide... I think there's a lot to come in a very short time. As we think it could not get worse... I think it still can... Cause these days will be as it has never been before....
  8. Putin wants to block VPN in Russia. This seems like a next Chapter in extreme measurements. This will also affect business users. A company uses encrypted connections with clients, so a user can connect safely to their company without being tapped by a hacker or individual with bad intentions. I'm not sure if they wants to forbid VPN providers or VPN in common. But with blocking VPN, you can't visit a blocked site anymore. VPN is also used by journalists to submit news. (Like citizens in Syria brought local news about their situation to the outside world). This is another chapter in extremist steps that Russia takes. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-internet-idUSKBN1AF0QI
  9. Fish got vitamin B12. Also Soya. But do you know what plants where there before the flood? Everything has been has been taken away by the power of the water. A documentary about if genesis really happends talks about the rocky mountains and their ceveral layers of differend kind of stone. They conclude those layers where lifted by water and placed upon each other. Also fosils that are in those lower parts of these mountains. These fosils are as old as the fosils on top. It shows how fast rain must have fallen and toke everything with it on it's way. So I also think that a lot of food doesn't exist anymore that was still there at Noah's time. And perhaps that had everything we needed. On the other hand... the Israelites mostly eat grain. Some fish. But meat was luxury, and was only eaten only special occasions.
  10. Rolf Furuli New Book

    Where can I find this book? (URL) Btw... is Rolf furuli also in the documentary "what is Gods name?"
  11. Wow... I found the book in English. The Food hourglass. If you like the documentary, then I can certainly recommend this book. http://www.krisverburgh.com/books.html
  12. I've seen this documentary three weeks ago and it helped me to finally change my eating pattern. I already read a medical book from a doctor from Belgium. He made a study on why people die while our cells are created to reproduce themselves for eternaty. He couldn't explain why this reproduction change from a certain point in life. But he discovered that food is a very important part for the quality of life. He explains all sort of food and what it does in your body. Fat, sugar, meat etc. And what it does with your skin, brains, organs. When you eat healty les meat, good sugars, soya or goat milk instead of cow milk. Then it will reduce the chance on cancer, Alzheimer and other sickness. Study and tests proved out that you live longer (could count up to 30 years). Because those diseases will not hit you developed through food. You will get more out of life then when you eat all those things that is not that good doe you. This doctor doesn't say you mar not wat it. But he draws the food in a funnel. Good food on bottom of the funnel. Les good food products on top side of the funnel. He advice to eat most of food products on bottom of the funnel. And when you eat from the top. Then try to stay on the bottom from the top side of the funnel. I already wanted to start with this for years. But because of a lot of stress on work I couldn't set my mind onto it. But after watching this documentary I started three weeks ago. I feel better, and I also loose weight without a diet. 3 to 4 kilos (8 lb). But you can't completely stop eating meat, because you need vitamin B12. So we eat biological chicken or fish once in while.
  13. I just watch the news and a news item about hizbut tahrir triggered my attention. In Indonesia they accepted a law that will forbid this extremist group. But the newsmedia said they're happy that this new president has good intentions, cause this law could also be used to ban other religious groups if a president with bad intentions gets the power. Hmmmmm... seems like another puzzle piece gets into it's place? Just as mentioned earlier... It seems like things are getting ready. I even slowly starts to think Jehovah could already given it in their heart. It was always a struggle for me how Jehovah would take care of those countries like India, Indonesia and Muslim countries. In these Western countries religion isn't a hot item anymore.... so I could easily form an image how it could work out there. But with laws like these it is a lot easier to ban religion in these countries now. (For now Indonesia). http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/07/indonesia-hizbut-tahrir-group-banned-protect-unity-170719050345186.html
  14. I thought of that. And I certainly think we will be surprised in many ways. That there will be persons we didn't expect to be there. Because we can 't see what's in their hearts. What drives them. But in this story I had troubles with it. But perhaps it's a good way to learn that we can never judge the way Jehovah judge people.
  15. I'm also reading this book and it's good to see that someone took time to write his thoughts on paper. I know that it's on everyone 's own perception how things could be in the End Days. I was reading about Abdel and thought it would be a very good chapter... but then it collapsed... a lot about his uncle preperaring a bomb, not much about how he learned the truth. And one thing I think is strange about this story is: A man becomes an extremist and on the moment that he wants to complete his act and kill dozens of men.... Jehovah's day comes and saves the man? That's a very strange perception of Jehovah's justice. I still love the book and like to read it... but you must certainly keep in mind that this is the perception of the writer and how he thinks it could be. Did anyone else had trouble with this chapter?

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