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"All Things New" - book (SPOILERS)

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Finished first book. Nice read. Brother Jonathan has a good imagination. I like how we just get bits and pieces of the narrator Mitch Hanson’s story until the end. Two things I wondered about. Somehow I thought with all the work the brothers are doing on JW.org and broadcast that Jehovah would not destroy that means of communication at least until something better ha. My opinion. And we don’t know what our diet will be but Mac and cheese? 🤔

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On 5/14/2015 at 1:01 PM, Dages said:

I contacted Erik (the author) by e-mail, to ask for his permission to translate his works in French.

He accepted very kindly and may publish my version on his website.


I do it first for my family, my parents who are not really fluent in English. But, yeah, this will be a nice experience. I'm quite humbled by the task.

You must tell us when you have translated in french....i need / must have the link in french !!!!! In quebec all JW need to read all his book.


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Wow. Just, wow.


It has been a while since I've taken the time to read a book all the way through, and this was an absolutely wonderful read! 😁


Not like I haven't heard of brothers/sisters writing down their thoughts on the New World before, but it's certainly the first time I've seen something of this size. I read through it rather quickly (this afternoon) but there were plenty of parts which tugged at me because - while the accounts given may be fictional - I was left thinking that no matter how Jehovah handles things, he'll do it in style, and we will have tons of awesome experiences to learn from after the GT!


Well done Brother Jonathan!

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