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November 2015 Awake - download

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I plan on Auxiliary pioneering in Nov during the CO visit. I'm looking forward to using this magazine!

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GREAT!     ... http://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/22292-october-2015-our-kingdom-ministry/


“Millions of people around the world are

disturbed by the hypocrisy and hurtful teachings

of various religions. What do you think

the future of religion is? [Allow for response.]

This magazine highlights a remarkable

prophecy in the Bible book of Revelation

that foretold not only the modern-day exodus

from false religion but also its ultimate destruction.

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  a hard-hitting message for an Awake! magazine...


      love it!   :crackwhip:

                   At that time those who fear Jehovah spoke with one another, each one with his companion,

                             and Jehovah kept paying attention and listening..." ~ Malachi 3:16

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In addition to the info on Babylon the Great, I loved the math based articles. Didn't dawn on me that grass has onboard math skills. Beyond computer - like in blades of grass. Jehovah is an awesome CREATOR! ☺

"there was Jehovah’s word for him, and it went on to say to him: “What is your business here, E·lijah?" To this (Elijah) he said: “I have been absolutely jealous for Jehovah the God of armies"- 1 Kings 19:9, 10 Reference Bible

Ecclesiastes 7:21 "..., do not give your heart to all the words that people may speak," - Reference Bible

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 Most of the time i place it on the street, bus stops, hotels and store lots. And good amount at doors too. I hope i reach my goal to place over a hundred sets in November.

My friend Dora and I often place like this.  She moreso than I.  I place anywhere from 20-30 if we're working together, she at times places 100-200.  She is more direct than I am though, plus she has the 4' something cute little old greek lady accent going for her, whereas I lack that :P


I hope you reach your goal too Glenn, the more magazines in people's hands and going home with them, the better they do than in our handbags, or on the shelf at the kingdom hall.  May Jehovah bless your efforts.  Cast your seed early in the morning, for you never know where it may take root!


You've reminded me how much I miss this!

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