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Won an outdoor kitchen

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The boys and their Dad arrived to fix the hole in the house.  Just in time since it stormed last night and is misting rain today.  Their Dad was very nice.  I told him accidents happen and he said you could hardly call this an "accident" but severe negligence and poor safety habits  He looked at his sons and said "you should NEVER drive a tractor within 50 feet of a house and definitely not see "how close you can get"  up to the house with a piece of heavy duty powerful equipment like that".  Then he just shook his head.  I said  I was sure we all learned a good lesson we won't forget and am just happy no one was hurt and there was no more damage than what was done.  Let's forget about it and move on.  The boys looked relieved.


I got 3 quarts of Salsa and 14 pints of salsa done.  Next to make the cole slaw.  Cheryl inspired me to try it.  I think it will be great for  the corn beef sandwiches we enjoy during the fall and winter.


When I study my WT tonight and prepare my comments I am going to make the pumpkin crunch cake with a pecan and coconut frosting in the outdoor oven tonight.  I wish you all were here so we could do this together!

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Wow that looks wonderful.

I was taught growing up that you shouldn't enter any competition even if it was free because it was a form of gambling. You were gambling on if you were going to win over the loss of other people. So that amounted to greed. Is this reasoning correct?


In the USA it is common for companies to give away gifts as a form of advertising. A company may hold a free drawings as one way to get a list of people interested in their product. There isn't anything wrong with entering a drawing, you are not risking or gambling with your own money and no one loses anything. 

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I don't want to sidetrack this topic but I did want to provide some more information about the difference between raffle tickets and free drawings. I suspect 4th Generation was probably thinking of a raffle ticket.


*** w93 6/15 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***
Since Christians do not wager money, may they accept tickets or participate in drawings in which they may win prizes?
This is a question that has arisen from time to time, so it has already been addressed in our publications. In some languages, we have made available indexes of our literature, such as the Watch Tower Publications Index 1930-1985 (and a similar one covering 1986-1990). If a Christian has such indexes in his language, these can prove very useful in locating satisfying answers quickly.
The question asked above is an example. Looking in the Index for 1930-1985 under the heading “Questions From Readers,” one finds the subheading “‘drawings,’ may Christian accept ticket for?” The reader is referred to the section “Questions From Readers” in The Watchtower of February 15, 1973, page 127. Many Witnesses have the bound volume (or individual issues) of The Watchtower for 1973, or it may be consulted in the library of many Kingdom Halls.
The discussion published in 1973 pointed out that Christians rightly avoid any sweepstakes or drawings that involve buying chances (such as raffle tickets) or putting up money for a chance to win some prize. Simply put, we avoid gambling, which certainly is an expression of greediness.—1 Corinthians 5:11; 6:10; Ephesians 4:19; 5:3, 5.
A store or a business, though, may use drawings as a means of advertising. All a person has to do is submit his name or send in a form or a ticket, without buying anything. The drawing is part of the advertising scheme; it is designed to be an impartial method of deciding who will be given the prize or prizes. Certain Christians might feel that they could accept the prize in a drawing that did not involve gambling, just as they could accept free samples or other presents that a business or a store might use in its advertising program.
However, some Christians would shun anything of this sort, not wanting to stumble or confuse others and also seeking to keep far from any enticement to trust so-called Lady Luck. As Isaiah 65:11 shows, God’s servants do not link themselves with “the god of Good Luck” or “the god of Destiny.” They may also feel that they would not want to be part of any publicity that winners might be required to share in. Those who feel this way should certainly not be critical of a Christian or Christians whose conscience allows them to be involved in such drawings.—Compare Romans 14:1-4.
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In the USA it is common for companies to give away gifts as a form of advertising. A company may hold a free drawings as one way to get a list of people interested in their product. There isn't anything wrong with entering a drawing, you are not risking or gambling with your own money and no one loses anything. 

Correct - this is a give-away.

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