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Hi everyone,


I want to become a good user of both the WOL and the JW library.  So I am asking if you may please share your tips and useful "hacks" when using these applications.

For example a CO taught us that on the WOL if you put in the search function lets say "Matthew 6:10; John 3:17; Titus 3:1" using ; to separate the texts, it will list the full text so when you have an assignment or want some common text ready to go for service you can just use this feature. I thought this was pretty neat.

Anyone have similar tricks or similar tips when using the software??

thanks in advance

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Hi Han,


Good topic (tu)

Here below is 1 of the most helpful tips I have found when doing deeper research on the WT Library CD - "Search Expressions"

When I am searching for something specific in the WT Library, I think of my search like this:

  • Binoculars = just typing a basic 1 word search(ex: love)
  • Magnifying Glass = this is more detailed,  using 2 words with a "Search Expression" (ex: love && wisdom)
  • Microscope = this is super detailed, using several words with a "Search Expression" (ex: love | wisdom & cardinal attribute)



*** wtlib-help section 4 ***
Search Expressions
Performing simple searches is usually adequate. Often all that is needed is the ability to locate a single word or a scripture in the publications. However, there may be times when a more detailed search would help you to find specific text.

For example, to search for several scriptures at once, in the entry box area (1) type each Bible citation, separating them by semicolons (for example, Matthew 24:14; Revelation 14:6). In fact, you can enter in that box a combination of topics, Bible citations, and publication references separated by semicolons. The results will be based on each item that you have typed.

The following are examples of how to use search operators to refine what you are searching for.
Jesus Christ
Finds all documents that contain both words (if using the default space character setting) within the specified scope.
Jesus & Christ
Finds all documents that contain both words within the specified scope.
Jesus | Christ
Finds all documents that contain either word.
Jesus && Christ
Finds all documents that contain the word Jesus followed by the word Christ.
“Jesus Christ”
Finds all documents that contain the exact phrase Jesus Christ.
Jesus ˆ Christ
Finds all documents that contain either word, but not where both words occur in the specified scope.
Finds all documents that contain words that begin with “Christian” followed by any additional characters (words such as Christian, Christians, Christianity).
Finds all documents that contain words with 12 letters, where the first 6 letters are “Organi” and the last 5 letters are “ation” (words such as Organization, Organisation).
Jesus | Christ & Jehovah
Finds all documents that contain either Jesus or Christ, and then further limits the results by finding only the documents in that group that also include Jehovah in the specified scope.
Jesus | (Christ & Jehovah)
Finds all documents that contain Christ and Jehovah in the specified scope. It then searches again for all documents that contain Jesus and adds them to the results.
Jesus ! Christ
Finds all documents that contain the word Jesus without the word Christ in the specified scope.


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In the instructions/tips Neil posted above about the WTL there are several mentions of "in the specified scope"


This is an important aspect to searches. The scope includes:

  • Article Scope
  • Paragraph Scope
  • Sentence Scope

There is a drop-down menu next to the search magnifying glass next to the search box for rapid selection.


Under the "Search" menu there are even more options. In addition to the area of the scope, there are also these options

  • Type of Search Occurrences
    • Most
    • Categorized
  • Space Character
    • As an AND Operator
    • As an OR Operator
    • As a Separator in a Group of Words

If you use these options correctly it will reduce the time it takes to get to your desired results

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  • 2 weeks later...
5 hours ago, The German said:

"Manuals and Guidelines" is not really new.

It shows up every time when you install S-38 as jwpub.

That's how it was last year.


For a while, it seemed that only elders and MS who logged in on JW.ORG could access the JWPUB version of S-38.  Now everyone has easy access.

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  • 2 weeks later...
8 hours ago, Eoin said:





Anybody hknow what this is? I have only just noticed it at the bottom of the page. I thought my jw.org log in would work here but it does not.

If you have a "login" for JW.ORG you can enter it here.  Many who donate on line have a login name and password.  Those working with LDC and such will have one. All of the elders and Ministerial Servants have one as well.  If you log in, the program will take you to additional material not found in the public display part of the program.  There is nothing in that page at the moment.  It is part of the announcement that the various websites will be upgraded in the day to come.


If you do not have a login name and password, it can be created by selecting "login" at the top of the home page or going to the "donate" button at the bottom and then selecting "login".  At the bottom under to login box is a link the says "create an account".

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16 minutes ago, Eoin said:

That's reassuring because all I get when I use my JW.org log in is this:image.thumb.png.8982ce30c53968f68b4d860f507c3bcf.png


must be an issue where I live.

My error message was more complete.  Note the comments at the bottom under the error statement. It was the same with both of my official logins.



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I get the same message ...


However, did you notice that the "Login" option is not located on the bottom of this page.


Also, when I entered a search term, the search worked just fine.


So - does this mean I am logged in or not?

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7 hours ago, Qapla said:

does this mean I am logged in or not?

Only a guess, but I think the answer is "Yes, you are logged in".


The error must relate to the fact that there is no real content available to display other than the language announcement. This is probably part of the "work in progress" as announced on jw.org: https://www.jw.org/en/whats-new/new-publications-revised-websites-apps/


Thanks very much for responding friends, and helping me resolve a little "mystery".  😊

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5 hours ago, Eoin said:

Only a guess, but I think the answer is "Yes, you are logged in".


I'm not so sure.


I tried it again with bogus@somedomain.com as my login and got the same result ...


SO - I'm thinking I am not really logged in :shrugs:


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I believe you are just in WOL and all of the regular features work (like search, days text and so on).  You are not in any special space.  When this originally appeared, I was able to login using my std login/password.  The space was empty when you got there.  It said something like, "there are no items to display". This error message is different.

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