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Who were the shortest people in the Bible?
Bildad the Shuhite
Peter, he slept on his watch.

Who is the most constipated?
Moses, he threw down his tablets.
Satan and demons, will be bound for 1000 years.

I have Biblical proof there are no women in heaven
Revelation 8:1

What was Adams phone #?
Adam 812

English translation...Jesus told his apostles noone is allowed t.v. until he is resurrected.
Matthew 17:9

Did you know there is Spanish in the English Bible?
2 Samuel 4:5 1984 reference Bible

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https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110703155651AAZZST1 😌



Who was the Shortest Man in the Bible?

  • Knee-High Miah is good 
  • Anyone shorter than "Bildad the Shoe-Height?"
  • There was a centurion who was apparently so small he slept on his watch.
  • Jacob was so short that Pharaoh made him a 'ruler'


The SMALLEST people in the Bible were Adam and Eve... cause they lived in a "pair of dice" -paradise

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  • 2 weeks later...

The word cannot be found in a standard dictionary. Someone just made up the word for fun. But the 'urban dictionary' defines it as 


The ability to make endless amounts of puns

According to Wikipedia 


Originally, Urban Dictionary was intended as a dictionary of slang, or cultural words or phrases, not typically found in standard dictionaries, but it is now used to define any word, event or phrase

Ahh, you're learning fast, my friend.

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Who are the biggest vandals in the Bible?

All those registered in the armies of the camp of Judah are 186,400. They should break camp first!

Numbers 2:9


How do we know that the tribe of Judah were bad ... breaking things? 

Someone else got to finish the job...

All those registered in the camp of Dan are 157,600. They should break camp last




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How do we know that...

Car·sheʹna, Sheʹthar, Ad·maʹtha, Tarʹshish, Meʹres, Mar·seʹna, and Me·muʹcan, seven princes of Persia and Meʹdi·a were into mountain climbing?


They occupied the highest positions in the kingdom LOL

Esther 1:13



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It's sad that I can't translate all these laughable jokes into Portuguese so that I could tell my friends.... I have to come up with a whole lot of different ones which in turn I can't translate to you friends here...

What a conundrum :):(







What was the most deadly world war?


When Cain killed Abel... a big fraction of the world population died

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23 minutes ago, jayrtom said:

How can I separate two posts that I don't want the system to join?

I hate the merge feature. If you reply to two comments within a few minutes it will automatically merge the two comments, then you only have a couple of minutes to edit the comment. You can cut out part of the comment, wait a couple of minutes and post it as a new comment...

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