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Thanks Chrissy. Such a beautiful cat. I'm sure if you have such a cat, I probably stay home for longer periods of time. Where is that Partner in crime of mine? Loafing around in bed as usual. I would recommend that he gets a cat to wake him up like Simon's cat.

I was thinking of putting up this video from youtube.


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Oops, it is up already. I haven't got any idea how to properly set up this club. Need to sound out some experts like Brother Tuntun to help me out. I feel I need to up my ante to help Br. Bek in my own small way. Can't express how much we appreciate the spontaneous outpowering of help from the brothers in helping this club to move along. In a spectacular way, I'll say. I'm typing this while listening to the above video. Wow, even the audio sounds so deliciously funny. Another way to truly appreciate every aspect of Simon Tofield's creativity.


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Is that the coon you told me about? It looks so beautiful. :)


How big is it? What is its behaviour like?


I once wanted to buy a coon for my boy, because he loves cats. When he saw pictures of how big coons are, he got a bit afraid of having them. 


By the way, your coon looks more like a big Turkish angora cat. 

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@ Anne: Thank you, I love Simon's cat 😍


@ Nurzat: Yes, that's my coony Romeo. Maine coons become very big indeed, especially the males. But my cat is quite "small" for a coon (I guess because his mother is no thoroughbred). His weight is about 14 pounds. 


He is very playful but also very cuddly 😊. Depends on his mood. His distinguished characteristic though is his curiosity. No matter how scared he might be of someone or something - his curiosity is always bigger than his fear 😂

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Dear Chrissy

We must compile a list of all the little idiosyncrasies of cats. 

I once had a rescued cat from the shelter. 

Once when I was clearing and sorting out my drawer, she would nonchalantly hop into the drawer and sit in there. I'm sure if the drawer was left open, she wouldn't think of sitting there. She seems takes sadistic delight in stymieing my effort to tidy up.

Or when I'm reading the newspaper, she will plonk her whole body on top of the sheet so that I can't continue reading. A real attention seeker. 


Thank you for dropping by. You have such a kind heart. I also noticed you have a nice apartment.

Have a nice day.



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What a beaut! Romeo's eyes are different in colour from each other.

Heterochromia is a difference in coloration, usually of the iris but also of hair or skin

It is a good thing he looks like a small version of a purebreed Coon. Mixed species tend to have less health issues. My white English Shorthair  cat has diabetes in his old age. Had to euthanise him because didn't have time to give him injection every day.


My 2 neutered females like to mark territory by spraying around the house. I will have to buy a cat deterrent spray/enzyme spray to discourage the habit. The problem I think is because the neighbourhood feral cats come into my double storey house to steal cat biscuits in the kitchen. One very friendly black cat was nicely sleeping on the bed. I flicked him with my blouse and he never did it again. He plonks himself on the floor of the living room and makes himself at home. I had another friendly black kitten which I send to the nearby shops. Couldn't afford to feed so many stray cats. Miu Miu and Lucy (short for Lucifer) are sisters but the former is a homebody and the other clever and dominant female roams the neighbourhood like Simon's cat.


1 cat likes to watch TV but most of the time, the 2 felines take turns to sleep in front of the set. They are such drama queens.

Lovely to relax at the gorgeous balcony with your furkid. I noticed you stay near Stuggart. The temperature should be in the low 20's C in the early evening. Lovely weather.

Here in Malaysia there are 3 seasons, as they say, Hot, Hotter, Hottest. :)

Warm regards and Christian love.



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My, isn't she comfy. 3 layers of cushions and the chairs decked in such a way, it looks like a 4 poster bed. :)

Image result for 4 poster bed.


Well, a cat-sized 4 poster bed. Customed designed by accident. I'm sure he shares your bed too. The 4 poster one just around the corner. 


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6 hours ago, M'Awan said:

What a beaut! Romeo's eyes are different in colour from each other.

Heterochromia is a difference in coloration, usually of the iris but also of hair or skin

It is a good thing he looks like a small version of a purebreed Coon. Mixed species tend to have less health issues.

The fact that my Romeo has two different coloured eyes comes from a genetic "defect" he inherited from his father. The pigment which is responsible for the colour misses in his left eye (and also in the fur - that's why it is completelywhite). But it has no effect on his health :shifty:.


And yes, you are right - we live 40 km away from Stuttgart. We have really nice weather recently, so in the evening we enjoy sitting on the balcony and playing with Romeo. (:P)

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Love seeing your cats!

My Stella is a rescue kitty.  I picked her because of her one cross-eye and she was hissing at me, so I just knew I wanted to take her home with me and show her love.  And hasn't she repaid me in spades!  She really appreciates being with her mummy.  She's not a breed, but I think she's called a tortoiseshell cat, and she's small because she's the runt.


IMG_4968.thumb.JPG.6fef899aa85ec3efa85af423d668a1f9.JPG          IMG_4754.thumb.JPG.72c85b9442154042c502ada18deac9d8.JPG


    IMG_4969.JPG.2e24056a8067c6c7c29891d4a6dd2b7d.JPG  IMG_4812.thumb.JPG.50f05d09cb1fed048f1981cc3a45d70f.JPG  IMG_4970.thumb.JPG.9763fd6242386bed85b434f0c46476b6.JPG





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My vocabulary is also increasing in spades.

I also have a tortoiseshell cat. So that is what I should call her. 

Runt : In a group of animals (usually a litter of animals born in multiple births), a runt is a member which is smaller or weaker than the others. Owing to its small size, a runt in a litter faces obvious disadvantage, including difficulties in competing with its siblings for survival and possible rejection by its mother.

Ok, Miu Miu could also be called a runt. I don't remember her being smaller though.

I once had a chicken that was a runt. It was kind of stunted. 


You made a wise choice in choosing her.


M2 used to hiss at me initially but now she tolerates me somewhat. She's such a homebody. Hard to find a cat like that. Yes in that way, she repaid me.


Nice photos. Loved the bedspreads and the chest of drawers. And your hair matches her fur.


I assigned my Aspies husband to take a photo of MY dog and he snaps her lying on her baby mattress on the floor. Wrong angle: not suitable for display purposes.

Thanks for dropping by with your baby's pictures. 


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It's a hard life trying to get comfortable..




Perhaps this might be better position?


Our coon 'Sooty'.. we have had three consecutive white cats.. all looking like this one.. last two actually maine coon's. All different in temperament/characteristics. This one like being high up. He's about 16 pounds presently.

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Forgot something
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Ohhh this is my new favourite thread! I love all of your cats and I want to share my Bella, my little girl who has had a hard life. She was abandoned with her kittens in a field and she managed to take very good care of them all until she was discovered and looked after by a kind family who sadly couldn't keep her. They found homes for her kittens but couldn't find a home for her, so I took her and it was the best decision! She is a moggy and has her own quirks and funny behaviours - she loves to sit on my lap but she takes ages to find a good comfortable position. I took the following photos over about a 10 minute period one evening ... I love her little toes lol











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1 hour ago, Bek said:

The cat looks huge, Br. Alan. How old is it? 


How expensive is it to keep a maine coon? Is it Ok to give it human food?

Hi Nurzat..


Stretched out he is about 95 cm without the tail!!!!! 


He's about 8 yrs now.... we did feed him on ordinary but 'so-called' good quality cat food. He has some allergy to that food which apparently is 'not' good quality. The he was on steroids for the allergy. We took him to another vet who said it was only masking the issues. They suggested a special dry food which has meant that over the year he has no medication at all now.

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Hi Br. Alan,


Your cat is almost a metre long. I don't think I have seen a cat of that size before. 


Sorry to hear about its health issues. Vets must be very expensive. 


I have lately been watching videos of how dogs can be trained to do all kinds of tricks. I have just seen a Pomeranian puppy learn to ring a bell by pressing a button in 17 minutes. I thought that it was very impressive. 


Now I wonder if cats are also as trainable. Have you, and I mean anyone who is reading this post, been able to train your cats at least to do basic commands? 


Sister Dallas, your cat looks great. I really like its colour. :)





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