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I wonder if this is in fact meant to be the same?

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For a start, the picture on the Awake has only 4 pillars, and the building is a lot smaller.

No I don't think it is meant to represent the capitol, or any particular state building.  It is a fictional state or government building and protesters.  Protesters have been protesting for many years all over the earth. 

And should that be CapitOl, not CapitAl  in the caption?  The slave provides food at proper time, they do not foretell future events.  Only the bible does that.  


(Just saw John comments, it does look more like the White House)

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Commonly misspelled English words

capitol – capital[3] (both words exist, but are distinct)


We are getting some good spelling lessons on this site!

Here's a famous one - tomatoes – tomatos ( more at the link )

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2 hours ago, jwhess said:

I am not sure of the artist conception but the building seems to share more architectural details with the White House building than the Capitol building.


Many government office buildings and other rock-like institutions have used the Greco-Roman style architecture.  Many state and federal capitol buildings, banks, courthouses, and monuments are designed with the white marble and columns.










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On 1/15/2021 at 5:59 AM, On the huh said:


And should that be CapitOl, not CapitAl  in the caption?.....

I would always scoff and shake my head when I would see the city of the seat of government referred to as "Capital", thinking that meant only money/resources.  After seeing that for the millionth time, I wondered whether I was the dumb dumb here.  And sure enough, I was mistaken (about the "capital" vs "capitol", not about being the dumb dumb).  


You probably don't care, but I'm a bit of an English major/nut.  


So, "Capital" can refer to the city where the seat of government is located.  "Capitol" refers to the BUILDING where the lawmakers meet. 


Thanks for indulging my OCD rant.  :lol:

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I have heard similar things said about the Awake No 1 2019, that the front cover depicts two people wearing masks because of a pandemic.  A year before CoVid-19 !

Will We Ever Feel Safe and Secure? — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY (jw.org)

But that is not the reason.  The magazine mentions briefly things like damage to environment, it doesn't even touch the subject of pestilence or disease.  The picture depicts them wearing masks because of air pollution.

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