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  1. We have a severe weather event advisory on today, it's supposed to blow real  bad continuing through till Sunday morning. This is the effects of a typhoon from Asia. Last time this happened we were in a 3 day massive wind storm that did destruction in several counties. Some sisters going around to check out the house bound and sharing info on who could lend whatever aid is necessary. 

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    2. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      They showed tornadoes on the Nightly News.  Lots of rain predicted, too.  And power outages.

      Hope you continue to stay high and dry and out of danger.


    3. bagwell1987


      It's over. Yay. So happy. I wasn't looking forward to a night of howling wind. So glad it wasn't so bad, we've had worse.

    4. Friends just call me Ross