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  1. Had an MRI yesterday. First one. The guy said it sounds like a jackhammer. Want music? I said yes, and figured Bob Seger would divert my mind from business at hand. Well, now, who knew good oi Bob does Christmas music?Yep. Here I am in that tube with little drummer boy in my ears! It was funny in an ironic way. 

    The guy said, "you didn't know he did Christmas music". No, I said, I avoid Christmas music. Big time. 

    Now, to just not have another MRI! 

    1. Brenda


      When I had an MRI...I planned on saying a long detailed prayer, taking as much time I needed to express myself.  Time flew by.  When they said I was done, I was a little perturbed as I wasn't done.  I really enjoyed my time with Jehovah.  (40 minutes total)

    2. hatcheckgirl


      Hope it all goes well, Bea.  I think if I ever have to undergo and MRI, I'll do what Brenda did, good idea :)

  2. Heart hurts. Tears. Prayers...
  3. I look at this and just feel the end of this wicked system can't be far off. May Jehovah be with you dear ones. Fellings(sad) thoughts, (empathetic) and prayers...
  4. Thanks for the heads up! One of my kids, (youngest 49 years old) still has a tribble!
  5. I have to admit, I get a chuckle. Now and then. Well, maybe more. Anyhow, I keep whatever to myself. Someone in our hall said this was disrespectful. Of the man holding office. I try not to give it too much thought. Hard. My husband and daughter are just gleeful over the funny business that stems from, um, the man holding office. I try to think of it as a novel. Interesting, but, not much to do with me! And, I will probably put the novel down before I finish it!
  6. Ransom paid. Thankful!
  7. ab.cnews. Very suspicious. Looks like it is trying to be legit. This is bad stuff. A brother repeated a comment that was, "untrue" news at the WT study last week. My heart sunk. It was regarding Mr. Trump taking a stand against Russia because of what is going with us in Russia. I'm about to the point of not believing anything about this mess unless I see it on our web site. I still need to figure out how, and, if to tell the brother he had a bad news source. (?) Maybe I'll privately talk to the WT conductor. I saw him have that look on his face. Maybe he already did.
  8. We are busy with the brothers, and the local LDC. We've had our training, and a sister and I were given the task of the interior furniture, including the chairs. 

    We tightened bolts, adjusted backs, documented problems. And we are done! Feels good! 

    1. Linda Huang

      Linda Huang

      Great job sisiter!