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  1. This site just became more precious. A heart-felt thank you, to all involved. Moderators and members!

    1. loving life

      loving life

      Aww thank you Miss Bea! Precious you are too dear.

    2. Gregexplore
  2. I wish I had a better mind. This is beautiful. There is so very much we just don't know. Won't it be wonderful to have good minds and really start learning about Jehovah's creation?
  3. I have the book, both on my phone, and iPad. The phone was the coupon. I paid for the iPad. I read it, and loved it. I want to reread it. Just the names of the characters. Some of them were a literal lol. But, there was learning facts there, also. I think he has another book. I need to figure out how to get it. I will!
  4. My on-going assignment, for a while anyway. I've been concerned about the depth of my study routine. As convenient as this touch and read is for personal study, I feel like I am lacking. I just ordered a large bible. And song book. I'm going to transfer my notes from my years used, study bible to my digital bible, and my paper copy. I've lost things, just changing devices! 

    The song book? One week a month, I'm leaving my iPad at home! I will march off, with trepidation, sans, iPad! 

    I've  ended up dependent on having electricity and the internet to study. I need the satisfaction of the Bible and publications. I've always loved books. And, I miss that feel of the open page.  

    1. bagwell1987


      I agree Bea. I'm tactile and the feel and sound of paper is satisfying. I make my answer for the first art of the meeting on paper and bring my BS book with me to read from during meeting because I can see the whole page and my mind works better that way.


    2. GeordieGirl


      I am with you, Bea, I have found the same problem. I find that electronics are not as conducive to study as books, paper and pens. It is also very easy to get distracted on the computer while you are trying to study. It is made worse by medications that interfere with concentration and focus.



    3. GrumpysWife


      I just. Made a similar decision to start using a real bible to study instead of only the tablet. 

  5. Poignant. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Wonder what the Russian Orthodox's thought about this? Yes, expect the unexpected, and watch things take unexpected turns!
  7. Thanks, I did not know we were banned in Egypt. I will add these dear brothers and sisters to my prayers.
  8. Sisters, hold your skirts, or dresses up to a window. Does not matter if the skirt is lined or not. If you see through those four layers, wear a slip. In reality, I use skirts I especially bought to use as slips, but I have found, "lining" can be pretty skimpy!
  9. Heartbreaking. Lots of scenarios possible. So much mental illness, violence and demonic behavior out there.
  10. I Like this. It is at the opposite end of the body part where the teeth are! We have way too many dogs in our territory, and I sincerely hope this is not needed. However....thanks, brother!
  11. Jehovah's purpose, progressive!