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  1. Yes, and your dear husband does his share to provide you with a fine home. And his goodness to you. I can't help but Jehovah sees that, and appreciates what he does, and on a regular basis. If only our unbelieving mates knew how close they are to someone who has a relationship with our great and wonderful God, Jehovah.
  2. I think of this letter writing campaign as a plague of locusts. Forward they go, and nothing can stop them!
  3. I just finished another 6. Our group is getting together after service to write letters. . I will do the envelopes. Sign mine, stamp them to get them out tomorrow. Plus, I will do what I can to help others. Address envelopes, etc. Am bringing extra envelopes. Figured out how to cut and paste the addresses this time! A big help. When Jehovah mobilizes his people, wonderful things happen!
  4. Worldly person, passing an assembly hall, "So that's where they make Jehovah's Wirnesses" 

    1. shali


      Kinda sorta, he's right! That is where we get baptized and officially become a Witness!

    2. hatcheckgirl


      He's discovered our secret factory, mass-producing Witnesses!

  5. Guess whose in charge of the media in Russia? However, not the postal system! "He who is faithful in least is faithful in most". Efforts for naught? Plus, if it's a brother...a bit of a ding, spirituality?
  6. Mr. Putin may be a tad disconcerted right now. There are thousands protesting throughout Russia right now. As he tries to contend with that fact, here comes an avalanche of letters from all over the earth. Perfect timing! We have a group getting together to write letters. I will join them, and send out a second batch!
  7. Okay, public apology time. I, shall we say have had an emotional day. And a dear sister ended up with more then she expected, I suspect. I want to apologize, and realize I took things a tad more serious then I should have. And, by the way, if I do need to, "turn reproach into reproof", I may chaff a bit, but, will appreciate your words. Okay? 

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      Miss Bea, it's commendable you apologising, showing a humble attitude. A nice example of fruitage in action. I'm sure things are well to being sorted out.

    3. GrumpysWife


      I love you Bea. :wub:

    4. Lance


      When we over react .. we are pulling an emotional file out of context.. apologizing puts  that file in the proper place.

      We have been there and got the t-shirt ... my closet is full.

  8. You know, I did just that, in all 6 letters. This is why when I see someone quote me, my stomach just sinks. "What have I done now", I think. I look to this site for encouragement and to be upbuilding. And, as this happens, I think, don't mess with it. Someone is waiting to jump on you. I've felt this way for some time. I love you all, want to be upbuilding, and know, I am formost in making mistakes. And, love coves a multitude thereof. Sorry, but, there, I said what I have been feeling for some time.