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  1. This isn't at the concert itself, though. It's at Arndale Shopping Center hours after the attack.
  2. This makes me so sad. These sick perverts may as well have blown up a school. Probably a lot of teenagers among the victims. I can't imagine all the pain this will cause and my thoughts go out to the families who suffered a loss or have a family member in hospital now. Not to mention all the many victims of fear and panic. Ariana Grande is one of the top modern music artists of our time (and a great voice) so this is going to cause a huge wave. Any bet this one will be blamed on "religion".
  3. Seeing kids and young people, the way they dress today, with their skinny tight, too short, torn jeans and torn T-shirts, short socks with neon sneakers and huge horn-rimmed glasses, I think they're kind of the next 80ies generation that is going to be so embarassed about the way they looked when they were young. It's like the world has turned into a bad taste party.
  4. This thing is too much
  5. A good friend of mine and first person I studied with is going to die of cancer soon, has been moved to palliative care =o(

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      But, intellectually you are there. Just keep doing the best you can, and, you will be okay. Don't worry. It just makes it worse. We are almost at the end of our journey in this system...

      and, I am so sorry for the death of your dear one. 

    3. hatcheckgirl


      "wish I could feel more pain and sadness".

      I don't think you necessarily need to feel this now anyway. Grief is individual - I remember when my father died I reacted somewhat unconventional. But how comforting to know that his good deeds are remembered by Jehovah and his friends who loved him, and we have the hope to see him again. Soon. 

    4. GeordieGirl


      I am sorry for the loss of your friend, Ruben, but you have the comfort of knowing you will see him again.  As far as your apparent 'lack' of  feelings go, I think this system is scarring us to such a degree that our feelings are seared and our feelings take a while to get through the scars. Your friend died faithful and is now resting in Jehovah's memory.  Not too long and you will be welcoming him home. xo

  6. They could do a separate, anonymous field service report where all you have to write is the number of letters and then throw it in the reports box.
  7. Looks like the situation is escalating a little more each day. More reports of wars. North Korea may be biting off a little more than they can chew at the moment. Still, you imagine if there was a war and peace came to North Korea, if the people there wouldn't be very interested to hear the good news from our South Korean brothers.
  8. What do both threads have in common? .... they're both about freedom for our brothers!
  9. That's not what I said. But the media narrative after the latest poison gas "attack" in Syria was eerily reminiscent of the incubator babies.
  10. It's actually Putin indicating otherwise.
  11. Not a fan of Putin and Russia for obvious reasons at the moment, but I'm more inclined to believe the Russian official version of what happened there. The only ones benefitting from this gas cloud and the ones I'm most inclined to believe capable of doing this and stupid enough to pull this kind of thing at this point of world events are the rebels. I'm implying it's a staged event to get the US involved in Syria. I don't buy the CNN narrative on things any more. The media spread so many lies about this kind of thing the past decades. From babies in incubators to Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and Gaddafi "murdering people until the streets were full of blood up to your knees".
  12. Though this is true, the pros and cons would need to be weighed. If persecution comes to the point where your life and your family's life is at risk, taking refuge in a foreign country is a viable option. Yes, being a refugee in a foreign country is never easy. But if I take a look at how Germany managed the last refugee crisis, temporarily taking up a million or so people unable to read or write in their own language and in many cases not even knowing how to use a loo, I think the brothers would do fine by comparison.
  13. I never expected them to pin it on the Witnesses. We are small fish. Lots of small fish. Annoying? Maybe. But harmless
  14. I wonder if Jehovah's Witnesses were to be put under ban soon, and persecuted in Russia, if they would flee the country.. say to Ukraine. Or further into Europe. Religious persecution is a valid reason to apply for asylum in Germany. Imagine thousands of Russian brothers coming to Europe and being evenly distributed in the homes of European brothers and sisters. What a witness that would be. And who knows if war with Russia or other trouble is imminent. It may be wise to move further West for that reason alone.
  15. Looks like Putin has a lot on his plate at the moment. He might want to consider prioritizing. As in stop bothering about a certain group of peace-loving, supposed "extremists"