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  1. I dunno about that, but it doesn't matter since I won't be finishing this trilogy. Unfortunately after watching Rogue One, I realized how little I care about the characters in the new trilogy, including Luke Skywalker. And that nothing will ever really be Star Wars again, that ended with Return of the Jedi. Rogue One also healed the pain from the embarassing prequels. It's a good feeling, being content
  2. As a side-note, I personally don't believe any more trilogies were planned at the point the work started on Empire Strikes Back. In fact, I don't even think Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi were planned at the point the work began on A New Hope. I don't believe Lucas when he said he initially wanted the Star Wars movies to look like his Special Edition. I believe that Lucas, like Disney, kept seeing the financial potential in Star Wars and then working on ways of repeating the sucess. Often even by simply repeating the main storyline. But the entire story sure doesn't seem like a "masterpiece" split into multiple episodes due to all the inconsistencies. I guess I liked Rogue One a lot for that reason. It was its own little story, there weren't many opportunities to fail at being consistent and it wasn't about yet another Planetkillerstarbase but about the original one.
  3. Hate to say it, but that's probably also how I would deal with it and my conscience wouldn't bother me. Respect the flag, respect people's views about it without venerating the flag. Sort of glad I live in Germany where this kind of thing is a non-issue.
  4. I had a discussion about this with my brother because I was a bit unsure about our stance to "standing during the anthem" and what constitutes worship of the flag and what constitutes showing respect or dis respect. Like we would stand up for a King entering the room, even bow to a King to show respect but not salute or do a hand-sign that constitutes reverence or allegiance. I remember he said how he wouldn't stand during the pledge of allegiance at IS and got in trouble for it. I recalled the boy in the Paradise book who did stand for the pledge but did not recite it and did not do a hand gesture in support of it (for example hand to heart) It's a little bit tricky because on the one hand, we don't want to show disrespect to flag and nation, on the other hand standing up with everybody else may be constituted as partaking in a ceremony of worship to a certain degree.
  5. In any case, this movie ends precisely where the original 1978 Star Wars begins. Sorry
  6. Correction, the many Bothans died to bring the Rebellion the plans to the second Death Star (Return of the Jedi) I have read a few comments on the internet by people complaining they had no idea on how to tie in the movie with the rest of the story and were very confused. The "opening crawl" that was common in every other Star Wars movie was purposefully left out because as mentioned, this story is not part of the classic "trilogies" systems but how on earth was a viewer supposed to know that. Some exposition at the beginning might have been helpful, like "Planet Lah'mu - 6 years after the formation of the Galactic Empire". I suppose they were simply expecting mostly fans to see the movie who knew what they were getting into. "The Force Awakens" is set to be continued this year, and the next movie after that is going to be another "Standalone" story, then the third movie in the third trilogy, then I think another "Standalone" is planned. In any case, this movie ends precisely where the original 1978 Star Wars ended.
  7. What's next, not being allowed to buy or work unless you pledge allegiance to the Beast? Oh... wait.
  8. On the subject of "big announcements", we recently had a meeting where from the onset, it was announced there was some "really, really good news" but we need to wait till later on, and Brother so-and-so has the great privilege of making this announcement. After the middle song it was re-announced that we all look forward to this really good news that brother so-and-so will announce. It got me very excited because I kept puzzling myself as to what it could be. Was there going to be a new elder appointed? Or even a disfellowshipped one reinstated? Or perhaps that the German language NWT was to be released soon?? Eager and excited, my heart raced as the brother went up to the stage when the time had come... and inserted an unscheduled 10 minute part about how a brother and a sister had visited to the pioneer school. What bothered me was that due to the way it seemed hyped up and mystified from the onset (mind you, most others my age in the hall already knew about this), it completely took the wind out. I felt like I had been hoping for something really important, and that made the experience of the two brothers seem unimportant. It's not the first time that I felt regular updates, events and announcements were hyped up a little too much but it was the first time it made me uncomfortable.
  9. Transgender bathrooms at schools. I actually thought this was fake until Reuters started reporting on it, it was so unbelievably stupid.
  10. Awesome, thanks for this inspiring thread and subsequent posts, very humbling and thought-provoking.
  11. Yeah that was weird, huh? All young as if fresh out the resurrection and utters one word ... "Hope"... Sent shivers down my spine. I really liked this one, if I could have the "Despecialized Edition" legally on Blu-Ray, I would want to have it and add this one to my collection, this one only. It missed the actual original Star Wars feeling of a sci-fi fairy-tale, and had quite a lot of violence even for a Star Wars movie, but it felt electrifying all the way through, very emotional in some parts, the character development was good and it felt like the players actually mattered. You see, I didn't feel even an iota of importance for Finn, Rey, Poe or whatever other characters were in Force Awakens, nor did I really ever care for Anakin Skywalker or any other prequel character, so I was surprised that I felt more compelled to care about what happens to the protagonists of this one-off spin-off movie than all the supposedly important characters of the later trilogies. I also loved how the film felt like a part of the original trilogy in regards to the technology. A lot of analogue tech, low-tech display screens and control panels, rag-tag rebel costumes, and a lot of wonderful nods to the original trilogy.
  12. I'm afraid whatever you think about marijuana and how bad it is, this quote pretty much sums up my opinion on this particular matter. I smoked weed for over 10 years of my life and my kidneys are perfectly fine, in fact I never experienced any adverse health effects except those that commonly come with smoking in general, like a weakened lung and cardiovascular system. I can not count how many friends I had that smoked as much or more pot than I did, and the only case of a hospitalization we had was one case of nervous breakdown and psychosis. This whole thing sounds like a myth to me.
  13. Not really news... but still media
  14. The German authorities are doing remarkable work in keeping the known funda-mentals in check and have foiled numerous attacks recently, but when it comes to actually catching a criminal after-the-fact, they have proven to be quite hopeless to be honest. One of the reasons is that in Germany, a lot of liberal laws hinder the efficient cooperation of different departments along with the media. I don't mean to comment on these laws individually or take a stance in their regard, but one example that shows how ridiculous these contradictions can be is that the German police issued a manhunt concerning Anis Amri and some media outlets actually pixeled out his upper face region. What is the point of publishing a manhunt and at the same time minding the suspect's rights to privacy?
  15. I have to disagree with you there. Going by what is in the news isn't neutral at all. Our news aren't neutral, they're biased to the point that it is all propaganda. Not specifically referring to this situation but in general.