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  1. Just remember that Jehovah needs you there where are you are as much as anywhere else, and that you can give him great honour by staying your course and not giving in to fear. Also, remember the great sacrifices and efforts that need to be made when migrating to a foreign country. Do you have family? Don't forget to consider their needs. Put it in personal prayer to Jehovah and tell him your fears, anxieties, and worries, and ask for his guidance. And don't forget that we are all there for you guys and that not a day goes by where we don't pray for you.
  2. I found that documentary again, but it's only available in German. The really interesting part is the final sentence of the third part Translated into English:
  3. a prophetic joke, religion is becoming a huge dividing force in Russia, as far as I am hearing. Here is an article about Sorok Sorokov that I found
  4. Just yesterday we watched a documentary about a Russian gang or group that calls itself "Sorok Sorokov" that is closely tied with the Russian Orthodox church. They are likely to promote and carry out violence, all sanctioned by the Russian government. I'm afraid I can't find the documentary, but here is a link to the trailer. This whole system is just a big joke, if people didn't suffer so much from it, I would actually be inclined to laugh about it. It is only a question of time until the governments of the world turn on all the established religions for all the wickedness they are inspiring among mankind. It's in German, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.
  5. Not so sure about that anymore, thinking you're a cat is already acceptable. Or how about a grown mid-50ies man who thinks he's a little schoolgirl?
  6. Well, I went to see Wonder Woman in the theatres last night, since I heard it was an exceptionally good DC super-hero movie and thought I'd give my synopsis. First of all, the movie, in fact, from a mere movie-making perspective is exceptionally well done... good acting, directing, screenplay, costumes, effects, script, dialogues, just about everything a good movie needs. Some scenes were actually quite humorous, especially those where Diana (Wonder Woman) seems to have trouble adapting to modern society. The fighting scenes were relatively violent from a Christian standpoint, moderate from a modern worldly standpoint with that special Zack-Snydery violence-glorification effect induced my a very meticulously designed combat choreography in combination with slow-motion to appeal to the eye of the viewer. The story itself works heavily with elements taken from Greek mythology, including gods and amazons. The main protagonist employs powers that apparantly stem from this "divine" realm. So no more invisible space-ship. ******** SPOILERS AHEAD ******** The creepiest part is that the plot outline is that, ages ago, when Zeus created mankind, his son Ares grew envious and spiteful towards mankind and misled them into all sorts of darkness including waging war against each other. Zeus and Ares had a final battle in which Zeus sort of died or something and Ares had to disappear into hiding. But Zeus left mankind the amazons in case Ares returned and would, again, try to destroy mankind using a great war. Then, in about 1918, the amazons are engaged into the First World War and, as it turns out, Ares did return and inspire mankind to build great weapons of mass destruction to destroy each other. So basically, a parable of Satan falling to earth in 1914 igniting World War I After the final clash between Diana and Ares, which unleashes massive destructive forces and at the end of which Diana realizes mankind is capable of more than war, and that she believes in love yadda yadda, the film suddenly employs Passion-style imagery as Zack Snyder already did in Batman V Superman It so creeps me out when movie-makers decide to do this, but this time, I massively facepalmed and almost obliterated my 3D glasses.....
  7. This mosque was the place where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the caliphate years ago. It was always one of islam's most venerated sites. I can only imagine the shock that must have gone through the muslim community for this egoistic and desperate "scorched earth" type of act. An interesting little step towards the destruction of Babylon the Great? In any case, this will cause the river Euphrates to dry up a little more.
  8. A city-dwelling, middle-aged man with dark, graying hair sits at a table in front of his window with a bible with red-gilded edges that is opened up in front of him. He wears a blue, long-sleeve V-neck shirt and is wearing a ring on his left hand, possibly indicating that he is married. He gazes into the distance as he contemplates deeply upon the things he just read, meditating on the meaning of the words in the book along with how he could apply these in his life.
  9. Though this sad tragedy strikes me too, I admonish you to put it into perspective. In the past 10 days since this catastrophe, statistically, 50.000 children have died of hunger and 3.000 children by war and violence. Jehovah sees all details of everything that goes on at the moment, and he is enduring, so we do well to follow his example and be patient. The time will come to judge this wicked system
  10. As far as I heard, something around 40-60 people are "unaccounted" for.
  11. The media is talking about 6 confirmed fatalities.. in my opinion that is highly hopeful. They haven't been inside the building yet to confirm the exact number, but given how fast the fire broke out in the middle of the night, I expect that number to grow.
  12. So I gather saying "No, you're funny" is an "inuslt" worthy of a warning point but joking with reference to killing or in the least disrespecting a person of high authority is totally fine. Makes total sense.
  13. Okay, but there's still something here that feels kind of iffy right now
  14. I don't get it. I don't get it. I still don't get it.