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  1. It's not funny. Unicorns are real. They're mentioned in the bible. Well, my King James bible, that is! Which is the only reliable original text that was actually inspired by God! (just kidding)
  2. Judging from your profile pic I can imagine you like memes a lot. =)
  3. Provided we rely on Jehovah (and each other) that we will be fine and heed the constant admontion not to be materialistic. Which is why I say no matter what is actually meant with the mark of the beast, we need to focus on having the mark of God. If we do our utmost to be "marked for survival", we will surely be protected by the mark of the beast.
  4. The RFID chip is a common transponder and an implantabe GPS chip is currently nonexistant. I know there have been documentaries about parents wanting to chip their children for fear of them being kidnapped. But there is no such thing as an implantable GPS chip, though I believe there were backpacks with built-in GPS trackers (you need active GPS to locate somebody, a passive tracking device also needs some kind of power supply but all it does is log data). So if you wanted to use an RFID to track the movement of criminals etc., then you would need to place antenna gates all over the place and connect them all to a central server.
  5. Consider this scripture And now imagine, if you will, this purely ficticious scenario. The world is in turmoil. The oceans are roaring, symbolically speaking, Great Tribulation style anxieties abound. Mankind is plagued with a few remaining religious nutjob terrorists hellbent on recreating the previous status quo. Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Halls are closed and sealed, meetings only take place at private homes. hasn't been updated in weeks. Now, the announcement is made that the implantation of RFID chip technology into any person supporting the new style of government and wanting to partake in the economic system is unavoidable to smoke out the last remaining resistance against this new order and also other crime, such as illegal weapons trade, drug trade and tax evasion, all the heavy burdens on society. This kind of thing would be unthinkable for mankind to accept, only that people are living in actual fear for the future, and a perfectly orchestrated propaganda campaign sells this massive incursion into privacy as a necessary step for the global society. People begin buying into the narrative. The brothers argue among each other whether this thing is acceptable or not. A sister claims that her aunt knows a brother who knows Brother Sanderson [random choice], one of the last remaining of the Governing Body, personally, and supposedly he tweeted that it should be clear for all brothers that this is fulfillment of bible prophecy. However, the very next day, upon going on, the main page makes it clear that the RFID chip is acceptable for all brothers, since we are to pay Caesars things to Caesar. This is just a ficticious scenario, of course, but I think it illustrates the dilemma well that in the end, we need to hone our spiritual senses to things happening in the world. Yes, we rely on the Slave to help us through this system of things. However, the same Slave has also repeatedly admonished us to hone our own senses, since we can be cut off from the Slave for a very long time. Take for example the Brothers who were imprisoned for years, even decades. Also, we are not a cult who hangs on the lips of imperfect human beings, who I might add as individuals are also capable of succumbing to the same fears that threaten us spiritually. All I'm saying is that, if it were really to come so far that an oppressive regime demands that everybody get some kind of mandatory implant or other device or modification to continue to partake in the economic system, that is a clear fulfillment of Revelation in my eyes and I'd rather play it safe and rely on my own conscience. In any case, it needs to be clear to us that we are going to be dropouts of society in some way at some point in the future. Oh, and I love you, too.
  6. I used to have intense theological discussions with my martial arts instructor who was a muslim. I could tell that at some point my many questions were starting to bother him. He expressed to me that at some point, you reach the point where it takes a leap of faith is all that is required to understand the rest, that basically all you need to do is understand there is only one god and Muhammad is his apostle and to recite the Shahada, which he then recited to me in Arabic. Somehow I was keenly disinterested for some reason it just was zero convincing to me despite his highly spiritually convicted manner of expressing himself. During a later discussion he added that there is a Hadith according to which the worst muslim is still more valuable in Allah's eyes than the best unbeliever. I guess it was my understanding of Jehovah's justice I grew up with that shielded me from believing such nonsense. Anyways, I shook my head and said that reminds me of the "once-saved-always-saved" mentality fake Christians claim, and said I was sure God judged us by our deeds and not whether we recited some arabic phrase once in our lives. He'd lost his patience with me by then. We'd been talking about God and religion for about a year or so after classes, but that was the last time I hung around afterwards. Yup, the more you think about the truth, the more it makes sense. With fake religions, they just get more confusing and make less and less sense.
  7. As far as I know, an RFID can be easily cloned. That is probably one of the reasons that, despite the supposed plans to chip the population, it probably will never happen. I don't think they can create the technology, though they're really trying to work on it By the way here's an article from 2006 fearing that last year, all Britons would be "chipped"
  8. Neither as far as I know, they just contain an identification code. The chip reacts to certain radio frequencies and resonates with a certain information string that identifies the chip (EDIT: apparently 888 Bytes are currently possible, which is easily enough to store your full name, address, personal data, passport and bank account number) and a connection to a server is necessary to actually utilize the information. The more often the chip is forced to respond, the higher the chances of carcinogenic side-effects, some studies have suggested. I generally cut the RFID tags off of clothes I buy for that very reason (those solid little labels with a metallic plate in them are RFID tags, for example).
  9. Hearing comments like this from brothers leaves me severely unsettled. How can you not know if you would be comfortable with this?
  10. That is simply incorrect. It is quite possible and thinkable. You give people one year to get the thing and tell them they won't have to pay VAT if they get it, get Angelina Jolie to put one inside her and boom! The question is if this is the actual fulfillment or just another distraction. In any case, if there is a literal fulfillment, it is mandatory and you won't get it by accident - I know there are people that think the mark of the beast will be injected with the use of vaccinations It doesn't matter what the actual final fulfillment of the mark of the beast is. There's a far more important mark to focus on!
  11. Ngghhhaaaaah YES!! EXACTLY!! That's EXACTLY how it is!! I wish people would actually be willing to see that. EDIT: Is this correct? I've never heard that before.
  12. Aha, but an apostate or opponent could take that as a reason for criticism as well, see? "Jehovah's Witnesses aren't allowed to have a sense of humour because laughing about things would undermine the authority of their so-called "faithful slave" blablablabla Just sayin'! I mean for real these people are able to see Baphomet's head in pictures in our publications (when you turn to page so-and-so and cut out the bottom left part, turn it 56° degrees then mirror it and paint the blue part red, it's a devil's head!!) so there's no stopping this kind of thinking, is there. And seeing as I can't change that, I prefer to laugh about it, too. If I may.
  13. Took a sip of water and a piece of my tooth (filling?) broke out. Yay. Dentist first thing today...

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      Wow, I thought our water was hard.

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      The water here is pretty hard (because of the Alps) and my boss already came with that joke, so you're too late.

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      Oh, by the way, this time it wasn't an issue of vitamins or minerals. The joke is, I knew something was weird with that tooth but dentists kept looking at it for years saying it's fine, the colour is just from coffee or tea, no caries. I had a pain occasionally but I always thought it was my gums or a sore. Turns out that caries had been eating away at my dentin for quite some time. I assume that there was a micro-fissure somewhere where germs were able to pass through. I'm blaming too much flouride which supposedly is good for your enamel because it hardens it, but there's probably a reason Jehovah made our enamel somewhat soft.

  14. Who wants a cuddly Toucan in the New World??