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  1. I just watch the news and a news item about hizbut tahrir triggered my attention. In Indonesia they accepted a law that will forbid this extremist group. But the newsmedia said they're happy that this new president has good intentions, cause this law could also be used to ban other religious groups if a president with bad intentions gets the power. Hmmmmm... seems like another puzzle piece gets into it's place? Just as mentioned earlier... It seems like things are getting ready. I even slowly starts to think Jehovah could already given it in their heart. It was always a struggle for me how Jehovah would take care of those countries like India, Indonesia and Muslim countries. In these Western countries religion isn't a hot item anymore.... so I could easily form an image how it could work out there. But with laws like these it is a lot easier to ban religion in these countries now. (For now Indonesia).
  2. I thought of that. And I certainly think we will be surprised in many ways. That there will be persons we didn't expect to be there. Because we can 't see what's in their hearts. What drives them. But in this story I had troubles with it. But perhaps it's a good way to learn that we can never judge the way Jehovah judge people.
  3. I'm also reading this book and it's good to see that someone took time to write his thoughts on paper. I know that it's on everyone 's own perception how things could be in the End Days. I was reading about Abdel and thought it would be a very good chapter... but then it collapsed... a lot about his uncle preperaring a bomb, not much about how he learned the truth. And one thing I think is strange about this story is: A man becomes an extremist and on the moment that he wants to complete his act and kill dozens of men.... Jehovah's day comes and saves the man? That's a very strange perception of Jehovah's justice. I still love the book and like to read it... but you must certainly keep in mind that this is the perception of the writer and how he thinks it could be. Did anyone else had trouble with this chapter?
  4. This is not an earthquake, but many earthquakes have been noticed around it. And now they're afraid this one will erupt.
  5. I watched the process from start fill end. I had the feeling that the court wouldn't speak in our favor... it's because there are so many things happening lately, as if events are speeding up. Beside of that I still hoped else for our brothers and sisters, cause I'm afraid that those attacks on our brothers between april and now will intensivate. I prayed to Jehovah to take care of them and give them extra strenght. But as mentioned earlier, Jehovah would let the court decide on our behalf if it was his will. And it went into another direction. So it seems this has to to be the outcome. May our brothers be strenghtened. The convention is real spiritual food given at the right time.
  6. A computer program will always end until it's in a loop. That does mean the program will continuously repeat it's code or else it will quit. An event will always trigger the same functions. So that means everything will always happen exactly the same way but with a different outcome. The outcome could always be predicted etc. So... we're robots! Aaaaaaaah.
  7. These things make me mad. Last year we had an international convention and organised meet and greets, and we got special instructions not to put any photographs, videos or any other material online. This was instructed by a letter on the congregation before this event. That year I got very disappointed, because it seemed that a lot of brothers and sisters didn't listen to the govern body and placed a lot of videos of the meet and greet online on public internet. These persons were pioneers, elders, young ones etc. After that I saw the complete convention online. Another disobedient act. Then I tried to not put my focus on these disobedient acts anymore. Because it would only frustrade me that there are so many persons that don't listen to advice of elders. But I keep in mind that it could be very difficult for them when they need to listen very strict to instructions given to them by the govern body in the End times. Because their strict obedience could only save their lives then, not their disobediance. I think these things will pop up until the End. I'll try to be obedient myself and Will focus on that.
  8. Now there is a new scandal at the vatican, this time it isn't about pedophiles. But it is another sexual scandal that God hates. Sex gay orgies in the vatican! At the last urbi et orbi speach there wasn't a big crowd of supporters as there was the years before. Even the news talked about the attendance and the relation of their trust that people lost in the vatican because of all the bad events that pop up in the news. Now there is another big scandal that can be added to the pile.
  9. It seems it's getting worse and worse. You can see that Satan is putting it in his highest gear. I see demonic patterns around us pop up more and more every day. Above nu earlier reaction about genderless babies...
  10. That's a thing that I've noticed for a while now... the main stream media seems to give us only filtered information. We don't hear anything anymore about the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. While the government forces their people to come back, or they will loose their civil rights (or something like that). But the situation up there haven't been solved since the nuclear disaster, it even got worse. The nuclear power plant is still leaking... and worse then ever. Here is a youtube movie about natural disasters that happened on June 27 and 28 2017. But never got reported on the news over here. And this is a movie from Pastor Paul Begley that keeps track of animal deaths throughout the years. In this youtube movie he only reports about the deaths in June. But I never heard about it on the news. I've seen more of these items, and it disturbs me that the news media doesn't talk about it. Cause it could certainly open up peoples eyes. But that's just what Satan wants... he will manipulate the croud by giving them another picture of what really happens. That's why people still keep telling us that this happens for decades. People really got blindfolded, I really feel sorry for them.
  11. They already can. If you want to see how far this world already already got, then watch the documentary Zero Days. It talks about the biggest virus created and kept secret by US and Israël. Because several parties saw the benefits of the power it could give them, they tweaked the virus and that had brought it to daylight. Then Russia got their hands on the virus and rebuild their own version. The virus infiltrated in the nuclear power plant of Iran and blow it up. gave the US compleet control of cameras, traffic lights etc in Iran. Nobody knew it was the virus that had taken over compleet control. And the virus can be remote activated. Now the US made a better version of that virus that is only a few kb of size. Experts (kaspersky, symantec) think that this virus has already infiltrated power plants, water supply systems etc. And that Russia has also created a virus that is already infiltrated in systems on hostile territory. (US) These virusses are able to bring systems down that can result in thousands of deaths. If there is no clean water for days or weeks in cities. The documentary gives a good view of what happens behind the curtains. It's to much to write all in here. Watch Zero Days of you're interested.
  12. Do you've got an URL of the schoolgirl? I can 't remember I have seen that one. And I can 't find any info about it.
  13. I'm not complete sure anymore. I thought he mentioned it in the movie or it was written on the back-side. Or I read it online when I was searching for background information. I lent the DVD to a Brother and never got it back... so I can't verify it. But I just read that LeslieDean knows them. Besides of that, the DVD was very good and certainly not against us.
  14. I forgot that one. That documentary was made by an ex Witness. But was a good documentary about us. Made around 2006.