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    I learned the truth from someone who wasn't a Witness at the time. I was moving, so I loaded my last carload and drove over to a workmate's house to tell her goodbye. Eventually she began to tell me a story that went in one ear and out the other. Something caught my attention though and I made her tell me all over again. I left her house with a Truth book and shortly went to the same kingdom hall I'm still in to ask for a study. A friend from high school was there and she became my spiritual mama!. My workmate and I were baptized together.....(her mother was a sister.) Oh, and I was on vacation from work at the time I was moving. When I returned back to work my attitude had flipped so drastically that someone told me "you left for vacation one person and you came back another person!". Yes. Now I was HAPPY! Also, the boyfriend I had at the time told me the girlfriend he had before me also left him to become one of Jehovah's witnesses, haha. That still makes me smile!

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  • My Interests
    My little grandbabies. Now that I'm babysitting them I have neither the time nor the energy for extras other than meetings, study, and service.
  • My favorite books
    Currently, besides the Bible and our publications, I'm seeing the wisdom of Eccliastes 12:12. I have way too many books and I'm torn between donating them and trying to sell them. Either way they have got to go!
  • My favorite music
    Honestly I'm so out of touch. Muscrat Love came out along with some equally annoying songs, and with the demise of the only two fm stations that played late 60's and early 70's rock with no "bubble gum" I somehow got stuck in that era. Thankfully it doesn't work that way with our Kingdom songs!
  • My favorite quotes
    Don't believe everything you think.
    If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're right.

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  1. Mandi you're back! Missed you....
  2. Coconut water used as blood...

    It would be easier to just buy the cartons of coconut water Sandra. If you have a Costco by you, they sell a 12 pack for $10. XOXO
  3. Your avatar!
  4. I thought I knew it all

    In the year 2000 I worked at the U.S. Census entering people's info into a computer. So many claimed Native American ancestry on their form along with whatever other ancestry that I said aloud 'I don't feel special anymore!' And the blonde next to me said "me either!"
  5. Oh, well he did say about a '52!
  6. my husband thinks it's a '52 Chevy, Ross
  7. Share a Favorite quote

    Where would I be if I did not have faith that I would see Jehovah's goodness in the land of the living? Psalm 27:13
  8. Invasive vegitation

    We have (or had) foxtails in our yard. I get out there with a small bottle of propane and my kitchen torch at the end of a grabber after it rains and zap them. I'll know this spring if I finally eradicated them. The local law enforcement frowns on the real weed torch we have, haha. This is on a small scale though so probably not helpful to you miss Bea...
  9. For those in California - Please read

    I remember! It was early, just before I left for work. My roommate came running out of her room and flung herself into my arms! Hahaha!! We watched the trees sway from our second story apt.
  10. 'Whole food' chocolate pudding

    Ooh! I have all those ingredients on hand! Trying this soon! XOXO
  11. I like the night shift feature on the update.
  12. I wouldn't mind staying put for awhile either. Both of my children were born at this house so it has special significance to me.
  13. I sang to a banana because I'm special Haha

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