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  1. The fact that roads and traffic are far more complex than the same, repeated motion in a factory or driving on tracks, like say a train.
  2. Anything that reduces the number of poorly paid jobs for the sake of generating more money for the already rich is great by me I guess.
  3. Ok, but I never was asked to partake in a cleaning effort or any other community effort like this. Have you? I would love to go around with lapel badges and carts while picking up litter or similar stuff as a sort of Witness, but it was never organized. So yes, if the brothers in Lviv organize efforts like this beneficial to their community, that makes them model citizens, but I don't have the impression this kind of effort is common for Witnesses.
  4. I hate to ask, but why does it seem you only read about this kind of thing in Russia and other countries where the work is under scrutiny or ban?
  5. Witness memes

    If it's Geoffrey Jackson, then I'm sure he'd find it funny, as long as you don't call him a Dummkopf!
  6. You: verteidigungsrede für die gegen Verfolgung der Zeugen Jehovas (not a German sentence) Youtube: Verteidigungsrede für die Menschenrechte gegen Verfolgung der Zeugen Jehovas in Russland For Google Translate to even remotely work, it's important input the sentence that is to be translated without anything missing. Like Stavro said, copy and paste is easier but I guess it's not that easy on a phone either.
  7. It absolutely does not. Google translate renders the translation "Defense speech for human rights against persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia"
  8. Seems like another person in my former circle of worldly friends committed suicide. She was only 35, the second suicide in only a half a year. This system....

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    2. ChocoBro


      I think the problem in the world is that they constantly have to pretend there is no problem. They live sad and unfulfillable lives in a contemptuous system doomed to failure, and they feel like they have to act as if everything is fine and dandy. 

    3. NW2018


      and unfortunately many of the medication that is supposed to help with depression also can strangely, for some, encourage suicidal ideation - with hopelessness at the wheel and "you can do it" shouting from the backseat - the patient numb.



    4. Bjern


      Sorry to hear that, brother. As this system gets worse, unfortunately we can expect to hear more of this sort of thing. Good thing we are in the last of the last days now, as we don't have much longer to endure through before we enter into the new system under God's Kingdom. Then we won't have any problems anymore that might cause someone to try to take their own life.

  9. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    I just had to shake my head when I saw the press conference on the news and all the crying, angrily shouting, protesting youths and to top it all off nobel-peace-prize-laureate Barack Obama claiming he would support all these young people in their endeavour.. .. and then in the next news piece right after, it was about the thousands of innocents trapped in suffering in East-Ghouta, victims of a conflict that has now been raging for 7 years, fueled by weapon supply shipments from countries like the United States, in part supported and sanctioned by? The very same nobel-peace-prize-laureate Barack Obama. Am I the only one that sees all the blatant cynicism in Satan's system? This world is so cray-cray.
  10. Witness memes

    Have to admit I've had that feeling. Fumbling for words and getting all tongue-tied then householders like 'You know what, I'm not interested' and smiling with a little sigh of relief you're like "Okay, have a nice day!"
  11. One of our bunnies will probably die tonight :crying:

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    2. ChocoBro


      Yes, and good bye it was. She didn't manage to fight anymore, but a fighter she was all her life. What a character. She will be severely missed




    3. Omoyeme


      Sorry to hear brother!  Though, it always helps to look at photos of our pets from time to time.  At least it does for me.

    4. Lance


      Jehovah has made many amazing creatures ... each tells a little story of his greatness 

  12. If it weren't so late and I wasn't chronically overworked, I'd translate this for you all. For now, all those with sufficient French and German skills can enjoy a very powerful appeal by a Déborah CHARLIER, a French lawyer who studied at Louvain Catholic University.
  13. Wow that gets powerful towards the end.

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