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  1. The first thing I noticed about that article is this: I gather her "research" will be equally unfounded.
  2. Possible end to "net neutrality"

    Expect more of this corporate fascism stuff to develop as we draw closer to the end. The thing with the internet is, that it pretty much is a suitable illustration of how unorganized and discordant the demons are. The internet was one of the greatest achievements in terms of freedom of speech and freedom of information, but it also made it harder for governments to control the mainstream of information and opinion. On the one hand, the internet has all the most vital information - including theocratic direction - accessible at a touch of the mouse-button, on the other hand, it made pornography and violence accessible even to children in their own bedrooms. It was a force for evil and disharmony, but also had very illuminating qualities. Of course, now that we draw closer to the end, I think Satan will need some kind of monopoly on history, knowledge, opinion and information. It comes as no surprise to me, therefore, that he uses some of the most greedy and wicked players in his game, namely corporations, investors and corrupt politicians, to achieve the goal of gaining more and more control over the internet.
  3. Possible end to "net neutrality"

    I don't really get what this is all about, but what the German media was saying is that this gives corporations with large budgets an unfair advantage towards start-up companies.
  4. Because this is the global news forum section. We can also just stop talking about global news altogether, because 99% of it is sad, negative or debased.
  5. Though I'd like to see this happen, I personally no longer believe relief is coming for our brothers that fast. The upcoming battle before the ECHR, though important, will turn out to be wasted effort because Russia simply ignores the rulings by the ECHR. Putin is in power to stay, even if one of his protegés succeeds him (as was the case with Medvedev) even temporarily. Putin's ties to the Russian Orthodox Church are solidified, and deemed necessary at this point. When that changes, I believe religion will be obliterated on a global scale. Maybe then our brothers will have some relief for a while to preach the judgement message, maybe not. So I think the actual relief will come at the same time when it comes for the rest of us. Just my thoughts.
  6. One further vital proof is that they all end up in the same state after going through the digestion process... They are stored as body fat. What were you thinking I meant??
  7. I think what he meant is that this sets a precedent. Today the NWT is "extremist" for using the name "Jehovah". Tomorrow, it will be the Quran for saying "kill the idolaters wherever you find them". The day after, it will be any Bible for saying that Jesus came to bring a sword.
  8. A digital brain interface sounds like creepy science fiction, but eerily, mankind is closer to developing a viable product than many people believe. You can't tell me having something in your brain as a digital input device won't mess with your mental health in the long run.
  9. You broke the rules, again! DERP!!
  10. The Universe Should Not Exist

    I like to use the illustration of an AI programmed to understand itself and the boundaries / confines in which it has been programmed, but it would never understand the concept behind a workstation, a screen, a mouse and keyboard, a programmer, his family, a human life. In the same way, we are struggling to understand these "confines" in which we exist but we have no idea about the overall concept of our creator and his methods.
  11. Church of Sweden did what???

    Motherfather godgoddess in the heaven, doubleplusgoodhallowed be thy name. There's probably a good reason the bible writers chose to use the male gender to describe spirit beings, and why Jesus turned out to be male and not female (though many of his attributes would have matched well to a female, too) though we don't know the full reason yet. But this ties in with why man was created before woman (1 Cor. 11:7-9) I don't believe the NWT committee had any doubt to this at all. It doesn't "seem" God is described male in the bible at all, it's pretty undeniable that this is the gender he used to describe his qualities.

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