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  1. Check if you've been hacked:


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. womandriver


      @Geordiegirl  I used to use Lastpass--- until THEY got hacked.  It appears nothing is truly safe.

    3. hatcheckgirl


      Yes, that's what I'm afraid of - re the password manager sites.

    4. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I do believe there is a way for us tolets the site pick those crazy passwords, then our iPhone will fetch them for us, when needed. I need to give this some thought.

  2. ChocoBro

    Witness memes

    Sometimes, when you don't know what to do, and words fail to express your feelings, and you just don't feel the world understands you....... just meme!
  3. You don't understand. Nobody is arguing with you and telling you it is harmless. Carlos and I are just saying that it does not seem reasonable to draw a direct comparison to the summoning of demons. To give you a comparison: A man shoots another man on a bloody battlefield. A gamer shoots another gamer in a violent video-game. Are the two somehow related? Yes. Is it the same thing? No. Does that mean violent video-games are okay? Also, no.
  4. ChocoBro

    Witness memes

    That man is an idiot, standing there in the middle of those pigs stampeding his way at the edge of a cliff...
  5. Well if that's the way it is, why not at least state the title of the video so that if we want to, we can search it ourselves?
  6. December 11th islamic terror attack in Strasbourg
  7. This is true. It's still not Disney, and it's still not an Ouija board.
  8. After some research, I have come to the conclusion that you must mean "Quizard the Learning Wizard" which is neither DISNEY nor Pluto but from Fisher Price. Based on the ad, what it does is it reads a simple bar-code on a card and then quizzes children about elements pertaining to the animal or object on the card, which we understand is just technology but a little kid will think is "magic" So, even though it's true this toy uses elements like fairy-tale magic and enchantment to develop a child's fascination in scientific subjects, to compare it to an Ouija board is quite a bit extreme in my opinion, since an Ouija board actually channels demonic entities.
  9. ChocoBro

    Paris Riot...

    This is no longer just about high taxes and gas prices. A great deal of these protestors are now anarchists, communists, neonazis, bored youths and random aggressive migrants all exploiting the situation to vent a little by destroying a bunch of stuff. You can't resolve this situation by simply declaring a state of emergency and trying to enforce a few curfews and road blocks. The more the government fights back, the more angry these people will become. The French can get really nasty when they get behind a revolutionary ideal. Just think of the "Lamb War" of the 90ies. Or the French Revolution. I think this may turn into something bigger. France has a lot of problems it is facing, especially in terms of economy.
  10. ChocoBro

    Study Tablet-What NOT to buy!

    Ugh I hate this subject. After much, much consideration we decided to spend about 350 USD on two Huawei T3 "mediapad" (what a joke) tablets on Black Friday. First, the retailer decided to chicken out on the sale and pretended that one got lost on the way and only sent one. After we complained, we supposedly are going to get a refund on the second one. Now we're noticing the 8" Huawei screen is as dim as night and the speakers bland and with zero base, even my wife's phone is better. Hardly suitable for service, especially on a sunny day. I knew why I didn't even want to bother with this hassle.
  11. Does it have a tank or do you attach it to your houses plumbing system? 🤣
  12. Ha. Maybe that's how the Crux Immissa came to be. Somebody drew Jesus on a stake with an oversized sign across the top, and it became the cross
  13. By the way, I now know a reason why the German NWT took so extra long. Or put it this way, I have discovered a new factor that I think is one of the reasons. German spelling was "revised" three times since the last NWT, once in 1996, then again in 2004 and again in 2006. Basically, nobody really knows the new spelling for certain. It's a huge, complicated mess. It makes people sick to even talk about the issue. Nobody asked for it, and it did nothing but confuse pupils and make correct spelling seem irrelevant in many people's eyes. I noticed that in 2. Timothy 3:1 read "kritische Zeiten mit denen man schwer fertigwird" in the recent Watchtower article but "fertig wird" in the Bible. I thought it was a typo, then thought that maybe it was a typo from the revised. Upon re-checking the new spelling in the latest spelling revision, it actually turned out that the "wrong" spelling the Watchtower was correct. So I'm thinking the poor German brothers working on the revised, German NWT had some severe problems trying to get it up to the most modern standards of German spelling. A task I do not envy them for.

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