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  1. I actually found the part with him saying "noo they got me" (?) at the end kind of funny, too.
  2. She used chemical charcoal lighters, kind of like "Esbit". The stuff that looks like styrofoam. Burns really good, but is still meant to be used to ignite flammable substances... who knows what she was thinking.
  3. I don't know. I feel like that takes away our responsibility in that regard. Mark 9:42 Maybe that only refers to decisions made by people who are sane enough to utilise their power of discernment, though.
  4. Hi Luezette I think most people on this world are actually mentally ill in some sense. I know I am. My wife would vouch for that. A lot of us struggle with some severe issues, and some have already lost that struggle and are basically just somewhat functioning shells, waiting to be healed the New System. You are right that we can forgive a person no matter what they do, and that Jehovah knows the heart condition of each individual one of us in the end. I suppose it just gets me angry when somebody's mental illness or state of mind shames our organization, Jehovah's name and stumbles "little ones". If you google "Zeugen Jehovas Menden" over a dozen news pieces will pop up, from local newspapers to focus.de and welt.de which are among the largest german language newspapers.
  5. Well I suppose if 10% of the world is allowed to lose it, it's not so bad if 0.1% of our friends loses it, too. What do you expect in this system. We had a crazy lady (interested person) in our Hall for a few years. She had an autistic son. She actually started showing signs of improvement, as did her boy. At the day of my baptism, she went of her rocker and said that we were all superficial hypocrites and joined the local Pentecostals. A few weeks later she showed up with "blessed roses" to distribute among our brothers that were supposed to free us of our mind control. The elders asked kindly that she leave them outside. Then she went inside and prostrated herself in front of a tetragrammaton sign. An interested man, a police officer asked her if she was sure she is in the right building. She never showed up again after that, but from what I heard, she spiraled ever deeper into her madness, egged on by Pentecostal brethren and neighbors until her beloved autistic boy was taken away from her by authorities.
  6. Don't know how else to name this topic. One of the hard things about being Christian is putting up with the handful of crazy people in our ranks. The story broke after there was an "arson attack" on one of our halls.. there was a big gasp of anxiety among brothers I know to begin with, until I saw the pictures... http://www.ksta.de/panorama/menden-im-sauerland-brandanschlag-auf-zeugen-jehovas---raetsel-um-weisses-pulver-28358168 The State Security Agency (I suppose it's similar to Homeland Security) quickly had begun investigating the case because there had already been some minor attacks on the same hall with graffiti and minor damages. Later, the story was amended https://www.wa.de/nordrhein-westfalen/anschlag-zeugen-jehovas-menden-festnahme-noch-montagabend-8655697.html Another report indicates the silly woman was quickly identified to the police by brothers who had video surveillance material of her carrying out the arson attack and was arrested the moment she arrived at her home on her bicycle, after which her bicycle was examined revealing traces of the charcoal lighters on her bicycle. Supposedly she did not feel accepted in the community and had an argument with somebody or something. No major damage was done but she obviously caused a huge circus. Not to mention all the embarassment and putting shame on Jehovah's name. A lot of the comments from worldly people on facebook are along the lines of "The poor helpless lady probably lost everything to this wicked sect and couldn't think of any other way to fight back" and comments from brothers of course are all along the lines of assuming persecution. So, a very negative and sad piece of news but I felt the need to share to get the full story across. Probably only half the story is going around facebook, instagram, whatsapp and so on.. the perpetrator in this case was just a nutty, frustrated "community member" (whatever that means, sister, study, interested person, I don't know).
  7. I really wonder how somebody could come to that conclusion, I didn't think they look similar at all, except maybe a little the hairstyle. For me, the zooming into the family photo while the importance of the resurrection was being mentioned automatically implied that the lady on the photo, who was missing in the living room scene, had died.
  8. What about my Chocobo farm?? Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  9. Well I didn't know the video beforehand.. which apparently has been around for a few years already. But I did notice it seemed a bit pushed, in the broadcast, the brother is all friendly first, then uncourteously presses the leaflet into her hand, turns around and the initially friendly girl is angry all of the sudden, it felt like something was missing. Found this on youtube https://youtu.be/E531kkEHX4s?t=2m20s
  10. The knock knock video was edited slightly, by the way. In the original film, the young flapper at the second door flirts with the deeply embarassed young brother, then steals his hat to cheekily waft air at herself with it. He calmly but firmly asks for his hat back. Then, he awkwardly presses a leaflet into her hands and turns away. Angrily, she waves him away as she closes the door. I suppose it was cut to avoid some discomfort, but I thought it was actually really cute in the original.
  11. maybe say good by to legos

    I have a box full of lego, and it's definitely being underused. Coolest toy in the world!!
  12. My wife and I had to more or less hold back tears during that beautiful video with the brother in a re-enactment of early 20th century field service. However, I didn't understand the part with the Polish brother and his video-game career. What video-games was he playing on a "website" that was so time consuming where you could win prizes? I was thinking browser-based-games, but there was never any serious competition to win prizes on browser games as far as I know. The only thing I thought of where you could pursue a career was e-sports, but the relevant games were always clearly dubious for Jehovah's Witnesses to pursue a career in, since they are almost exclusively either first-person-shooters, real-time combat-strategy-games or occult games. The only game a brother could play with a clear conscience would be FIFA soccer or Madden NFL and the likes. And then there was pornography involved in the game? So I didn't get it, maybe someone can elaborate.
  13. M class solar flare

    A quick question for the Trekkies out there: Do M-Class-Solar-Flares only affect M-Class planets?
  14. Read the full story here Hopefully, the brothers thought of having their go-bags ready.
  15. Well on that video there's definitely something in the air, why else are all these young lads holding their noses? Why are they ushering the brothers and sisters out the hall? There is something that "smells off" about this whole thing EDIT: On another note, did anybody notice that jw.org took the story of our murdered sister in Turku, Finland, down from the net? It seems to me that they reconsidered whether posting such things on jw.org is shrewd

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