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  1. And I am sure you don't. You can't grasp a fart, so how could you grasp a brainfart? I poorly worded that and was a little hasty when typing. I meant to say how these sovereign citizen types love to reject governmental authority and some think they're Christian, despite the Bible teachings, and that many don't think that the non-violence passages in the Bible apply to recreational sports viewing or owning guns for self-defense, let alone the collapse of society. So I guess the "but" should have been an "and"
  2. ChocoBro

    Witness memes

    I want to believe this happens sometimes. Sorry, did I understand correctly, you want that text "I did dress modestly" on that picture with IMPACT font?
  3. ChocoBro

    Witness memes

    Young brothers in my hall and me used to scribble them over the publication illustrations
  4. I hope this isn't too political, since it refers to GOP Jesus and calls on viewers to go vote. But you could apply it to the many, many Americans with their à la carte belief system. Rejecting authority but watching mixed martial arts, or complaining about "Christ" being taken out of Christmas while also mocking JWs for not celebrating Samhain. Also shows how little Christ's teachings have anything to do with what goes on in politics - "no part of this world" Especially the last scripture is pretty powerful.
  5. ChocoBro

    Koreans want to become JW's

    50 hours a week??? Not even special pioneers have that goal. I'm betting that they told them that the missionary work was a Christian obligation we have to fulfill and the reporter asked how much time do we have to spend doing that. Then got a response saying "it depends" and then the different monthly hourly goals and later during the day he could no longer read his own notes. Or maybe our Korean brothers are just specially zealous.
  6. The reason they keep floating this alien narrative, in my opinion, is to make all the billions and trillions spent on space technology seem like they actually may have some kind of long term merit.
  7. ChocoBro

    Melbourne attack

    After seeing the video of this madman hacking and slashing away at the police for what seemed ages until they finally put him down, I wonder why they showed so much restraint. Even in liberal, antiauthoritarian Berlin police don't hesitate for a second to shoot an aggressive person attacking them with a knife. One of the great fears is that if they showed too much restraint, the attacker could get hold of their firearm and carry out even worse atrocities. These cops were both armed, right?
  8. I know this, but gold, well gold is very pricey and can only be exchanged for other valuable commodities. I don't know if silver maintains the same barter value in relation to gold. But my thoughts were sort of more general for a scenario like Venezuela, not to invest in tobacco now (obviously!) but what if it were offered as a barter item during such a crisis. So like in the below mentioned thread from Venezuela, my hypothetical scenario was: - Brother has electronics item - Worldly person is willing to pay 10 packs of cigarettes for an electronic item - Brother knows another worldy person willing to offer 1 kilogram of canned food per pack of cigarettes Though this sounds extremely hypothetical, it is absolutely not. That's why I initiated the topic. Thanks. After reading this long thread, I noted that Brother Antonio foresaw economic hardship ahead of time and made a decision to invest his money into something sensible (electronics) ahead of time so that he would be able to help his congregation out for quite some time by trading the electronics "with those in the world". Confirming what I believe that it does make sense to at least hypothetically go through such scenarios. I hear a lot of brothers always saying "Jehovah will make sure everyone has enough" but, first of all, in the end a lot of that has to do with brothers and sisters making wise choices, since Jehovah doesn't send "ravens with food in their beaks" for us, as so many expect. And secondly, I did not gather from the thread at all that everybody has "enough". Some are losing their lives, getting raped and fleeing the country. This means we also have to expect that there will be anguish and losses despite our best efforts and Jehovah's support. And I'm not worrying at all, I'm focussing on things that may come as opposed to living the comfortable life that too many other brothers in the West are doing. Building a second house, planning a fancy vacation, saving for a fancy car. Don't get me wrong everybody has to make their own decisions, but mine are focussed on the future and not the pleasures of this system of things. OBVIOUSLY sharing with the brothers what you have is important. Hard to do, though, when you've taken up debt just to pay for that designer couch just before hard times hit. Like I said, this is just a thought exercise.
  9. I wonder if they will also remove this from criminal records. As far as I know, it's hard to get a job in South Korea when you're a convicted "draft resister" / now known as "conscientious objector".
  10. ChocoBro

    No-Shave November

    Even more importantly, does that mean you have to lose it come December?
  11. Potentially. It actually only works best if two humans grab a dog each at the same time.
  12. Don't you just think it's awesome how we can get attached to TREEs? Just another one of those little things Jehovah made us in such a special way to enjoy everyday life. How can anybody think living forever could ever be boring.
  13. Ok let's say, for sake of argument, no. You're helping a guy out who can't feed his family and he says "Thanks, let me give you something in return. I know you don't smoke, but maybe you can barter this for something you need" and hands you five cigarettes. When you ask him if he has anything else to give you he apologizes and says no. Of course, your other alternative is to just give him the food out of generosity. But I guess that the ultimate end is what counts, namely, that you are perpetuating an economic system that is reliant on somebody ruining their health with tobacco. And by using the tobacco as barter you are in essence supporting that system.

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