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  1. This is so simple. It's like a blitz campaign. Looks like we're running low on time.
  2. Very interesting. Especially that Brother Jackson implies that the mark of the beast prophecy of Rev. 13 may yet have a deeper fulfilment. But we need to learn to be neutral now.
  3. Today is the day I quit my job. Impacting my physical, mental and spiritual health too intensely.

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      So, with that pressure off, I hope things are going better.

    3. Myew


      (Ecclesiastes 2:21-23) For a man may work hard, guided by wisdom and knowledge and skill, but he must hand over his portion to a man who did not work for it. This too is futility and a great tragedy. 22 What does a man really gain from all his hard work and ambition that drives him to work hard under the sun? 23 For during all his days, his occupation brings pain and frustration, and even at night his heart does not rest. This too is futility.

      (Isaiah 65:17) For look! I am creating new heavens and a new earth; And the former things will not be called to mind, Nor will they come up into the heart. (Isaiah 65:23) They will not toil for nothing,

    4. Bob


      I can't disagree with that if you felt it necessary. Back in Sept 2016, I quit a job that directly interfered with my meeting attendance, and it wasn't just a meeting or two here and there. It was often. I am sure you were blessed for making the sacrifice!

  4. I recently watched "Silence", a movie about Catholic priests under persecution in Japan during the Shogunate of the 16th century. I felt sick about how spiritually empty the entire movie was and how bad it distorted the truth and took a great deal of liberties to sell some kind of "feel-good-story" about how faith is supposedly a very personal thing and works are irrelevant. Not a single scripture was quoted during the entire movie of more than two hours, but a great deal of paper was eaten and idols were praised. Generally, the so-called Christian movies of today seem to cater a great deal to the group mention in 2 Timothy 3 who have an appearance of godly devotion but prove false to its power. The storyline often seems to depict Christianity as some kind of political or antipolitical movement instead of the actual path to reconciliation with Jehovah, somehow kind of mundane and not spiritual. If you observe the characters, they somehow seem to be bland actors in a political dilemma as opposed to being in touch with the Holy Spirit. Not seldomnly, certain liberties are taken, distorting the plot and ruining the experience completely. And at the end of the day, not a single scripture is ever quoted or sometimes not even referenced, so how spiritually sound can the movie be? Not to mention that nobody ever refers to Jehovah by name, which may be expected by worldly standards but, again, distorts the reality that Jehovah's servants did not avoid using the divine name because of some vile superstition as is the case today. So generally, I don't watch these worldly Christian movies anymore because, even if they are close to the real deal (and this movie seems to do quite well in comparison), they somehow still miss the mark on some spots making you somewhat uncomfortable. Other movies are so bad that you would need to leave after only a few minutes (like Noah). Generally, you can find a few reviews on such movies in the internet by googling the movie title and adding "Christian movie review" and you will get opinions from worldly Christians. Of course, they don't see the film from our spiritual perspective, but they tend to spot the blatant blasphemies and references to gnosticism or apocryphal content. https://www.pluggedin.com/movie-reviews/paul-apostle-of-christ/
  5. My wife says Name a popular Bible book. Matthew Name a popular JW publication. Watchtower Name nation mentioned in Bible. Israel Name a conversation stopper in ministry. I'm Catholic Name kings/queen mentioned in Bible. Solomon Name an Apostle. Paul
  6. 1.) Revelation 2.) Listen to the great teacher 3.) Edom 4.) We're Catholic, and we want to keep it that way. 5.) Ahab 6.) John
  7. Such amazing animals
  8. I found this very cute and also very inspiring. "I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I've been"
  9. I love it and I think it's part of being human to want to prevail against others, even friends. The question is just how it affects how you view yourself when you win or how you treat others who lose. In the end, everything is just a game. And no game can be played without a competitive spirit. But that's for another thread.
  10. That's why I wrote what I did the way that I did. Anybody who decides to be swept along with the hype of this year's "panem et circenses" is free to do so. I have decided, despite my passion for football, to give it a pass for a/m reasons. It feels good to miss out on something you thought you loved that just doesn't feel the same anymore. Similiar to the new Start Trek series, or the Han Solo movie, which I am also respectfull going to give a pass.
  11. First off, I was always a passionate fan of football (no, not American Rugby, the actual sport where you kick the ball with your FEET, hence: football). Also known by some as "soccer" *shudders I think it's the best and most intense professional team sport in the world, and features a variety of interesting aspects, like techniques, skill, tactics, set-pieces and strategies. I also love the atmosphere in stadiums during an intense match. However, there were always a variety of reasons to want to "boycott" professional football world cups. From the patriotic fervour to all the corruption scandals, violent football hooligans, I still felt I always had plenty of reason to look forward to and be excited about the football world cup. This year, I will not be watching the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup hosted in Russia. I did a lot of thinking if this would compensate my political neutrality, but it feels different than simply making a political statement. With all the World Cups until now, I had the feeling that they were being hosted in a country that I don't have any particular relationship to, neither positive nor negative.. okay, maybe except for the 2006 one in my own country, which I still recall as the biggest and longest, most fun party I ever experienced. Back then I was still sporting the black, red and gold and wearing it with pride. For one thing, I wasn't particularly against a certain amount of national pride back then, for another, when the Cup is held in your own country, it's difficult not to be swept along with the euphoria even if you ignore the patriotic element. This time, it feels different. Let's say that the World Cup is a festival that is hosted at some other Gatsby's estate each time, every four years they take it in turns for someone else to host the festival. There are so many guests that it is impossible to make a statement about the festival's nature. Within the villa, the rich guests have a debauched orgy and get drunk. Outside on the pattio, there is drinking and dancing to the limits but not as bad. Further outside in the gardens, people are having a good time and talking and relaxing. For arguments sake, the brothers and friends enjoying the World Cup are among those in the garden. However, this year around, the festival is being held by someone who despises you and all your friends. In fact, he imprisons some of your friends in his basement. Would I even consider visiting his party? Absolutely not. When is too much simply too much. No way I can even watch a single match with a good conscience, watching all these proud Russian officials presenting their spectacle while our brothers are being persecuted. My true home nation is not being represented at the Russia 2018 Football World Cup. In fact, it is being viciously attacked by the host.
  12. Yet, the Bible has this to say The spiritual and non-violent "fight" against persecution is a fine fight indeed, and yet it does zero to "make history", it only works to improve the personal relationship of the persecuted individual. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with moving away from persecution at all. In fact, it can be the life-saving and faith-saving thing to do. Otherwise, Jesus would not have said this. Everybody has his own decision to make.
  13. Another job interview in over an hour.... starting to become suspicious for missing at work. I really hope this one is the one..

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Likewise! Sally forth, brother! 

    2. GeordieGirl


      How did it go, brother Ruben? 

  14. I feel like you are arguing from a very logical perspective and not considering a lot of emotional issues. Are human factors. I suppose a lot of victims don't want to be forced to share the embarassment with the world. It affects how people view the victim, and they may have good reason not to have to share. A virgin victim of rape in ancient Israel would have been viewed as "broken goods" by many men and have a hard time finding a husband. We are no longer under the mosaic law for many good reasons.

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