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    Summer time: taking my little dog Sophie for strolls in her doggie buggy. I call it her wheelie cart. Also going down to the city docks watching the cruise boats coming in and heading out.
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    Mary Higgins Clark mysteries are excellent. They're about the only books I know will be free of bad language or immorality.
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    Not really into movies as such. About the only tv I watch is westerns from 50's-70's. Not much tv is worth watching mid 80's and onward.

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  1. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    6.5 just hit China
  2. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Iran/Iraq death toll over 400 and rising. with over 7000 injured. I hope all our friends are okay. I’m sure we’ll have a news release when possible.
  3. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Costa Rica just had 2 earthquakes. A 6.8 & a 7.0
  4. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    one Iranian news report said “at least 61 people have died” and some 300 injured
  5. When I see idols like this or Mary in the bathtub or any other worshipped idol I think of Paalms 115:4-8 4 “Their idols are silver and gold, The work of human hands. 5 A mouth they have, but they cannot speak; Eyes, but they cannot see; 6 Ears they have, but they cannot hear; A nose, but they cannot smell; 7 Hands they have, but they cannot feel; Feet, but they cannot walk; They make no sound with their throat. 8 The people who make them will become just like them, As will all those who trust in them.” And yes they are ugly. How anyone can worship them is beyond me.
  6. Christmas music

    Our local drug store starts playing Christmas music after Thanksgiving day for the month of December. They have speakers outside front and back of the store. i practically live right around the corner and a brother and his wife lives in the apartment above the store. The only song I care for is, “Grandma got ran over by a reindeer.”
  7. Okay. Ross we are in the dark orange part. I’m not liking what I’m seeing. This was posted at 7 pm eastern.
  8. Nope! its put away for the winter. Now its backpack & blankie time
  9. My county in Michigan scheduled for some weather tonight.
  10. No one proof reads anymore.
  11. Welp, we did have gust of 63 mph today. Glad there wasn’t snow with this wind. Makes Lake Superior look very angry. Someone video the waves going over 30 ft high rocks. this pic is by a motel which is on the east side of the lake. It’s like we have our own little hurricane going on here
  12. Im reading my first Clive Cussler novel. “Pirate”. I love it. Keeps you in suspense. Think I found my new author. Thanks, Cheryl.
  13. Always. I call paper plates, “my favorite china”. Only use the standard plates & silverware when absolutely necessary.....which isn’t often.
  14. Jehovah's Witnesses Who Are We Video

    This video is only 1:24 minutes

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