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Keeping Our 'Jesus' On


Our new C.O. shared an experience with us, during the concluding talk

of our Circuit's 'Imitate Jehovah' Assembly, last weekend.  


I won't share the entire experience here, because you may get this brother as your

C.O. some day and he can relate it to you waaaaaay better than I can. :D 


The part I did want to share though was this part, cuz it really got me thinking:


A big bad biker dude was making good progress in coming to know Jehovah

but he said that the guys in the garage where he worked: "Really make me want

to take my Jesus off!"


The brother exclaimed, "No! No! Keep your Jesus ON! Keep your Jesus ON!"


The ex-biker was referring, of course, to the new personality he was clothing

himself in, that was patterned after Jesus.


This reminded me of the time Brother Meek-and-mild-spirit and his family

were driving past our farm and a teenaged boy backed right out in front of them.


I was outside at the time and heard--and then saw--the whole horrific thing.


Brother Meek-and-mild was obviously EXTREMELY shaken up and upset that this kid had

nearly killed him and his family, because he got out of his wrecked car and proceeded to

release some of the most colorful--and eyebrow raising--explatives, I'd ever heard.  

The shock of the accident had caused him to, momentarily, take his 'Jesus' off.


Being imperfect, I, too, have, at times, displayed some un-Christ-like behavior.

I've attributed it to PMS, thyroid disease, being overly tired, low blood sugar, the phase of the moon, etc., etc..


Apparently, I didn't have all the buttons buttoned on the new personality

that I had clothed myself in, or all the zippers zipped up.  

Cuz it was all too easy to take my 'Jesus' off.


Solution: Increased personal study and getting to really 'know' Jehovah and the one whom he sent forth.  

The more I come to know them, the tighter the new personality fits.

The tighter the fit, the harder it will be for me to take it off.


The C.O.'s experience made me realize my new personality needs to be one-piece,

with no buttons or zippers that make it convenient for 'extenuating circumstances',

or 'those annoying guys in the garage', to dislodge. -_- 


My 'Jesus' needs to be ingrained in me so deeply that it becomes like a second skin,

that cannot be taken off. ^_^ 


Our new C.O. then brought Ephesians 5:2 "...go on walking in love" to our attention

and reminded us that we MUST show love in EVERY aspect of our life.


In other words, we must keep our 'Jesus' ON--at all times.


My Brother-brother Peter recently told me about a time

my other Brother-brother Michael kept his 'Jesus' on.


Michael was relatively new in the Truth

and had recently started working at Boeing, in Seattle.  (Renton, actually) :uhhuh: 


He was trying to get back to Seattle, so he wouldn't lose his new job,

but the flight he and his family were on had been really overbooked,

so people were being denied boarding.  


The guy in front of him gave the airline lady behind the counter a terrible time,

ranting and raving and demanding to be given a seat on the plane. :angry: 


The lady said she would do what she could. :( 


My Brother Michael spoke kindly to the lady and told her

that she could put the three of them anywhere she wanted to.

They didn't have to all sit together.  He would just really appreciate it,

if she could please squeeze them onto that flight.


The woman looked over the passenger seating chart

and proceeded to hand my Brother three boarding passes 

for three side-by-side seats in FIRST CLASS. :D  


Michael and his family couldn't afford to travel first class, so it

was a once in a lifetime experience.


Proving that it pays to keep your 'Jesus' on. ^_^ 


Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy.5a5e0e53285e2_Nogrinning.gif.d89ec5b2e7a22c9f5ca954867b135e7b.gif  I'm close enough to WALK. 5a5e0e77dc7a9_YESGrinning.gif.e5056e95328247b6b6b3ba90ddccae77.gif


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I just got home from the 'Imitate Jehovah' assembly and really loved it. The experiences related were, of course, different. ( November 15) One pioneer related an experience about prison witness work. This prisoner had been involved in serious crimes which landed him in prison. He asked for a study because he had family members involved with the truth. The pioneer brother was nervous. After some time studying, the prisoner became an unbaptized publisher. He was later transferred to a prison in Florida. A letter was mailed to the new local congregation. He continued to progress and was baptized later. He is presently conducting bible studies and some of his studies have been released and are now associated with different congregations.

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The situation with Bro. Michael and family vs. the other guy kinda reminded me of something I read years ago in a Reader's Digest.

The sun and cloud were talking about a man. The man was wearing a coat. The conversation went like this:

Cloud: Sun, I can make him take off his coat. So he proceeded to blow cold on him. The man held onto his coat. Then the cloud made it rain on the man. The man drew his coat tighter. Now it's time for the sun to make the man take off his coat.

Sun: Cloud, I can make him take off his coat. So he proceeded to gently shine on him, a little at a time. The man began getting warm. He took off his coat! :)

My mother always said " you catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

Point? No matter how you put it, being loving and kind is always best.

I do like my "Jesus on" way of putting it better though. :)

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We just got back from our Circuit Assembly today and didn't get that experience, Rosanne.  :( But it was a wonderful experience, anyway! 


Your comment about comparing the new personality to clothing reminds me of a comment a local sister made a month or so back when talking about it, and she chose the clothing analogy---except she used "sock"--you wouldn't be fully clothed if you left your sock off---so after the meeting I was teasing her about the sock of love---the love sock---and then it just segued on it's own into a rendition of Love Shack......(B52's)


It makes me smile every time.

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....Those who seek Jehovah can understand EVERYTHING......Proverbs 28:5. (The possibilities are endless!)

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Wonderful Judy about the baptisms, especially the one from the nearby prison! (1 Cor. 6:11). Praise Jehovah!

As a matter of fact, one of my sons' elder used to be incarcerated. He's on JW.org, and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him one day. So zealous! So meek and humble, him and his wife.

Jehovah is soooo loving and forgiving!

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And they say prisons don't rehabilitate. Well they don't actually (or much/long lasting), outside of Jehovah's study arrangement. Like the WT stated yesterday, Jehovah's holy spirit and faith can make changes, unbelievable changes, that people don't recognize the person after the changes!

All of man's programs, while good in a sense, can't hold up to Jah's love, patience, etc.

All praise goes to Jehovah!!

Side information:

Years ago a brother, with his wife, came to give the public talk. Vey good talk of course. He mentioned

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One of the things the brother shared was how another brother met a couple. They were, well...filthy. (drugs, practically homeless, just living together,etc, etc). But they studied.

Then the speaker asked us if we would like to know what happened to that couple. Of course we did!

The speaker said "He's giving the talk right now."

Oh my goodness!! You would never believe that that brother, with his wife, were the same people if he hadn't told us! A complete metamorphosis! Complete I tell you! Complete!!

Such is an example of the transforming power of Jehovah's spirit!!

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Randall, as I understand it, some in prison who study and get baptized may still have to serve their time in obedience to Caesar. And even though I'm sure they would love to be free, oh what a life they have. No, I'm not saying saying their life after baptism is all roses because they're still locked up, but at least they have a good conscience, in a relationship with Jehovah, and know that soon they will be TRULY free! And oh what a territory they have!

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Some of the brothers in our congregation who are in prison know that the only way they will ever leave the prison is feet-first in this system or during GT/Armageddon because they are on death row

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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