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What do you "see" when seeing a picture of the Universe?

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Hi Everyone,


What do you "see" when a picture or video of the Universe is shown to you?

We might look at a picture of a Galaxy for example, contemplate it for a few seconds

and be impressed and even think of how Jehovah in His great power created 

this Universe.


But maybe we are not "seeing" all that we think we are seeing.

For example, when we see a photograph of the beautiful rings around Saturn,

we are impressed, but what we don't see is how these rings are formed,

not until we see pictures where they have zoomed in on all of the thousands upon thousands

of rocks and asteroids of all various sizes that flow together unitedly by means of

gravity to form these beautiful rings.


So what do we "see" when we look at a beautiful picture of a galaxy?

For example, how many stars are there in that galaxy?

In the picture, you might see 40-50 bright stars shining from within this galaxy.

But what would you see if you could zoom in on this Galaxy?

What is really inside that galaxy?


Well here is a brief video that was made, showing a nearby galaxy.

But please watch the entire video(only 3min), as it starts zooming in on just

a small section of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Then what do you "see"?


This video helped me to be in even more awe of Jehovah and his power!

Here is the link:



"As the video zooms deeper and deeper, remember that every single pinprick of light is a star — in most cases, scientists believe, a star orbited by its own planet (or planets)."




Edited by Beggar for the Spirit

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, And put within me a new spirit, a steadfast one" (PS 51:10)


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One thing I do take notice of is the difference beteen the things we make and those Jehovah makes. With Jehovah, the closer we look into his creations, the more beautiful and awe inspiring they are. Whereas with us, the opposite is true. How thankful we are that when we build kingdon halls etc. that Jehovah looks at our efforts much as a parent looks at a fingerpainting of Mum and Dad.


It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step :- Jer10:23.

Not a day goes by wherein the truth of this scripture is not reaffirmed

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This is great, thanks for sharing. It made me think of ISaiah 40...

15 Look! The nations are like a drop from a bucket,

And as the film of dust on the scales they are regarded.

Look! He lifts up the islands like fine dust.

22 There is One who dwells above the circle* of the earth,

And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers.

He is stretching out the heavens like a fine gauze,

And he spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

26 “Lift up your eyes to heaven and see.

Who has created these things?

It is the One who brings out their army by number;

He calls them all by name.

Because of his vast dynamic energy and his awe-inspiring power,

Not one of them is missing.

When I see videos like this one and see how awe-inspiring the universe is, it makes the verse at the end of the chapter have such a bigger impact:

29 He gives power to the tired one

And full might to those lacking strength.*

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That Isiah 40 scripture has a lot to meditate on.  When i meditate on that scripture it tells me Jehovah had a "blue print" for the universe before he started and "not one item is missing" from his blue print.

Another pure speculation is that the universe was guided by some  form of universal DNA that guided everything.  eitherway Jehovah's power and holy spirit and whatever help by his son(if allowed) produced it.  The material universe like the heavens does have many "abodes".

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That was interesting but, I had a hard time determining exactly what or how much of the "zoom" was actual picture and how much was "computerized extrapolation of what scientists 'think' is there".


Even without such a photo, a look at the night sky or watching a sunrise/sunset has the same, or better, type of impact on me. Artists have, for years, tried to capture the "flavor" of the sunset on canvas or film with some excellent paintings and photographs - but, they all pale in comparison to the real thing.


The sheer size of the "canvas" (the actual sky) that Jehovah paints on with just one sunset just cannot be matched or captured by man - no matter how good his talent is, how large his canvas is or how many painting he makes - Jehovah "paints" the real thing, all those other pictures are just a poor copy.


Call me crazy, but, until we can actually travel between those stars, we will never truly grasp the magnitude of the Universe and those other galaxies.

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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Looking at the universe thru the astronomer's view was like looking at the sky when it is night. But, thanks for NASA, for making telescope that captures wonderful pictures thru the layers of dust and clouds clearly seen the how Creator is greater than human...


A long ago, we proved in our school that planets orbits around the sun. But, it is made clear that Andromeda Galaxy is getting near to the Milky Way Galaxy, so we can conclude that even sun was moving. They also conclude that while Milky Way Galaxy has been like other galaxies, it's size was really remarkably great. They made a theory that Milky Way might been the product of how it begin when it orbit to other galaxy.

All glory and praises goes to Jehovah :) 

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This is funny because I went to a planetarium today and one of the showings was "journey to the stars". It was a lot like that video but imagine, you are in your seat, looking up, the screen is a dome and you feel like in space...They zoom in and show you from earth where Andromeda is and you travel there - far, far that they say what we see is actually the past because it takes light years to travel ( I don't think I quite understood that though). I had tears, being in awe seeing how majestic and grand and infinite Jehovah must be. Right there, it reminded me too how small and insignificant I am. I would recommend anyone to visit a planetarium, it is worth it. This is my second time being in one, I could have stayed there all day. This time there was no one next to me but my first time, I was so moved, I had to say something to share it so I looked next to me in the dark and told whoever was there: how awesome is this? I just needed to say it out loud.

Thanks for sharing Brother Neil! I had wanted to share what I saw at the planetarium but with only a description, it would have been hard. Great you had that video!

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Looking at this video, makes me realize why our Great God Jehovah gave us a brain, that has so such a huge capacity. Travel among the planets, stars? We will have to have something to occupy the time, right?

Then again, makes one really wonder what is in store in Paradise. Worship, food, clothing. This can really get your imaginative juices flowing!

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Looking at this video, makes me realize why our Great God Jehovah gave us a brain, that has so such a huge capacity. Travel among the planets, stars? We will have to have something to occupy the time, right?

Then again, makes one really wonder what is in store in Paradise. Worship, food, clothing. This can really get your imaginative juices flowing!


Yes. Because we are not yet a percentage of our capacity yet according to another research thru our Watchtower Library.  B)

All glory and praises goes to Jehovah :) 

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I "see" the Almighty ..

Jehovah is endless wise. ..

never had a beginning...never will be an end. ..

I see his Love. ..

Jehovah let us watch his Eternity. ..

He is endless of wisdom, love and power, allmighty..

but give us the possibility to recognize that with our own little eyes and brains ...

.. us as humans. . who are imperfect. .. not possible to imitate Him to the full ...

small in understanding all HIS wisdom,

but anyway too proud as mankind as to recognize Him in every single little wisdom he shows humankind. ..

even not finding enough words to express. ..

but Jehovah loves us. ..

merciful. .. kind. ... forgiving. .. recognizing even our deep intentions. .. feelings. ..

recognizing our imperfections every day. . but Jehovah continues loving us..

day by day .....

not tired of correcting us ..

day by day ......

just that we can have full joy and satisfaction in our own lives. ..

Ps.119:25, 31-33

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Astronomy fascinates me ...

What I see is the history of Jehovah's creative powers .. Some of the things we are just seeing today .. Happened billions of years ago and we are just getting the light today ... Such immense size and we are just dust .. Yet he values us..

Zeph 3:17 Jehovah your God is in the midst of you. As a mighty One, he will save. He will exult over you with rejoicing. He will become silent in his love. He will be joyful over you with happy cries....... Love it....a beautiful word picture.

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What a way to start the day. A tour of an example of Jehovah's awesomeness. We see something like this today, and I wonder what eternity has in store for us. And, they are al named! Like thinking about eternity. Sort of hard. I almost feel like we will be different beings. Still human, but, not handicapped. I have a hard time with the conception of electricity. Actually I have a list of that sort of things. I won't be befuddled any more!

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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