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Man accused of killing stepdaughter, 5, allegedly 'snapped' after she asked for food

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1 hour ago, mserskine said:

Just part of the sign we are living in the last days where things are going from bad to worse.

True,  but there are news items like this and worse ones everyday.


I'm not sure if they should be posted, many involve children and animal cruelty.  We can fill up the threads with these type of news.

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In case you are wondering what they are talking about:


A Michigan man accused of murdering his 5-year-old stepdaughter allegedly told police he "snapped" when she asked for food, stabbing the little girl to death and then setting her body on fire in an effort to cover up the crime, officials said in court.

To me, this does fit the signs of the "last days" - although we, as humans and perhaps parents, feel the horror of this act - it is no worse than the guy who went in to the Orlando Club and killed random people until he was shot dead.


Just another reason to continue to pray for the Kingdom!

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11 hours ago, vern said:

People are losing self control..... its very obvious.  They have no conscience to fight bad inclinations.... sound familiar....pre flood.... inclination of the heart is bad all the time.

Yesterday, my hubby asked me to Google a discbine for him (cuts hay down).  

I went to a haytalk message board to check out what other farmers had to say about

the model he was interested in.  

I've done this countless times before.  

Only, this time, I was amazed to discover the farmers were messaging more about the state of the world

than they were about machinery.

Here is an example:

Haytalk message.jpg.gif


People are aware of the 'downhill' slide.

They are sighing and moaning.Yes sad.gif

Our mission is to find the honest-hearted ones who are REALLY looking for a better world,

and not just complaining about the old one.Sigh.gif


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They complain, but they take no note of the significance. If something like this story (and so many like this) doesn't move you to ask WHY, then we can see how close we must be to the end. This system will end with their destruction, but they won't be mourned by the survivors, since they didn't look for Jehovah's solution. It's not like he isn't giving them every opportunity to ask and find out why these bad to worse things are happening.

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23 hours ago, morningdove said:

Just wondering why this is being brought to our attention?

That is my question, also Sandra. 

Lord knows we cannot view the television news, without seeing these things happening!  God only  knows who wants to read about it here on jwtalk!


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Since I was not the one who posted this I can only surmise:


I would think the poster posted this as a reminder as to how deep we are in this "Time of the End" - the reality of it is, there is no difference in posting this and the thread about the 35 killed in Istanbul or any of the other news articles that have been posted where cruelty and unexplained mayhem has taken place.

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And not everything is related to the ministry or our life as Christians.  Sometimes the news affects a person so deeply, so emotionally, that they feel the need to share it with someone else.  It's a form of a healing.  It's seeking sympathy or emotional support in the face of such a gut-wrenching heinous act.

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