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About things that won't matter in a hundred years.


Many of you may have heard this before, and some may have even employed this as one of their go-to statements to put things into perspective.


I wanted to focus on this quote/quip on its own because it has more merit than one would initially think.


I remember growing up in a small town - it is called Featherston and it was really windy!! But the other thing small towns have other than weird weather - is the small town mentality - of being in each others pockets.  I think there are pros and cons to this - pros being if you are in trouble there is always someone to help out.


The cons are though - is everyone gets to know your business and because we are forced to 'associate' or deal with a smaller pool of personalities we find those we clash with much easier.


This can happen in congregations too, more readily in smaller congregations, but also in larger congregations because after all even in larger communities there are organized smaller groups within and quite simply, in the truth, those smallers groups aren't compiled with just those we get on the most easily with naturally but some require much work.


It can also happen in a forum such as this - well honestly this is the only forum I'm interested in ... but how can we apply the opening quote to everday relationships ... the questions I ask myself - are should I avoid assocation with brothers or sisters if I simply don't agree with or even on ocassion strongly disagree with? Or should I look for the qualities that Jehovah sees and the whole reason HE drew that person to the truth.


Now, what I'm saying is not new ... we all know that.


But what if we employ this quote: Don't worry about things that won't matter in a a year, or a hundred years or even a thousand years?


What doesn't matter? - Differences of opinions don't matter. Little niggles don't matter. (Bigger ones will be dealt with through the right channels).


What matters?

Two things really.

One: Jehovah's sanctification and vindication of his name and of his sovereingty - But that is a given really - because nothing can stop that from happening.


Two: Is that every brother and sister, whether it be in our family, extended family, congregation or outside communities like this forum - makes it through to the New System. 


I just love this quote because it helps me focus on what is important. I love every one of you on this forum, those too I've not yet met and those I don't always agree with. 


Just wanted to put this quote out there as it will be as helpful to you as it is to me. I know in the days/months/years ahead we need each other so much ... we need to be united in whatever aspect of our service. 


If you have other little quotes you've found helpful -  we would all love to hear them. 


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Edwin Markham — 'He drew a circle that shut me out--Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.

But love and I had the wit to win:We drew a circle and took him in...'


I first read the above quote when I was in high school.

It has stayed with me for over fifty years.^_^


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I'm guilty of that big time.

So applying my fav quote - Don't worry about things that won't matter in a hundred years - what DOES matter is having a good relationship with our brothers and sisters, one that starts now, but carries on for more than a hundred years. So listening to our brothers and sisters and forming that bond is essential now and in a hundred years. Something we should worry or at least be concerned with.

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2 minutes ago, Stormswift said:

At least you aren't fighting me for my pavlova.

How on earth you compare pavlova to donuts????

There is National Donut Day ... never heard about Pavlova day? :confused:

Donuts come in many outrages flavors ...like dead elvis or mojito

Come on ..no comparison here LOL :lol1:

BTW this is dead elvis donut!


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