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  1. What are the odds that at least one person has seen a joke before? Going through the two joke threads I came across many that I've seen before but chose not to point it out. I usually do a search for a joke before I post one, so I was just wondering if I didn't use the correct key words in my search. No biggie!
  2. Where? I looked before posting, did I miss it? Please post a link.
  3. That's right, I forgot, sorry.
  4. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were camping. In the middle of the night Sherlock Holmes woke up and looked at the night sky above him. He called to Dr. Watson to wake up. When he did, Holmes told him to look up and tell me what you see. Watson said "I see the moon and stars." Holmes said "and what do they tell you?" Watson said "They show evidence of a grand creator" Holmes asked "what else?" Watson said "They show the limitlessness of the Universe, the unaccountable number of stars and Planets show the insignificance of mankind and the galaxies cry out and glorify the creator." Watson added "What do they tell you Holmes?" Holmes said "They tell me someone has stolen our tent."
  5. Yes, but I don't believe that was Ross's issue.
  6. Since that discussion I have installed it on three XP systems (2 desktops and 1 laptop) and it's worked fine on all three. I don't know what is causing the issue on Shali's XP system, but apparently, it is not the norm.
  7. Like I said, it doesn't hurt to try
  8. Like I said, it doesn't hurt to try
  9. Who said it wouldn't work with XP? I know Sharli said it didn't work on hers and XP is not in the list of system "requirements", but it is always good to try it first before deciding that it won't work. There are many factors that will either allow or disallow a program to work on a particular version of the Windows OS. Sometimes you just need to try.
  10. Go here and download the MOBI version: Then follow these directions:
  11. We also need to be careful that we don't step in the mark of the beast while going from door to door.