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  1. The brothers have already made changes to the way they encode the videos. The method they used before resulted in a video with an average bitrate of 1500k. Now, while still maintain high quality, the new method normally results in a much lower bitrate, and also a smaller file. Sample presentation videos are now only about 10% of what they used to be.
  2. Does that mean that we should be wasteful of resources. Every KB, MB and GB downloaded costs money. Not only the organisations' money that we donate, by also bills to your telecom provider. Efficiency may not be a fruitage of the spirit, but Jehovah is an efficient God.
  3. The update package contains the same files as before, except for a few extras. The videos and most of the files are the same. Its designed so it can update the library from any version from 1701 or higher. Over the course of 2018, it has downloaded over 10gb of updates, with 1gb or less of actual updates. Do you know you are downloading and using your limited expensive data on downloading files you probably already have. I would much rather have an update function that checks the individual files for newer versions and only download the ones required, not a whole package. I think the update provision is a great idea, but its not implemented very well.
  4. 2GB, of which about 1.9 is files I already have installed. Videos from the Study Bible, and now videos from the Pure Worship book, are included in the package every time. Is there really any need to include these in every update package? Its a waste of download. Since I use the Online Library more and more now, I am thinking about removing WT Library from the computer.
  5. Jonathan77

    JW Library

    I've had this before. Try this, download a jwpub from jw.org and open it. It should open in JW Library. Close the app, and re-open as normal.
  6. It probably is an older tv, and newer tv are essentially computers now, and will do same to her. You may try one of those mini media usb players. But if cell phones and tablets give her trouble that may not work. A workaround I know of is putting the player or laptop in another room, as far away as possible and running a long cable to the tv, shutting the doors in-between. That works for someone I know for about hour until it effects her. Older DVD players are ok. It took many attempts to find a tv that was ok for her. I use Nero for DVD creation. Not free, but I like it.
  7. Why do brothers make assumptions on something they don't know. It is from official source. No conversations. Got it some 3 or 4 years ago. Also have yearbooks and a few other publications, like Good Land brochure. Oh well, try to do something nice, and this is what you get.
  8. A jwpub file does exist and can be downloaded here. bt_E.jwpub
  9. https://www.jw.org/download/?pub=jwb&issue=201807&langwritten=e
  10. It was part of this series of videos. At the 3.50 mark https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/2016Convention/pub-jwbcov_201605_4_VIDEO
  11. Sorry, I removed the app. I've made a few change since, and didn't know if anybody was really interested. I'll upload a new one when I get the chance.
  12. A musical based on the story of Joseph. Hmmm, now there's an idea.
  13. There is a new update to JW Library - 10.5. See if this helps with your video problem.
  14. We just rejoiced over the decision made in South Korea, now this. Satan goes from one place to another. I noticed patriotism highlighted in bold. That is a powerful emotion that stirs people to do all sorts of things. Our brothers could be in for a hard time.
  15. There is a WTE.LIDX file. Library Index, its a large file currently 169MB. Its located in the rs_data folder. Although it must exist, otherwise Wtlibrary would not run. So there seems to be a problem accessing or updating it.

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