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  1. https://www.jw.org/download/?pub=jwb&issue=201807&langwritten=e
  2. It was part of this series of videos. At the 3.50 mark https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/2016Convention/pub-jwbcov_201605_4_VIDEO
  3. Sorry, I removed the app. I've made a few change since, and didn't know if anybody was really interested. I'll upload a new one when I get the chance.
  4. A musical based on the story of Joseph. Hmmm, now there's an idea.
  5. There is a new update to JW Library - 10.5. See if this helps with your video problem.
  6. We just rejoiced over the decision made in South Korea, now this. Satan goes from one place to another. I noticed patriotism highlighted in bold. That is a powerful emotion that stirs people to do all sorts of things. Our brothers could be in for a hard time.
  7. There is a WTE.LIDX file. Library Index, its a large file currently 169MB. Its located in the rs_data folder. Although it must exist, otherwise Wtlibrary would not run. So there seems to be a problem accessing or updating it.
  8. We have been asked not to upload recordings of talks onto the internet, whether that is public talks or from assemblies, conventions or another special occasion. Recordings should be for our personal use only. I know there are sites and youtube channels that host these, and some find the talks encouraging, but it seems ironic to look for a talk on obedience to God's organisation from a website that is being disobedient to directions. As pointed out, we have the drama and talks from Gilead on jw.org to listen and watch, plus plenty of written articles on the subject.
  9. Only songs 136-139 were released as piano only. Song 139 was quickly withdrawn as soon as it was released, and soon thereafter 139 became the first song to be released with orchestral music. The others new songs were released with orchestral music only.
  10. Do they sign with a scouse accent? Seriously this interesting because I thought the signs for BSL would be the same all over the country. Are there local variations like we have we accents?
  11. Design is a very important part. A fully functional app can be let down by poor interface design, and can make users turn to an app with known flaws or limited functionality but a good interface.
  12. I would like WOL as an app. As an app you could download publications are store them offline, like ones you use most often. If you are not one for older publications, then no need to store them. Create your own customized or personal library. I remember there was app for Android made by someone that did that. It would be different from JW Library, or maybe an extension of JW Library. A blend of Watchtower Library but with the WOL look and feel and features. If it was a web app or store app it could support more than just Windows.
  13. Not running the latest Windows or JW Library won't explain why video is skipping when it was working perfectly before. Not having the latest JWL may mean you can't get the study bible etc. You can still use JWL v9 and get all the meeting publications and videos, just not the study bible. Brother John's problem is strange too. Not being able to update to 1803 should not prevent getting updates for JW Library. 1607 or higher is all that is needed for JWL. I'm wondering if something is taking up your processor's time. 720p takes more computing power than 480p to process. Malware/virus could be eating away at your cpu causing it to slow down and not able to play videos at 720p without skipping.
  14. What resolution videos do you use. 720p? Try 480 and see if that makes a difference.

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