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  1. Check this post and see if it works
  2. Jonathan77

    Jw Library

    The other thing you could try is deleting the settings.dat file. This stores the yeartext as well as other settings, but won't remove your publications or media. Its like resetting the app. You will find it at C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\WatchtowerBibleandTractSo.45909CDBADF3C_5rz59y55nfz3e\Settings Afterward you will need to go to the app settings again, turn on the second screen option and change the video/music folders if these were not the default. Also do a refresh on the home screen to bring it up to date.
  3. Jonathan77

    Jw Library

    Are you changing the language from the Meetings page? Try changing it to other languages, and see what happens.
  4. Jonathan77

    Jw Library

    I can change to any language and get the yeartext in that language. The app get the yeartext from the web, its not embedded anywhere. Have you tried the refresh button on the home page? What about doing a repair of the app rather than a reinstall.
  5. Jonathan77

    Jw Library

    I doubt that it is the yearTextDisplay.html file at fault. I doesn't contain the yeartext
  6. Jonathan77


    This is a forum. I also use a forum for computers/tech, and one for my trade/work. I don't know the others who use these forums personally, they could be former/disfellowshipped witnesses, and I wouldn't know. The mods do a great job keeping this forum clean, and removing any who seek to cause arguments, or who try to undermine our faith or discredit Jehovah and his organisation.
  7. When it comes to organizational procedures, I would say for example, "We have received new direction from the branch", or use the word organization.
  8. Thank you for your concern sister. Sometimes you look at things the way you would do them. And making suggestions is not wrong, Abraham questioned Jehovah many times out of concern for Lot. Hope my comments didn't cause offense.
  9. You may want to bookmark the new website, in case the old one goes away https://www.soundboxsoftware.com/ Or visit the GitHub page if you want to get involved or report bugs or have suggestions https://github.com/AntonyCorbett OnlyM is a good app and fills a gap, for now at least. While I'm here, I'll share a tip. Only-M now includes a magnifier to enlarge and focus on parts of websites. But if want, you can use the Windows built-in magnifier to do the same, but with anything, including JW Library. You'll need to set up under Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier. Scroll down to Change Magnifier View, and select Lens. Also set up a size. I use 30 and 20 which gives a square window. To use press Win + Plus(+) together. To stop it press Win + Esc. Useful to focus on parts of pictures or when showing maps.
  10. I suggested a update to so JW Library could be used to display third-party media at the Kingdom Hall, eg, pictures for public talks. My idea was that elders and servants could log on to jw.org. A new page would allow you to enter the date and congregation where you giving the talk. You upload your pictures to the site. The JW Library app from the Kingdom Hall logs on to the congregation account, and downloads the extra media. The branch and c.o's could also use it for local needs videos etc. It would save the need for extra software, and less training, and the need for usb sticks, the possible passing of malware. It could also enter a special "kingdom hall" mode, where it automatically downloads in the background the videos and publications needed for upcoming meetings.
  11. Jonathan77

    Jw Library

    The songs are videos. So unless you create or modify them yourself like Bro Manfred, that's it. A point worth mentioning is that when the brother from LDC come to recommend we replace the projector with the screens, he said it doesn't matter if some can't see the lyrics during the song because either the words are too small or others were blocking their view. The song videos are an additional to , not a replacement for songbooks. If they can't see it, they can move towards the front of the hall, or use their songbook. If the song lyrics are too small, then what about the text in the sample conversations videos?
  12. When you think about, this video and the "basement" videos from 2016 conventions, are the same thing. Again, some commented that we don't have basements, so what are we to do. The inclusion of the characters from the 2016 and 2017 conventions also helped to remind us that it will take loyalty, endurance and courage to, not only to through the GT , but also to get there. But the powerful words, "there are more with us than against us" - we are not alone in this.
  13. It summed up the convention. All those there needed courage. But it was because they were able to show courage during previous tests of faith that they were able to be courageous during that final attack of Gog. Some brothers did take the video too literally, not realising it was depicting the prophecy from Ezekiel. They thought that we will literally be gathered together in the woods, and surround by armed soldiers.
  14. One of natures most beautiful sights in the sky. I love watching these down the coastline where I live.
  15. Not got an apple, but have you got the latest study bible installed? Go to bible, then languages, see if there is an update.

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