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    Not much to say. Raised in the truth by my mother. Dedicated and baptised at 17. Pioneered from 19-30.

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    Apart theocratic music, of which I enjoy the orchestral music the best, I'm a big fan of music by The Corrs (love the Irish), also Savage Garden/Darren Hayes.

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  1. China is doing the same. Apple have already removed VPN apps from the apple store for China.
  2. But there will be a video released today, a little snack before the main meal next week.
  3. Sorry sis, not until next week - Monday August 7
  4. This is a story about the sign. We no longer own the building and things will change. But, once again, the comment section has comments not about the sign, but personally attacking the Witnesses, old stories about abuse and false predictions. Do these apostates actively search out every story on the internet to post comments?
  5. I would like to see some of the videos from jw-media re-released on I have since obtained the downloads, but the quality is not as good.
  6. I used this fact in a public talk and many of the brothers were surprised by it. 7 languages sounds so small compared to 900+ today. But even at launch, the website was multi-lingual, and the number did expand very quickly. Also the first videos appeared in 2001 on the site. Ahh, the days of trying to watch pixelated videos as they start and stop to buffer.
  7. Attached is my Autohotkey script to switch between Soundbox and JW Library. I compile the script and pin the file to the taskbar. You will need to change the x, y click co-ordinates to match your setup. This is only for those who know what to do with it, and may find it helpful. I do not intend to provide tech support for it. Maybe if ask nicely in a PM . JW Library Launcher - Copy.ahk
  8. I don't think there is an image for the yeartext. It is just generated from text within the app.
  9. It might just be me, but I have noticed that apostates and ex-witnesses become very active around convention season. Trouble with disfellowshipped ones is they want to have their cake and eat it. They want to go to the meetings and have fellowship, but also want to carry on their wrongdoing and don't see why they can't do both. So they go on TV shows and to the newspapers to tell how a bad people we are.
  10. I don't know about seamlessly change the image. You close the image, and open another one.
  11. International Delegation Supports Russian Brotherhood on JW Broadcasting
  12. So could an iPad be used for the AV at the KH? With Soundbox and JW Library, they can be used together. You just need to disable the second screen function of whichever app you are not using at the time. Soundbox is still our default app, but when ever we need JW Library (and I hope to push for more use of it), we launch a script that is pinned to the taskbar that sorts out the second screen problem. I would share it, but it would probably need changing to fit your system. I have noticed that it includes pictures for all parts of the meeting, including students talk. Never had that before. We have also never used Soundbox auto media download function. Always download the media myself. With JW Library the pictures are all there ready and waiting to be used.
  13. News report on BBC website
  14. I wonder if Jehovah wants this to go the international courts. Then the whole world hears about it, and then Jehovah can give an almighty victory, and give a mighty witness before the end comes. In the meantime keep praying.
  15. I'm actually finding to more stable than previous versions.