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  1. Still waiting for it to appear on jw.org for order from the Central European branch. Australia must be ahead of the game. I did note however, that both the Teach Us book and the new Remain book will be/is already available in large size as a special request item.
  2. 10.3 for Windows hasn't crashed yet
  3. This video falls into the Essential Teachings category. All those videos are linked in with the Good News from God brochure. https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/good-news-from-god/ Its a question we know the answer to, but to explain the answer to someone in a few minutes is a challenge. This video really gives the answer in a short time. Then hopefully you can return and start a study in the Good News brochure.
  4. 10.3 also fixes a problem I reported concerning viewing pictures from the study bible from the workbook.
  5. This is not a spoiler. It was announced last year that there will no longer be physical releases at the conventions. If there is a release, you can download it or wait and request a copy through your congregation. And it is pretty safe to say without spoiling anything that we all know of two releases already. That will be the Dramatic Bible Reading and the Jonah Drama videos, and these will be download only.
  6. I like ones that are a verse-by-verse discussion. I give one that is based on Psalm 26, and tie the illustration in throughout each verse. I think there is also one based on Psalm 91 which is also good.
  7. Computer recommendation

    So practically any laptop or desktop on the market at the moment will work and be good enough for many years to come. If I was going to look for new one for my kingdom hall, I might look at a all-in-one with touchscreen. Not sure I would go for 27", sounds too big to me. Depends on your sound desk i guess. A SSD will mean faster start-up, that's a plus. Our current laptop is a HP Pavilion, with Intel Core i5, 4GB and with intel 5100 graphics. That is about 3 years old, so newer ones will be out now. You don't need anything fancy in the graphics department of things, its not a gaming machine. (or are you streaming/recording video?).
  8. Bugs can be reported here https://www.formstack.com/forms/watchtower-jw_library I feel it is important to report bugs, otherwise how will they know there is one. You can do the all-house testing you want, but as with most software, it is when it is released to the real-world that the bugs show up. When they know about, how to replicate the situation, then they can try to fix it.
  9. And it is at the midweek meeting that we want to be able to show the pictures from the study bible. I've reported the bug, so hopefully a fix will be ready soon and we can show them at the meeting. Another strange bug with the study bible showed up this week. Click on meetings. Scroll down the Treasures talk, are click on the link for Matt 18: 6, 7 nwtsty. Scroll down to the pictures. Click on the Millstone picture with the donkey , nothing happens. Click on the other millstone picture, and it shows it.
  10. Having problems using the study bible when a second screen is attached to the laptop. The app crashes when trying to use the bible.
  11. Have my Circuit Assembly that weekend as well. Special Talk will be a week early. Has to be earlier as the special talk will encourage all to attend the memorial.
  12. When your copy of Watchtower Library 2016 received the 1700 update, it became Watchtower Library 2017, the same as if you got the DVD and installed it. When the 1800 update arrives, it will become Watchtower Library 2018. We need to drop the "2016" to this thread, because most are not talking about the 2016 edition because they now have the 2017 edition, or start a new one.
  13. I don't think we will see anymore of the "basement" videos. We know what happened to them. In the final video of the convention it shows them enjoying the New World. That was then end of that. The videos provided a lesson in loyalty, and accomplished that, showing that we too need to be loyal and we will be in paradise too. They were not designed a soap drama to be continued. I think this year will be hard-hitting. Being Courageous is not easy, and I expect will get harder as the end draws closer.
  14. Is it me, or does it seem that the program has been released extra early this year.
  15. Its a lot more painful when you are older. Put the Israelites out of action for a while. Josh 5:8. Its interesting that others see it as mutilation, whereas Jews see it as something to be proud of, part of their Jewish heritage.

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