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  1. He said he downloaded the ISO file "to his phone". Unless he has a Windows 10 phone, it won't work no matter how he extracts it. The WTL only runs on the windows operating system with the exception of it running on some Apple macs using a windows emulator.
  2. I doubt that will ever happen, but all things are possible.
  3. Musky

    California Fires

    Yes, I saw that. It's about an hour from us, but the news said the smoke is visible in San Diego. I don't see it yet though.
  4. Musky

    California Fires

    Keep your HVAC filters clean, they'll get blocked up faster than usual with that air quality.
  5. I have found that noise in wired headphones or speakers is usually caused by a bad ground connection. Unfortunately to test that you would have to disassemble the connector/plug and examine the wire connectors. I know that is hard to do with it encased in rubber. So you may find just replacing the plugs easier. Or return them if you still can. This is just my thoughts, others may have a different solution.
  6. How about a few details? What kind of headset, wired or wireless? What are they connected to? Etc. The more information you can give us will help us help you.
  7. Great article! Very positive. I can't find you in the group shot, I'll use a magnifier when I get the chance.
  8. Have you tried rats on the Barbie? (As our friends from down under would say it.)
  9. He doesn't have a problem connecting to the internet. He has an issue with one device on his HOME NETWORK being able to share files with another device. There is no need to mess with the modem, unless it's a combination modem and router. The router and/or a device is having issues.
  10. No offense taken, I just wanted to clarify. I can't think of anything else to try except that maybe windows is having an ip address conflict. Try turning off everything connected to your router and rebooting it. Then connect all the devices to the router one at a time, leaving the computer for last. Worth a try.
  11. One of the "helpful" members jumped to the conclusion that you didn't have an internet connection where your post outlines a network issue, not an internet issue. Does your reference to the scripture in Luke mean that you already tried what I suggested?
  12. Check the "network sharing options" and make sure that a recent update hasn't changed these settings.: Turn on network discovery and check the box that says "Turn on automatic setup of network connected devices" Turn on "file and print sharing"
  13. Musky

    Name the Rover

    They should call the rover "Cash cow"

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