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  1. How many "snorts" so far in this part of the book?
  2. You'd have to buy it anyway before you could convert it and since the Kindle app is free and comes with most smartphones and tablets, why bother converting it?
  3. You can purchase it from Amazon and use the Kindle reader app to read it.
  4. We were talking about how you would check messages in Tapatalk. What issues are you having with the forum software? What "old way" are you referring to?
  5. I've used and recommended "Eset Nod32" for years. It has a small footprint and doesn't use a lot of resources.
  6. Shooter in Las Vegas

    When you are firing into a crowd of 22,000 for over nine minutes, you do not need accuracy to kill 58 people or wound hundreds more.
  7. Shooter in Las Vegas

    And the conspiracy theories begin. But, at this point, nothing would surprise me.
  8. Shooter in Las Vegas

    Jerry said that four people from his congregation were at the concert, but are all safe.
  9. If your TV has the "screen mirroring" option, you can.
  10. Windows 10 mirrors to my smart TV from my laptop wirelessly as do all of the Android devices. Makes connecting simple.
  11. Unfortunately some "smart tv's" do not come with a built-in web browser. I was surprised to find that some high end Vizio's do not. My BIL has one and he still needs Roku.
  12. I don't buy it John, you were trying to be funny and flopped

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