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  1. I thought you were one of them
  2. Maybe it's hard to see from my phone, but what are these for?
  3. Post them, we can always choose not to look at them.
  4. What are the odds? A minor traffic stop in New Jersey took one state trooper back down memory lane – 27 years back, to be exact. Trooper Michael Patterson stopped retired New Jersey police officer Matthew Bailly on June 1 over a minor motor vehicle violation in Kingwood Township. During the stop, Patterson learned that Bailly was retired from the same town in which he'd grown up. Small world, yes. But it was about to get even smaller. Bailly, being familiar with the area, asked the young trooper where he'd lived. To his surprise he recognized the address because 27 years ago he responded to a call there, where he delivered a baby named Michael. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/08/state-trooper-pulls-over-retired-cop-who-delivered-him-27-years-ago.html
  5. Just add a "dis" to the beginning of the word and we use it all the time.
  6. Go into "help" then "about WT library" and see what your numbers are. The latest is update 1705
  7. It appears the Branch fixed the update issue. My WTL said "no updates available" last night, but this morning it updated fine to 1705. I suggest everyone that was having issues with this update try it again now.
  8. It appears the Branch fixed the update issue. My WTL said "no updates available" last night, but this morning it updated fine to 1705. I suggest everyone that was having issues with this update try it again now.
  9. Since it's been working perfectly up until this update package, I would like to try and figure out what the problem is. I would hate to uninstall it and have to download ALL of the updates that came out since the DVD release, just to have to do it all again with the next update package.
  10. Another possibility is that the Branch just pulled the 1705 update and will reload it once they fix the issue? Can someone confirm that it is still available for downloading? "JWL" Or WTL?
  11. Well, I downloaded Richard's file and attempted to use it. I chose "manual update" and pointed it to the package file. It did the same as it did with the "over the air" update and said please wait, but then it gave me the same error message about another instance of the WT Library running. Two odd things. First, even though Richards file was 2.59GB, it said it was doing the 1705 update only, so I guess it checks what it needs to update and just uses those files. But, like I said, it didn't work. Second oddity, When I go into my WTL now and tell it to "check for updates" it tells me "there are no updates available." even though it still is only version 1704. It's like something in Richard's package changed the info file that the upgrade process uses to version 1705, even though my version is still 1704. This is getting kind of fun!
  12. The 1705 update package is only 319MB, What is in this package that makes it 2.59GB? I would like to get the 1705 stand alone update package.
  13. A brother posted this in the Meekspace forum: So I guess we wait for the branch to sort it out.
  14. Maybe one of the mirror download sites has a faulty update file?
  15. I'm getting the same error message while trying to install the 1705 update. I get the popup saying to "make sure no other instances of the Watchtower library running" which there is not. But going into the "update log" found at "C:\Users\musky\AppData\Local\Watchtower\wtlibrary\E\WTE\Updates" I get the following log message: 02-06-2018 14-47-56-47M: Platform 2.10, Build 7632 02-06-2018 14-47-56-47M: Started updater thread. 02-06-2018 14-47-59-47M: ERROR: Failed to validate package: Package is not signed by Watchtower: is_from_verified_host() returned false 02-06-2018 14-47-59-47M: Update Failed 02-06-2018 14-47-59-47M: Destroying updater dialog 02-06-2018 14-48-05-48M: Destroying library update manager Are the others experiencing this problem getting the same message in the update.log file?

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