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  1. Take care Mandi! And don't take any chances. You're in our prayers.
  2. The question says "the 50 states"
  3. I remember this question about the U.S states from many years ago, and I think I also recall the answer. Without giving the whole answer away, I'll say that two of the states cover all four directions (if I'm remembering correctly.)
  4. You had said previously that "my disk is not full" so I assumed you had checked how much space you have available. The video file that causes the exception is 65mb in size and may be the first file of substantial size that will be installed during the update. IF the install program checks your available free space at that point and determines there is not enough room for the entire 1.3GB to complete the install, this could be the issue as Stavro says. Please let us know what happens when you try to install to a different drive or free up space on your system (C) drive. When you can, of course.
  5. Interesting. It appears that the problem start at this point: "01-02-2018 21-36-22-36M: A file exception occurred for file C:\Program Files\Watchtower\Watchtower Library\E\rs_data_indexing\PUBS\NWTSTY_E\MEDIA\nwtsv_E_270_r720P.mp4" It's as if the video file is corrupt. Not sure what you could do about it except maybe to try deleting that file before applying the update? I'm not recommending this, just throwing it out there. Hopefully someone else will get an idea from this log file.
  6. Could you have created a folder for the update file and named it "2016 WT library" Or any combination of "WT, Watchtower Library, etc"? I'm assuming the install file is seeing something on your system that it doesn't like. EDIT: Also, try disabling any anti-virus programs you have running until after the install finishes.
  7. Watchtower Library went "Kaboom"

    Is your problem with the WT library CD installation on your windows computer? That's what this topic is about. There is another topic that deals with the JWLibrary. Confused yet?
  8. Super Blue Blood Moon

    So.....What else is new?
  9. If I had a time machine, I would buy a chocolate cake, eat it, and then go back in time and eat it again. That way I could "have my cake and eat it to" for the rest of my life.
  10. Moms are the best

    I apologize, the word I should have used was "alternative" not "ulterior" which can imply evil intentions. Please excuse my poor grammar. And you don't really want to know what I think of you, do you? (A JOKE)
  11. Moms are the best

    This is actually funny! Why would you look for ulterior meaning for "spaghetti" in a topic about Mom's and what they cooked?
  12. A good joke

    In my last job I worked I had over 2,000 people under me! I mowed lawns at the cemetery.

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