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5 hours ago, Sheep said:
22 hours ago, Tbs77 said:

A few minutes before I posted they played the segment today. I rewound and took stills to upload.

Do you have a link for it? I can't find one, except the older ones I mentioned.

That is really weird. I can't find it either. I looked on their website. Those are great screenshots!

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There's a little bit of news about that meeting between Trump and Putin, but apparently nothing about religious or political prisoners.


Some of the news story beforehand were saying it was doubtful the subject would ever come up for discussion.


I posted a couple of things in another topic, since that meeting wouldn't belong here.

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11 hours ago, Willow said:

Seems to be a fair article and the Finnish Officials seem to be acting in a fair way. they say how they recognise the severity and increase of the persecution beyond just men, but women now. Pray & Hope more of our brothers left behind are not too vicitimized.


It seems that Mr Trump is not overly interested in bringing up tricky issues of persecution of JWs and other minorities in Russia, that the Human Rights groups in America hoped he would. He, as a known wealthy businessman, is more interested in schmoozing Mr Putin with business and co-operation deals - as he has done with China and N Korea - under the guise of 'making his country great' his version of and gaining Peace & Security - That may still be of interest to us as we 'keep on the watch' regarding signs of us getting anywhere nearer more fullfilments of Bible prophecies


On another subject.I watched a documentary on UK TV last night and it was scary how Mr Putin enjoys motor-biking round with a large chapter of a nasty looking "Hell's Angels" type Russian biker gang and he gives them lots of money and ex-military gifts for 'projects' he approves of.


The Russian public are given the impression that they are using some of the money to provide entertainment/parades/ night-club events that are all thinly disguised Pro-Nationalism; Pro-government propaganda. However, the TV narrator also hinted at the fact these Nationalistic thugs are men with records of beatings and violence who might be being used by Putin for other types of 'keeping people in order'. They looked the typical leather-clad; heavy tattooed mass of muscles, some in balaclavas/ski masks/biker face covering helmets to hide their faces from the cameras - seemed big and intimidating bullies  - keen to brag about their tough lives and power they have thanks to their good friend Putin!  Made me shudder !☠️☠️

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That's not all. That chart is dated June 15, 2018. There were more raids and arrests posted today.





Interesting thing about that chart. Again, the last entry on the Russian version says: Сколько ещё - How many more?

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5 hours ago, Omoyeme said:

Please see https://jw-russia.org for an expanded version of this chart.



Yes, I see the expanded version.  Look at our brave brothers.  Aren't they beautiful? How this all plays out will be exciting.  Jehovah loves drama.

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From jw-russia.org: https://jw-russia.org/news/18080813-414.html


How did the Believers in Russia Become "Extremists"?


To implement a clever plan, the Russian authorities took 9 years. The chronology of the main stages, as well as statements of analysts are given in a 7-minute video.

Video footage of raids on peaceful Jehovah's Witnesses shock. How did law-abiding Jehovah's Witnesses become "extremists" in Russia?

This insidious plot to stamp out Jehovah's people took 9 years, eh?

How dastardly Satan truly is; how crafty, lowdown and rotten-to-the-core he really is!


(If Jehovah allowed humans to see the destruction of His archenemy soon, I would want a front-row seat!)

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