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What type of secular work will you do in the New System to benefit Mankind?

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I was thinking being a Taylor/Seamstress/Designer, one who make clothing for men, women and children.

So many will need their wardrobe updated after their resurrection, especially our dear brothers and sisters of ancient times like Abraham, Sara, Noah, just to name a few, would need to be updated on their clothing style at some point after their resurrected. This work would really keep me busy for a long time.

Taking applications now if anybody is interested. :)

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Never really thought about 'secular work' in the New System.

Guess I just assumed all the benefits to mankind would be

flowing from God's Kingdom, i.e., Jesus and the 144,000.


Maybe one of the new scrolls will contain God-given work assignments? :huh: 


I know one New World assignment we are already being trained for: 

teaching the resurrected ones about Jehovah and his Kingdom. ^_^ 


I've got over 40 years experience in both farming and firefighting.  

Not sure if either of those skills will be needed, though.

Maybe I could tend other peoples' vines and fig trees

while they're off exploring Jehovah's New World? ^_^ 


Wonder if our clothes will never wear out?  

You know, like the Israelites' clothes in the wilderness. :D 

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I was going to learn how to make toilet paper butt I was afraid my business would get wiped out because after Armageddon we won't be preaching that the end is near anymore.


I've decided that I'd like to learn how to make fruit baskets and sell them on aaaBay, the new "After Armageddon Auctioning" site.

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I'm a Yurok Indian. I have always planned for my ressurected Grandmother to teach me to make baskets. We will become master basket weavers, and trade away! I purposly have not learned in this system, as it is very time consuming. She doesn't speak English. Maybe she will be able to teach me in Hebrew! I can see it now. Us chatting away, as she teaches me. And we are chatting in Hebrew!

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I've had so many interesting jobs over the years: teacher, counselor, social worker, server, bartender, tax preparer, dance instructor, landscaper, nutritionist, merchandiser, writer... My most memorable time of my life was when I was donating mother's milk to sick babies through milk banks.  Since I had my three baby boys within less than 4 years, I was on a roll. I got several humanitarian awards for this, but only showed up for the first one, as no one made eye contact with me. Learned that the hard way. Oxytocin and Prolactin, resulting from this process, have a calming effect on the Mom, so if there is a need for wet-nurses in the New World, well, there is something to say for experience.Ya neva know. :tea:      

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I've had so many interesting jobs over the years: teacher, counselor, social worker, server, bartender, tax preparer, dance instructor, landscaper, nutritionist, merchandiser, writer... 


I hope you decide to be a bartender again. Some of the resurrected one may be looking for a good drink when they wake up..

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If the Civil engineer doesn't work out - I am thinking of raising pigs (for bacon and pork of course  :yes: )


Also, I would love to have a toilet paper / paper towel ( for the BBQ) factory near by.  :thumbsup:  


I suppose I could get the androids working that paper factory pretty well.  :) - maybe they will even make regular paper. 

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