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Managing Diabetes

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So this weeks been quite a week. I haven't been 100% for a while. So this week I found out Have to take insulin tablets.

So i know its a common problem for the world...

So how have any friends here been able to manage it. Mine is curtosy of my genes lol like everything is high pressure. Also dealing with a bit of depression. so there it is.

thanks friends



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low fat diet. (nothing refined(oils)--- and try to eat less animal products(especially dairy for a spell- if you use diary really try to use the "organic" brands.)

high enzyme diet-- fresh fruit and vegetables


It may not "cure" but it certainly reduces the need for "medications". 

I took care of my 90 year old grandmother for three years taking he blood 2 to 4 times a day.  she had to take pills and shots. 

Taking her down to a vegetarian diet(which is not vegan); and managing her "meds" helped her A1C down from 11.9 to 6.9. 

She had many TIA's when she lived alone do to bad management;  the three years i was with her she had no TIA's.

So.... diet truly helps...

Owe... she was prescribed 40 units of lantus and i got her down to 2to 4 units as spot treatment sugar high readings after meals.


If you have a hard time with diet changes.... fasting 1 to 2 days a week can help....  but it gets tricky with doing meds... obviously you would need to time your meds..... or only eat high water content fruit for a day or 2..

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Sorry to hear that you are going through this Sis Gabe, that's just another thing that the old dragon piles on us, worrying about our health. 

I personally don't have a diabetic problem,  I have been fairly fortunate in that regard.  I know a number of people that do fight diabetes,  my mom struggled with it during  her last few years. 


Mom used to cheat a lot with her diet, I caught her a bunch of times just 'checking' stuff that she was fixing,  you know,  to make sure it was good....lol.

She would say that she didn't eat a lot of sweets, which was kinda true,  she just 'sampled' a lot while she cooked. She made some pretty good chocolate fudge, it was always just right.. 


I'm glad that you found out about this,  knowing what to fight is half the battle,  it gives us a direction to go.


In regards to your depression,  that is a fairly common ailment too. It's no surprise,  really,  considering this mess of a world we live in, courtesy of the original lier...that old snake sure made a mess of things didn't he...


Did your Dr. give you any medication for that?  There are several good meds that help a lot of people,  there are a number of folks in my Congregation that need to take them,  none of us is immune to the bad effects of this world and we all have to do the best we can until the New System.  If that includes mental health drugs there is no shame in that,  it's just another aspect of our overall health,  just like taking an aspirin for a headache.. 


I hope that your doing ok, we don't have too much longer to go and then sweet sweet relief. ...that is something to look forward to and helps us to have some comfort while we get through the last few minutes of this system. ..



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I don't have diabetes but I drink glass of warm water with half of a lemon as soon as wake up ( at least half an hour before breakfast) it seems to flush the system very well and setting up digestive functions to a good start.

At night every now and then I drink warm water with cider apple vinegar. 

Also I eat blueberries as often as I can.


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DEar Sis, sorry to hear what you are enduring with the health challenges. I was pre-diabetic some years ago and eliminated simple carbohydrates (all the whites and corn). Subsequently, registered as normal for diabetes. For a number of reasons, I started slipping recently, and this past week was way off.  I would love to give you a pep talk to follow your doc's dietary and medical recommendations.  I definitely have to give myself some get tough lines. If you can remember what worked for you before, when you were closer to 100 per cent, try to recapture that feeling. I know for me, eating sugar makes me  crave sugar. I have to eliminate it totally, again, and know that in two weeks, I will not have those sugar blues.  My fleshly sister has suffered with diabetes and never followed her doc's advice. Finally, she had a very serious episode and ditched the whites. She lost weight and feels better. She is still diabetic, but her medication has been reduced. Keep on keeping on and keep us posted. We are all dealing with something. Just a while longer.............   

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Dear Gabe,


I'm diabetic too.  And it was a shock, despite knowing I was predisposed having had gestational diabetes.  May I ask, did the doctor put you on a care plan to manage your diabetes?  This is one the GP sets up with a team to help you, such as a dietician and podiatrist.  It's covered partly by Medicare (I work for Medicare so PM me if you have any questions).  A mental health plan set up by the GP for seeing a psychologist is also subsidised by Medicare (10 visits a calendar year to the psychologist).


For me, I followed the dietician's diet of quality low GI carbs, frequent meals, smaller meal portions and plenty of vegies, berries, and some nuts.  They can help you to manage it for your own specific situation, so I would try to see if you can visit one.  That along with regular exercise (I walk nearly everyday before work) has meant I don't need to take insulin.  For your case, which of course is different to mine, you may need to keep taking insulin, but it may help you from getting worse and needing insulin injections.  So please, check with the doc and make that health care plan if you can.  Otherwise, check if your health insurance covers dieticians and see them anyway.


I like how Tim mentioned in his comment about our happy future (you put things so well, Tim).  Keep that hope close to your heart and in front of your eyes.  So close, Gabe, hang in there dear sis!

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7 minutes ago, Gregexplore said:

Is it possible to reverse diabetes?


I think it's more of controlling it so it doesn't get worse.  I know many who manage their diabetes with exercise and diet alone (I'm one), but that doesn't mean that we can necessarily "reverse" it.  Maybe some people's bodies work that way though.  But that is why if you are pre-diabetic, you can do much to stop it happening.  Type 2 diabetes, I'm talking about though.  Type 1 is something very different.

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43 minutes ago, Gregexplore said:

Is it possible to reverse diabetes

You can reverse it somewhat;  but you have to manage it from coming back.

I was pre diabetic when i was 37 and weighed 247 pounds.  I switched my diet and slowly went vegan for 7 years.  lost 80 pounds and kept it off.  I weigh how much i wieghed in highschool.  even less.


I've not been to a doctor in 10 years....  so officially i don't know what my A1C  would test at....  but it seems I'm still doing pretty good keeping diabetes not developing.  I probly hurt myself more by being less active.

cliff notes how i changed?


1) no dairy ( if you cheat..... atleast go thru fasting time periods to get it out of your system for several weeks.

2) no processed foods

3) quit eating deserts

4)  started eating big giants vats of water bound soups with lots of vegetables.

5) eat mushrooms to help with meat cravings

6) read ingredients to every single item you pic up at the store;  get to know what not to buy.

7) no GMO foods

8) no processed Isolate proteins(usually soy)

9) no hidden MSG foods--- research it.

10) no processed fructose/ corn syrups/ "sugar"...  needs to be cane(evaporated cane preferred).

11)  meat to 5% of diet.... try to get meat thats humanly treated and fed real food.

12) eat nothing from the pacific ocean.... if you like sea food.

13) no soda's--- unless its organic and not a highly processed sugar... the Kombucha's are good.


recently I've gotten a little more strict with my oil use and rarely cook with it now.  I only use coconut oil  here and there.

I try to drink lots of filtered clean water with no flourides and chlorines.

I buy cheap pinapple in cans Dole circle rounds.... drain the juice.  Its not fresh but it still has value.

Infact i was eating like 3 to 5 cans a day for a couple weeks and lost several more pounds and allowed me to fit into pants i couldn't previosly just this year. lol

so if you want to lose weight.... pinapple water diet. 


I was vegan for 7 years.  but now i cheat with diary(cheese/yogurt).... but organic brands... there's some from denmark and over seas that seem good;  Sierra Nevada from California is nice too.  But its good to fast from it for week or more to not have it 24/7 in your system.

I also cheat with eggs to make pancakes with.  I make buckwheat flour pancakes that are good.



anywayz.... changing diet is pretty tough....

diary was the easiest to get rid of cravings for.... man i loved my tortia's and cheese...

sugar was the next one....

I won't lie..... meat was the hardest to get rid of.... took actually like 5 years....  but now i can let others pressure me to eat it now and again but i don't crave it.


It takes time to change you system to not crave acid based foods....  not sure why.. but fresh fruits and vegies as much as possible... don't need to be 100% vegan... just eat more of them.


forgot to mention.... whole grain breads.... sprouted grain breads are the best....

and probiotic foods........ safeway has this real good salt brine sauerkraut. Kimchi/  home made pickles....

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Thanks  friends.. Thanks Lucy thats great to know about Medicare.. My Nana had diabetes. Then with all 4 babies I had the gestational...

I used to have a lot of lollies & sweet stuff when I was younger but backed of a lot. once a week now I might have a coke. But not so much these days. I may buy a whole carton but it can last me many months. I changed a heep of stuff, But still have ended up with it.Guess it explains why I have been passing out for a while. 

Its funny with all the run around I do like stair cleaning & to & from school pick ups etc. I just can't shift the weight. It must the 40's era. 


Thanks Tim.  Yes Dr put me on depression pills. too. I never wanted to go on them. I had a complete melt down a couple months back. Lifes not easy your right. 

Thanks for the advice Pauline.


I have just started doing that lemon drink Greg. I like it. 

I've been including green teas in my days more.  

many hugs friends

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8 minutes ago, surfergirl said:

I have just started doing that lemon drink Greg. I like it. 

I use the straw to protect enamel on teeth ...lemon can be strong.

Especially if you drink it everyday.

I keep frozen cubes of lemon in the freezer just in case I ran out of fresh lemons.

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I don't have diabetes but my mom has type one and was diagnosed as a small child.   She has to manage hers with insulin shots and she does watch her diet.  But with her diabetes it doesn't matter how she eats she will always need insulin.


She's also been completely blind for the past 29 years due to the diabetes.  The pregnancy (With Me) triggered diabetic retinopathy which is something that can happen with a diabetic's eyes.  When she was sighted she had her eyes checked by an Ophthalmologist (Medical Doctor not  an Optometrist) every six months, but the pregnancy put immediate pressure on her eyes. 


She had laser treatments during the pregnancy  because the doctors (Ophthalmologists) were trying to save her eyesight,  but I had to be born two months early.  Other doctors induced labor. 


She had six eye surgeries my first year of life and she could see me clearly for the first five months of my life.  After that she gradually lost her vision until she became completely blind.


I hope things go well for you Surfer Girl.  I know how difficult diabetes is.

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  • 4 months later...

I just re read this post and I'm hoping that I wasn't too discouraging.  I just thought that I would share my mom's experience.  Also to show the importance of a diabetic having his or her eyes checked.  Several years, before she went blind my mom had some vessels that grew in one of her eyes but she had lasers that were successful that time.

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