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Anyone travel around in a RV to different congrgations?

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My friends are in the early stages of planning this. They want to sell their house, buy a camper and travel around to different places and serve Jehovah with different congregations, and are willing to stay for several months at a time. Does anyone do this or know anyone that does? They really would like to talk to the friends that have.

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Not exactly but we attend different Congregation as part of our RV travels. We rarely stay more than a few days in any one place so in a 2 week vacation we might visit 3 or 4 different Congregations. Currently in our Congregation is an elderly couple who sold their home, moved to OR from CA and live in an Airstream RV. How long they plan on staying is any ones guess.

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24 minutes ago, Wanda Hill said:

My friends are in the early stages of planning this. They want to sell their house, buy a camper and travel around to different places and serve Jehovah with different congregations, and are willing to stay for several months at a time. Does anyone do this or know anyone that does? They really would like to talk to the friends that have.

Only familiar with the CO's doing this..only not in an RV...they may have some suggestions about moving around different congregations though..don't people do this on vacations? 😂

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We have some very close friends that lived in an RV working here and there. They did this for several years--at first, it was fun but soon it became old. Their biggest complaint was that the friends in the congregations knew they would be gone soon. Because of this they never really felt a part of the group. Consequently, they didn't feel like they could progress to having a meaningful ministry. We have traveled extensively and found this to be true. We attended some "refrigerator" congregations and some were warm like an "oven." Even so. many times we wish we could still do that because now we have gotten so old and in ill health, we have to live in an assisted living home and have very little association with the congregation we have been associated with for 42 years. We got old way too soon!

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Hi Sister Wanda,


Glad you joined us here, welcome. :)


I know an elder and his pioneering wife who decided to simply their life by selling their house and they now live in an RV. However, their purpose was not to travel to various congregations but to help their current congregation even further. The elder no longer has to work full time and he was able to begin pioneering, so their decision worked out well for them.


Wanda, since your friends are in the early stages of planning, here are a few suggestions they could consider. Various brothers/sisters have written the Branch informing them of their desire and availability to travel where there is a need. The Branch may then recommend to the couple specific congregations or certain areas/territories where there is a need.  The letter could first be given to their local elders and they could offer some suggestions. Then the elders can send the letter to the Branch with their recommendation. While the couple can move every few months if they choose, they could ask the Branch in their letter for their suggestions/recommendations. The Branch might suggest to them that it would be more beneficial to the congregation they choose to help if they could remain with that congregation for a longer time. And especially would it be more beneficial for the couple's spirituality if they became more rooted in a congregation by staying for a longer period rather than continually moving every few months. Some brothers/sisters have become spiritually weakened from not having closeness with a congregation. These are just some suggestions, but I hope the very best for them as they have some wonderful experiences to look forward to. :hugs:


*** km 7/01 p. 4 pars. 9-10 Can You Serve Where There Is a Greater Need? ***
If after prayerful consideration you feel equal to the challenge of relocating to where the need is greater, discuss the matter with your family and the elders in your congregation. Then, prepare a letter and give it to the elders so that they may include their observations and recommendations before sending it to the branch office.

What should you include in your letter? Your age, date of baptism, responsibilities in the congregation, marital status, and whether you have minor children. Name the states in which you prefer to serve, according to your personal needs. For instance, can you live where it is hot and humid? Can you endure cold winters? Are you able to live at high altitudes? Do you speak any foreign languages?


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Additional things to consider:


  • How is their health. DO they need medications that would be difficult to obtain while traveling?
  • How familiar are they with pulling an RV?
  • How is their sense of direction? Some people are good at navigating - some are not .... and this still holds true even with GPS.

It is important to think about the practical things in addition to the spiritual ones.

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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Hauling a RV as in trailer ( or driving a Class A, B, or C ) can have many perils. We lost a tire and rim plus broke our water pump driving on a main highway thru Indianapolis. I guess they didn't know that bridges are supposed to have an expansion joint - not 10 inches of empty space across the whole lane. The 2nd tire blew at Joplin, MO taking out the rim and damaging support - which needed to be cut and hammered out of the way. Bye the way 12" rims and 1250 lb rated tires are hard to come by now. Forgot to mention - that little bump also started our trailer tongue to bend. Have to fix it before continuing our trip. We are at in laws in Hemet, CA


Watch the Robin Williams movie - RV. Yes it is funny - however such things can happen.

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