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Dare I say it? Dare I say it? Solo is out in a week

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Last Star Wars movie I saw, (and I’ve seen them all, I think) as we walked out of the theater, I told my husband, I need to remember, “Wars”, is in the title, and move on. Away...

Gone are the days of 3CP0, and R2D2. (???)

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The last one I saw was with Disney doing it. It was very 'Disney' like. I expect now appealing to a different audience, and making megabucks on the merchandising. Cute fluffy animals and the like.
Critical times hard to deal with...

{still waiting for the 'Wiser'}

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I recently read an article where they quoted George Lucas and, after reading his comments - you would be dismayed at where he wanted to take Star Wars .... in view of the direction he would have taken the story, the way it has gone is an improvement!


I did find it interesting how they gave Han his last name.


However, I thought the Han Solo Trilogy written by Ann C. Crispin (the books were released June 1997, October 1997, and March 1998 respectively) was a better story. Crispin's story begins 10 years before the events of the first film, and follows the adventures of a young Han Solo from his childhood as a street urchin picking pockets to survive to his days as a competitive racing pilot, up until the very moment when he approaches the table in the Mos Eisley Cantina where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker are waiting with Chewbacca to arrange passage to Alderaan, as depicted in A New Hope.


Although I liked the Crispin story better than the one in the movie, I did enjoy the movie and can accept this version of events - but then, I didn't mind The Last Jedi .... not to mention that, after reading what Lucas was going to do, I much prefer the direction it has now gone.

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Me too. I stopped watching all the youtube videos on star wars because it was nothing but sniveling brats wanting to get 5 seconds of fame for making a stupid comment about any of the films. Complaining about how white privilege ruined them or secrete women's right group got into the film by brain washing the director or the producer. How stupid can you get. I like all the films but do wish somehow Jyn erso could have survived.


What did you think of the last scene with who "She" was talking too? Big shock there. I thought it was someone else at first.

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As a hardcore SW fan.. I "enjoyed it" though had issues, but it was far better than what I thought was the atrocity that was The Last Jedi and better than Rogue One.




Only things I'm not keen on are:


-The casting for Han (would have liked Anthony Ingruber as he is a young actor who is an exact clone of Harrison Ford's looks, voice, mannerisms, everything, and is an actor, and has already played a young Harrison in other movies)

-The scene on how Han gets his name (just have Solo as his born surname is it always was since 1977, there was no need to make it "a thing", just felt really weird)

-Han speaking Shyriwook (which was really silly, and it's been previously established other species can't prounounce the language, well.. in the pre-Disney EU at least.. )

-Turning the Falon into a flying SJW/feminist (because remember L3 the SWJ droid, became a part of the ship, which means they have managed to time travel and insert an extremist SJW into the Original Trillogy, which is SW sacrilege in my eyes in more ways than one).

-Darth Maul being at the end, was no need for that and felt shoved in there. I didn't like him being inserted into the animiated Clone Wars series either, cause you know, he was cut in half and fell down a never ending pit...


Other than that, I liked the characters, the casting for Lando was perfection, and it was a very fun adventure film! I did prefer it to Rogue One (the only other SW spin off so far). Also it wasn't too bad because it did not differ too much from the "original" Han Solo origin story in the comics/books and in fact took a lot of inspiration from there.

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